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I visited each office twice a day so I got to know most everyone at Gosney Compound. I would like to make a comment about Ritz Crackers. Ahora en Sdd-fanatico encontraras Juegos, Musica, Programas y ademas las peliculas y series acostumbradas. The Southerners were always more entreprenurial than the north and once the northern dominance eased off, the economy is booming. I remember our time in Sidney and still laugh about the ladies there not liking facial hair. On page 85 it says a Chinook was made to hold 33 and they had 50 on board when it crashed at Song Be. We were especially touched by the presence of so many volunteers from the Patriot Guard!


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This Top Rider award was first introduced by the leadership many years ago but had been forgotten in the past few years, but is something we can now start to do again.

Ride Captains were requested to nominate a "Blue Hat" for their continued attendance at missions and a rider that treats others with respect and integrity without expecting anything in return and is willing to be there in rain or shine, hot or cold climate conditions and always placing differences aside while serving at these missions.

These Top Riders did so with highest level honor, pride and a sincere desire to help whenever and wherever requested. Each of these riders will receive a Marble Plaque shown in the photo. I do want to thank all of our riders for their time and dedication that each of you have shown over the years with the North Texas Patriot Guard.

Please know that without this dedication we would not have a PGR organization as strong as it is in North Texas. Standing the flag line is the most important job as a Patriot Guard Rider, and I am honored to stand with each of you. The excellent honor guard performance which the Patriot Guard Riders provided during the reception to celebrate the opening of the museum exhibit was instrumental in the overall success of the event.

If there was time afterward, I could probably catch the last Mission of the day at the National Cemetery - we had a total of four today. When I tried handing the cashier my credit card she replied, "You paid.

Not the first time I had a war of words with a little Korean woman She then said "You already paid for! She smiled and said, "Not me, him! He was 90 years old and had been married to the same lady for 63 of them. We both got a little misty, hugged and went on our way. Not a bad way to start the day From The Sammie L. Thank you so much for your presence, your support, and your comfort during that challenging time.

We appreciate the way you honored his life, his service, and his memory. We will always remember that solemn occasion and our final goodbye. We appreciate the photographs as well. May God continue to bless you all and keep you safe and strong as you continue to serve the families and our country in this special way. I have always heard stories about the "Patriot Guard", and the wonderful things they do for the families, but I never really knew what happened until today.

I was invited by my father Michael Goebel to come stand in the Flag Line with the rest of the Guard members during the service today, and everyone there made me feel right at home, and treated me with the upmost respect.

I only remember a few of the members names such as Rusty, Rick, Dan, Michael, and many others that I met, and just can't tell you all the names, but I wanted to say "Thank You" to all of you as it was a great honor to be there!! Sincerely Michael Goebel Jr.

We were enormously overwhelmed with the manner in which the members of the Patriot Guard Riders extended their supreme respect, honor and emotional support to the family and to the members of the fire department.

What Mike has undertaken though, is a tribute to him and his selflessness to honor those who have served and their families. Mike gathers intel from the National Website and sends a condolence letter to each and every Hero throughout the country.

Thank you, Mike, for your condolence letter writing campaign and may God Bless you for all your tireless efforts. It is always a deep pleasure of mine to be able to be around you and the rest of the PGR family. The canvas of Rob that you all surprised me with was amazing and so incredibly moving. I cant even express in length how excited and touched I was to receive it. Please let the rest of the riders know just how much we love and appreciate them all.

Looking forward to Snowball! Hopefully, our paths will cross before then. Have a blessed day and thank you again! It was comforting to me to see how many friends he had in the group. PGR standing tall helped me to get through the memorial service. Thank you again for all you do. I know he had a big smile on his face. He was so proud of his service and loved this country so much. Be sure to tell all in you organization how much it meant to us that they were their for Dad.

God Bless you and yours. I never felt so proud and grateful to my country as I did despite the sorrow of losing my best friend and husband. I am eternally grateful to the team leader and all of PGR for being there with me and my family. God Bless each of you and your families. Simmons Mission On October 22, Posted: You performed your service with generosity of spirit and with great integrity.

So many of our family and friends were impressed with the kindness and reverence you showed as they came to the funeral and then followed to the cemetery. We all join together to thank you, again, for what you have done. We want to give this small donation to your great cause and wish you the best as you continue to serve those who fought for their country. It means so much to our family at this time to be in contact with those who understand honoring the service our father gave to our country.

We sincerely appreciate all the wonderful service the Patriot Riders offer to those who were willing to protect us in any way necessary. It was so impressive to observe firsthand the presence of and protective stance taken by the Patriot Guard. After the military portion of the burial was completed, I introduced myself to Mr.

Randy Smith, who was at a respectable distance from the funeral, and asked about your service organization. He graciously explained the purpose of the Patriot Riders and even gave me his card, telling me to contact him if I had any other questions.

It is thanks to him that we were able to contact the North Texas Chapter. Once again, many thanks to the Patriot Guard Riders. He attended many funerals with your presence, when he could, over the past thirty or so years and he wanted you at his also. It was a beautiful day for it and the escort service and the multi-display of our beloved nation's FLAG was as beautiful as it can get!

I can only wish that I could have thanked each and every one of your members. I would have hugged each one for their participation.

Please convey my deepest gratitude to your wonderful organization and let me say I love you all for being there. Thank you, thank you and thank you again!!! Your presence meant so very much to me, and I know David would say the same if he could. You added grace and a level of dignity and comfort that helped me get through the saddest day of my life. The photographs on your web site are moving, and so appreciate your having posted them.

I will send the link to our friends and family members. If at any time I can contribute to the comfort of another veteran's family during a service, please do not hesitate to call on me. I do not have a bike - and never learned to ride, as I loved sitting behind David when we went riding - but I still have my helmet, and it would be a privilege to ride with you if that is permissible.

Again, my heartfelt thanks. You are VERY special men [and women]. When we were first informed about taking a field trip to a cemetery I was a little narrow minded towards going.

I thought "oh boy a field trip to go look at tombstones, sounds like a drag". But man was I terribly wrong. When we first arrived at the DFW national cemetery we were sent straight to witness a live funeral for a military veteran that had recently passed away. What an experience it was to hear about the life that soldier had lived and to witness his daughters in emotional distraught.

It was very sad to see, but at the same exact time it was a very comforting atmosphere with all of the patriot guard riders and other ex-military veterans bordering the casket and family members. Seeing all of the tombstones of deceased military veterans was completely overwhelming. You never understand how many people serve for you until you see it right in front of your face, and to think that this is only a fraction of the total amount.

The field trip in retrospect was nothing but life changing, and makes me deeply appreciate living in the United States.

The Ride Captain was great and a lot of help to my family, as were all the riders. I will make a donation to the PGR program as soon as I can get all business taken care of. Front Your kind and thoughtful expression of sympathy is deeply appreciated and gratefully acknowledged Inside Patriot Guard Riders, I extend my heartfelt thanks to you and the many that served and continue to serve. It is a great and honorable thing you do for our existing and passed Veterans and their families.

Yours always, Garry A. Even though I only met a few of your group, it's extremely comforting to know that there are other Americans that feel as we do about our armed forces, country, family, and friends. The professionalism of your group, especially on that rainy Sunday when the temperature never rose above 30 degrees, was awe inspiring, and gallant in the extreme.

You will never be forgotten by all that witnessed your dedication, which for me, truly exemplify the meaning of "above, and beyond the call of duty".

The chilling temperatures and your steadfast commitment to honor our veteran were challenging but you each stood your ground which is a true hallmark of the Patriot Guard Riders. It is a true testimony to visit another state and witness how great of an organization we have nationwide.

When standing on the opposite side of the flag line it does certainly give you a different perspective of how much the family appreciates The Patriot Guard Riders and all that they stand for. Tuesday night as I made my arrival home from work I noticed a bunch of vehicles on the Rocky Rd side as well as the Meadowbrook side of the street. However I also believe in minding my own business. However this morning I noticed quit a bit more vehicles on the streets and grew even more curios.

So as I made my way to drop off my children at school I noticed a camera crew. So as soon as I arrived at work I logged in my computer and searched the address for anything related in the news hoping nothing bad had happened, as I knew this house had been vacant for a while. Upon research I ran into your Patriot Guard Riders website and read your post. I am very happy to say that I was so happy to read the post. I wanted to inform you that it is an honor to live in a neighborhood near this home and wanted to know if you could please let the family know for me I am very very grateful for his service and we would like to welcome the family to the new home.

Wished we the neighborhood would have known and maybe we could joined in welcoming him as well! Alex's untimely death was a shock to the entire family and all who knew him. We all remember where we were and what we were doing when we received the dreaded phone call My family was amazed and in awe at the out-pouring of support from the entire Texas community where my sister and brother in law live - and where Alex did most of his growing up.

We were especially touched by the presence of so many volunteers from the Patriot Guard! Most of us have never heard of the Patriot Guard but we can't express our gratitude enough for your quiet presence from the time Alex arrived in Texas from Dover AFB to his wake at Bluebonnet Hills Funeral Home to his final resting place in Colleyville. The Guard's escort from the church to the cemetery was a sight I will never forget.

Alex served his country with such enthusiasm and courage, while being humble and reserved as well I have no doubt that Alex was aware of your presence through out the entire ceremonial process and giving you all a thumbs up for a job well done - protecting his family the way he protected his country.

Thank you all for being there for us. The presence of The Patriot Guard gave us a sense of comfort, peace of mind and a huge sense pride. We are so proud of you for demonstrating to all that our soldiers are worth the time to be remembered and honored Keep up the good work and know that you all are in our prayers. Your riders were extremely professional and brought great honor and respect to my son and our family. In our time of grieving for our son it is comforting to know that you guys were only there to honor his service.

He was a true patriot and loved being in the Air Force and serving his country. As a retired Army soldier I was moved by the dignity in which you all presented the honors to my son and our family. You will always be in our memory and prayers. May God bless each of you for what you do to honor our veterans and active duty military. Mission On 26 October Posted: Billy Joe Willard, Sr. His funeral was October 26, in Crowley, Texas. It meant so much to me and I know Bill was looking down proudly as well.

Bill loved our country. He was proud to be an American. He supported and respected our military. Bill was a Mason, a York rite, and a Shriner. He was a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. He was a very good man. We were married 36 wonderful years and still on our honeymoon. He is greatly missed. Bill had a passion for riding his Harley. He had been riding bikes for about 46 years. Of course we did toy runs, poker runs, ROT rally every year, etc.

Once in Indiana we rode every chance we could - weather permitting! We had planned to move back to Texas in the upcoming years. However, on October 14, our dreams and plans were shattered and our lives forever changed. Bill was hit by an 18 wheeler that did not yield the right away. He was on the motorcycle. He died a week later, October 21, due to the injuries sustained from the accident.

I handled the arrangements here in Indiana and I put my brother, Ronnie Kennedy, in charge of the arrangements in Texas till I got there. Ronnie asked me if I wanted him to contact the PGR. I told him absolutely. That it would be a great honor to Bill. The beautiful plaque you presented to me is treasured and will be placed in a shadow box I am putting together in memory of Bill. Thank you for all you have done for these great men and for our family.

My other uncles and cousins were quite impressed with the PGR. Please pass my sincere appreciation along to all others that took part in honoring Bill. I know there is a special place in Heaven for all of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The honor and dignity that your presence gave the occasion cannot be overemphasized.

I am so glad that our children and grandchildren were able to see their father and "papa" honored in such a memorable way. Thank you again for taking time out of your day to bless our family. Your presence in front of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and again at Sacred Heart Cemetery was such an honor and we wanted to thank you so much for being there. The weather was horrible, cold, windy and icy, but you stood in those extreme conditions to honor a man who gave twenty years of his life in service to our country.

It meant so much to my mother, and all of us, to have you there to show gratitude to him. We were so grateful for all you did for us.

Some rode in the procession; others stood at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery awaiting his arrival. Cheers to the motorists who stopped to show respect. I passed by Blue Bonnet Funeral Home and there you all were again - honoring someone - I hoped you were there because you are so special and what you do is so deeply appreciated by all of us - please know what you do is unforgettable! Aziza Larkin daughter of Col. My family loved the fact that my father could be honored is such a way and the respect that all of you show the families of the deceased.

I know one of the riders personally and I was so happy that he could help me pay tribute to my father. I shall never forget how beautiful the Patriot Riders made the service by being there. Thank you for honoring my dad It was about the most touching experience I ever had And that you let me ride on the back of one of the motorcycles was incredible.

Thank you for the photos, I really cherish having them. Thank you so very much for what you do, blessing other people, and may you be richly blessed!!! The Patriot Guard Riders service was one which was an unforgettable event and appearance which the family and friends of Mr. Carl Long will not soon forget. There were many veterans present for the service and the Guard was very respectful and positive throughout the entire event.

The Patriot Guard participants had to endure extreme heat and long durations of continuous standing at attention without interruption while providing the services for the family. Even the children which attended the event all were very impressed by and interested in what the Patriot Guard stands for, in my opinion this is a good thing that there are still people willing to make a positive experience out of such a traumatic event.

Again, Thank you and all who made this mission a complete success. It meant so much to me and my family because Dave was a true patriot. To see the display of flags was breathtaking and so beautiful. May God bless and protect each of you as you continue to ride and honor our heroes.

I spoke to his mother recently and she is doing well, considering. Two soldiers who worked with Jeremie are here and one more is expected to arrive to help Mary through the next few days.

She sent this to me today. Jeremie is a true hero. Read The Narative Mary expressed her gratitude for what we did to honor Jeremie. This is one strong women. We are from back east originally as well as in the west for over 40 years with much family and friends, I sent the pictures that Linda Tinnerman sent me of the service to all of them.

I must say all were very impressed at the very important, beautiful job you folks do for our veterans, as they are the reason we have this great country to call home. Again thank you from my son Brian and me. Your presence was such an honor for us and I know she would have been thrilled.

You helped us to pay tribute to her in ways that we would not otherwise have been able to and we will always be grateful to you for that. Thank you so much not only for what you did for us but for your service to so many others as well! God Bless you all I just want to personally tell you how much I appreciate you all coordinating this mission for Ron and how much it meant to the family.

God Bless you all! At the time he flew helicopters then transitioned into Fixed Wing aircraft. He was a very special man, words can't express how much he meant to me. I myself am a veteran though not retired and think that what you do is beyond the call of duty, honoring our veterans to make sure that they go in peace. I also have a friend in Virginia who is a retired veteran and also is a Patriot Guard Rider, you all have my utmost respect and admiration.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and bless all of you for what you do. You certainly are America's finest! Cindy Leonhardt From The J. Darrell Wiggs Mission Posted: I was deeply touched personally, as it brought back some personal memories of my return from Iraq. The group assigned did an outstanding job and on behalf of the entire family I would like to express our sincere appreciation for what you do. Thank you very much. I apologize for not sending this sooner, but after so many weeks of caring for Dad as his health declined and then preparing for his funeral, we had to focus on Mom's needs in the days immediately after the funeral.

The presence of the PGR was felt and made a dramatic impression on our family and friends in attendance at the memorial service and during the procession to the DFW National Cemetery.

Please let me know of an appropriate way to express appreciation to the whole contingent of Patriot Guard Riders for honoring my father. My pastor as well as many others commented to me this morning how impressed he was with the Patriot Guard. I told him that Scott has ridden with them for several years.

I also told him about their escort to the cemetery and that they stood guard there too. It was the first time Pastor Mike had seen them and he enjoyed visiting with some of the PG and learning more about them. Having them honor Dad and share themselves with us was very special. They are each a blessing to others. I'll always remember the special role they had in Dad's memorial services. God's richest blessings on each and every one. It meant a lot to his family to see the bikes there. I went on many runs with Todd with the PGR members and can tell you that it always meant a lot to Todd to be able to participate.

The honor and respect that was shown by the PGR members will not be forgotten and was a great tribute to Todd. Thank you so much. Roscoe Smith , made such a big difference. Everything you did was with such beauty and professionalism. You all made my Dad's Home-Going very special, it truly revealed the American Patriotism for "all" of our troops, serving here and overseas.

Also thanks for helping as Pallbearers, that was much needed. All of you standing at the entrance as the people came in, made us truly proud to be Americans! The flags waving with the wind was so beautiful. And thank you for the plaque as well, it means a lot to us. Everything the Patriot Guard Riders did to honor my Dad was outstanding! Thank you, thank you, thank you, it was very much appreciated. Your presence at my husband's funeral was a great comfort to our family and friends.

I have asked our younger son to make a donation to the PGR in my husband's name but it will never express the sincere thanks we feel. Words cannot express the appreciation I felt when I saw the flag bikes coming down the street as I proudly saluted the colors as they passed.

Thank you for your professionalism, compassion, sympathy, camaraderie, honor and respect. Thank you for taking the time to honor William with the recognition he deserves as his parents continue to grieve at the loss of their son. It really helped my father-in-law to be able to share his son's loss with you, Rusty and Billy, true patriots, and veterans who appreciate and honor the sacrifice of all those that have served.

Thank you so much for taking time to visit with him, his wife, and my wife and I. My wife Maria misses her brother a great deal, and she told me many times on our drive back to Houston how important it was for her to see the respect, and honor shown William and for her father to have something tangible in his son's memory that can proudly display in his home.

It was a great honor to him, and myself and my family are very grateful to all the riders. He was a Purple Heart recipient from the Korean War. My sister, family, friends and I were overwhelmed, by your presence. We all thank you, for what you do. This donation is in memory of our father. It was truly our pleasure, in making this donation in our dad, Clyde E May Jr. I would be happy to stand in one of your flag lines.

Roy May and Paula Mejorado. Howard Johnson Mission Posted: Howard Johnson, on June 1, There is no higher honor for a family than to see fellow veterans pay respect to those who sacrifice so much for Our Country. I know our father would be proud of his burial, and I know each and every one of you will be blessed in the Now and After. I can just imagine him smiling because of the way his military experience was acknowledged.

Without going into a lot of 'stuff', you all did something that his own Dad could not do for him, and that was to tell him "good job" and "thanks for serving. I thought it was wonderful God gave us a beautiful day, and all the people Bill loved were able to be there to celebrate his life. I will continue to pray for Andrew and if there are other young men and women you would like me to pray for, I will be honored to do that.

God bless you all, and thank you again. It was a great honor to accept this on behalf of all the men and women that have earned the respect that we have in our PGR organization. The commander of the VFW, made a comment that with all the services we do, we have always been there for those in Weatherford.

He said it was amazing. Keep up the good work. You are all very deserving. It it always a great honor to stand with each of you.

On May 24, I laid my son Pvt. I would like to extend my deepest thanks for all that your group does. It meant so much to my family and I. May God bless and protect you all as you continue to do what you all do.

We can't not express how thankful and blessed we were to have your presence there in our time of need. Thank you for serving our families. Walt Harvey Mission Posted: Create a responsive, touch-swipe slideshow with Mobirise bootstrap slider. Add images, text, buttons to slides, set autoplay, full-screen, full-width or boxed layout. Easily add subscribe and contact forms without any server-side integration.

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