5 Biggest Gambling Losers of 2014

Some figures might illustrate. If anyone became an instant villain in , it was Chris Ferguson. With just under a month left in , most of us are already looking forward to next year. As a result, the average rake as a percentage of the pot decreases as you go up the stakes. This list features the world's very best players when they were hard on their luck.

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And once I became decent, the casinos asked me not to play blackjack. American poker pro Phil Ivey has had both ups and downs this year. The city of Las Vegas awarded him a license to sell medicinal marijuana from a percent legal dispensary. Now that Ivey is semi-retired from poker, he can settle into a lucrative career selling legal Phil Ivey drugs. Edge sorting was originally developed as a blackjack trick but can also be applied to other card games. It involves the player looking for patterns on the backs of cards in order to anticipate which will be dealt.

If you thought was bad, just consider what had in store. While was the worst year in the history of Atlantic City, there are reasons to think that will be better. Aussies have a well-earned reputation for being big gamblers. One seldom expects to see Phil Ivey on a list of the biggest losers but Ivey has performed horribly online during As we all know, Negreanu fell, literally and figuratively, in 11th place and the wind was taken out of the November Nine sail.

RealKidPoker just missed out on the November Nine, finishing 11th out of 6, runners: Then came the November Nine and the slow play antics of the first day. The slow play styles of Zvi Stern and Pierre Neuville drove more casual fans away. Anyone that reads my work already knows that I fully supported the choices for the class of the Poker Hall of Fame. I am in the minority. The hall is almost entirely an America affair and lacks diversity.

Poker is no longer primarily an American game and most believe that the Hall of Fame should reflect this fact. So Devilfish has not been inducted into the poker hall of fame. That simply discredits the concept, revealing it as meaningless and stupid. I agree with that point. While I supported the choices for , there are plenty of deserving international players and contributors that should be added to the list.

Although Ivey only comes in 6th on the loser's scale, this was a powerful symbolic loss which ended an otherwise immaculate trajectory. Next to the staggering losses of the likes of Hansen, 1. In the world in professional poker, its easier to lose all sense of reality; even in 7th position this anonymous poker star player lost the price of a sizable house in a large metropolis.

However, the top of the list demonstrates that things could have been much worst. Sauce is a very strong US player known for this critical mind in the game; his strategy videos on Runitonce. Life is precarious at the top. This Canadian player initially gained his fame on Full Tilt Poker before transferring to Poker star later on in his career.

He just about makes the cut to feature amongst these epic poker losers, making his the best of the worst losses. Want to see more poker lists?

Loser - Gus Hansen