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Fred Patterson March 7, 2: Let me remind you that Pan Africanism as well as the United States we are talking about today had already been theorized by Jean Jacques Dessalines. I wonder why Bill Moyer did not interview the clinics she spoke of to verify her story. But in large houses with thick walls Wi-Fi may not reach everywhere, and sometimes a wired connnection is just better Wi-Fi vs. And you the government is so big, powerful and impervious to the suffering of its people.

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Les contraintes qui minent le développement du tourisme africain

And then I did the daily where you are matched with three real people. I was completely demoralized. If I play again it will only be against the AI who is apparently as stupid as I am, lol. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Otherwise known as my addiction to a certain Chibi maker. Elle change de timbre.

Elle est aussi une danseuse. Tout est bien qui finit bien pour Samba Kamara qui finira par trouver un moyen de locomotion. Avant de venir, je ne pensais pas que je trouverai cela ici. Elles viennent essentiellement des villes de Tripoli et de Ghatt. Elle avait un long parcours dans le marronnage. On ne fait pas de recherche par hasard. Comment on peut ignorer ces femmes? Ce sont les femmes qui donnaient le ton. Le jeune noir pourra ainsi se dire: Je dois avouer que cette renaissance africaine est en bonne voie.

Elle est histoire et avenir. Ce geste est historique. Un point de vue: Dans son intervention, le Pr. Intellectual freedom and the need for a change of paradigms Play-forum in Wolof by drama companies from Senegal In his introductory words Chancellor Niane asserted that the non mastering of sciences and technologies explains for the most part why Africa lags behind.

It is admitted that any lasting development geared policy has to rest on science and technology. In only such a way can Africa come out of poverty Professor Niane has said. It is actually because Higher Education and Research are economic growth bearers that the Chancellor believes that the two disciplines must be granted a significant place in African countries development programs. Relying on statistics he has shown out that Africa is a lingering continent as regards knowledge producing. Categorical he has asserted that higher education has a catalysing role to play as far as African Renaissance is concerned.

Interesting exchanges have followed in after the points made by the two leading scholars. All have insisted upon the need for initiating pregnant criticism to take up the challenges of development in Africa. We sadly realize that not a single woman has gone down into historical posterity. Yet, many were they those among them who demonstrated extraordinary bravery.

When we speak about the Haitian war of independence, of the first Black republic, only men are mentioned. People often overlook the fact it was a woman who had prepared the road map. Before waging a war, it was a female voodoo priest who had addressed the prospective fighters in the following terms: So, she would lead, give orders and preside over things in the battlefield. She had already spent a long time in marooning. It not only took form in the battlefield but also on an intellectual plan.

Let me remind you that Pan Africanism as well as the United States we are talking about today had already been theorized by Jean Jacques Dessalines. And that was why they wrote in the constitution that all the Africans were Haitians. He said that in the land of Haiti, a Black man could not be considered as a foreigner. The insurance industry knows that people are beginning to reason that if we are to pay extortionate premiums only to be denied coverage, why bother paying the premiums?

The industry will really have it all if everyone is compelled to buy in; more profits, with government back-stopping, not unlike that worked out by the finance sector of the FIRE economy. You set a fine example, Mr. For-Profit healthcare is not for the Patient. For our own health and safety, we ourselves need to consider a Plan B. Might I suggest cutting the industry out? The local formation of non-profit clinics and the formation of benevolent organizations similar to those of the nineteenth century--like minded people supporting each other on a local level--could eliminate corporate insurance as we now know it altogether.

It's going to happen anyway. Let's just do it ourselves, now. Dale August 24, 8: I know contact with the disembodied is frightening because posters often misidentify themselves often with good reason. Bill Moyers has read or played short quotes but has yet to meet with even the most harmless among us. Screening through agents, publishers, promoters and friendship networks seems to be procedural.

If anyone cares for an interview Grady's grant is running out. Resultant material will remain in the public domain and no one will profit.

We will submit a copy and a report to Moyers when the project ends Dec. Anna is right that individuals make the choice to be just and generous, or to be greedy and callous. What she neglects to say is that people collude and cheat and that most structural crime is generated by group interests. It succeeds and continues because the individual victims are afraid and have limited resources.

They fail to organize as their tormentors do. What is normal for the wealthy is perverse, or merely envied, among the poor. Anna does not reveal her affiliations and may not require any. Most people on this blog speak directly or obliquely from shared group interest. I am part of a financially disempowered group who try to substitute creativity and stealth as a matter of resistance to fascist oligarchy.

Jack Martin August 23, 2: As the propagandists and "spokespeople" for the psychotics and sociopaths continue to murmur across the airwaves at the "stupid" masses who created the wealth that THEY stole - "words matter". It's NOT a thing like "country". Anna D August 23, 2: It is digusting that our health care industry is only a profit making machine! And you wonder why so many people are ill?

Don't you see that it is big business that is killing us? And you the government is so big, powerful and impervious to the suffering of its people. Behind the scenes you sit and lie in bed with big business to get elected and then in front of the world you paint a picture of publicity, pros and cons, arguments when really you are bashing in our heads with the runaround!

It makes me sick to my stomach. This country has become a dog eat dog world where unless you were born into priviledge, you are out on a limb. In this country, the class system has been revived; it is alive and well. Shame on us all! Emilia August 22, Thank you for posting and glad to hear you have some of that rare breed. I thought they were extinct. Maybe you could ship us some and we could breed more of them in this country.

Glad to hear that in your neck of the woods you have thoughtful Conservatives. By the way what do the ones who proposed privatization call themselves?

Carl Maurer August 21, Our Provincial government here in Alberta Canada held public meetings around the issue of privatising more health care services. This is the most conservative of Canadian provinces, and people were interested in the idea. The consensus in the local papers was "show us the business plan explaining how this is going to save us money, and you have our support" As it happened, supporters of privatization didn't have a business case.

What they had was a political preference. Sensible Conservatives defeated the effort to privatise. Ron Ayotte August 21, 2: I wholeheartedly disagree with the assumption that, "if it a public option is working everyone will run to it and flood the system.

Those with employer sponsored plans should be encouraged to and probably will keep them and companies should be subsidized so that they are paying no more than they currently pay with subsidies covering additional increases.

Phase in the ability to "opt in" through a triage type system. Uninsured and those paying over a certain percentage of income to healthcare should be in the first wave small employers less than X number of employees the next group and then phase in the remainder that want to choose the public option. The insurance companies could still make a profit but that and total compensation for executives would have reasonable ceilings on them and couldn't decline anyone or downgrade coverage.

Over time both changing jobs, demographics,etc. Transition is hardly ever easy. While the changeover may have been bothersome for a time and required massive rethinking and definitely upset the status quo how many of us really want to go back to a time before what we are now accustomed to? Healthcare is no different.

We AND technology have changed greatly in the last 50 years. It is time for our healthcare to "catch up" to the times we NOW live in.

Carl Maurer August 20, The "Healthsteria" that has gripped America is so very disheartening. With the millions of Americans loosing their homes, or finding themselves underwater with a devalued property, as big banks and mortgage brokerage copies walk away with profits and bonuses. More millions have lost their jobs, as Corporate America lops off large vestiges of their workforce, just to pad the bottom-line, and deliver dividends to the share holders.

With this economic nightmare that has sent shockwaves through Wall Street, and continues to unleash a drowning tidal wave on Main Street, just the thought of a Healthcare system that puts the care back into Healthcare, offered a tiny glimmer of hope.

Then the nay-Sayers began to chant the Public Option was about to throw Mama from the train in her twilight hours. As I watched the Bill Moyer show featuring Mr. Wendell Potter, the former chief corporate spokesman for Cigna, I wondered how many Americans got the opportunity to view this broadcast.

I wanted it to be mandatory viewing at all public forum discussions on Healthcare Reform. I wanted it to be broadcast day and night like one of those less than blockbuster movies that cable TV puts into a continuous loop of air time. I tried to reassure myself and say that the American people are not as ignorant as the Big Insurance industry would believe them to be, that they would see clear the smoke and mirrors, that they would indeed pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

I tried to convince myself that they would see, as Mr. But as the weeks have passed, and the heckling calls failed to die down, what saddened me so, is that there are many poor Americans who have been duped by all the fear mongering and have brandished the Anti Health Reform regalia, to the chant of the party line!

How I know with all my heart, that so many of the well intended Anti-Health Reformists could benefit personally, if not have a dear loved one benefit, from caring health system.

Yet, I am reminded that not so many generations ago hysteria swept many as Orson Wells read the War of the World, over the air waves. Should I be surprised by the waves of panic that now sweep many over this modern day War of the Words.

How I just wish there could be a young child, who would yell it out, to all of the highly intellectual conservative thinkers and their adherents, that the cloth of the argument that now cloaks the Insurance Empire as being the best healthcare delivery system in the world, that shrouds all those who rally to this rant, is in reality devoid of any substance at all, and will leave all of America naked and openly exposed to the status quo that keeps rewarding big business, as they continue to give the small guy or the little boy if you will, the business!!!

Frank August 19, 8: With the million of Americans loosing their homes, or finding themselves underwater with a devalued property, as big banks and mortgage brokerage copies walk away with profits and bonuses. I am the right-brain guy involved in that left-brain, right-brain discussion you were responding to. Let me see if I can explain why the American solution to the healthcare problem is required to be unique. We modern Americans did not design our system of government or the basics of the American culture; we inherited those things; things started by the people who founded this nation.

That first batch of United States citizens grew up in a society where right-brainers were the norm, where we modern Americans live in a society dominated by left-brain thinking. When the people who started this nation knew they had to come up with a new government they assigned the task to people who grew up using right-brain problem solving methods. The group assigned the task of coming up with a stable system of self-government needed to design something that would gain a wide consensus in regards to the proposed new government.

And they needed to do that without the aid of any of our modern communication technology. Reaching a wide consensus, over great distances, without communicating in any way, or using any verbal or visual communication systems, is a right-brain kind of skill.

There were also lots of different interest groups with differing opinions on how the new government should be set up. And the Designers were mindful of how other governmental systems went bad and became destructive.

So the Designers needed to deal with lots of things in a simultaneous fashion, another right-brain skill.

Right-brainers tend to find big-picture solutions that are based on patterns and relationships. And so the new governmental system that the Designers came up with was set up to reject any invasive governmental systems that fit particular patterns. So parts of the design work in an autonomic sort of way because of the American society that the design came from.

The American system of government and the society that evolved around it since that government was adopted, were designed to reject a government-run universal healthcare system. But they needed to implement a stable form of self-government and the basic system design they came up with rejects and excludes certain classes of governmental systems based on a fit to a pattern.

Limited forms of government-run healthcare can be adopted, but government-run universal healthcare triggers the equivalent of an immune system response in a sizeable percentage of American society because that type of healthcare system fits the pattern of an excluded form of centralized government.

That American immune system is still sufficiently intact, at the national level, to work as designed. If the insurance companies ceased all lobbying efforts the U. The people who want the U. They view the current system as one with a defective heart; not caring enough about the healthcare of citizens. But you cannot simply do the surgery and implant the heart of other nations into the body of the American system. The Designers had to set the system up to be stable and ward off invasive patterns of government.

Our system was designed with an autonomic immune system that still serves as a vital part of the American system as a whole.

The kind of transplant that the universal healthcare proponents are suggesting for the U. The healthcare reform might expand the government-run system but the private insurance system will continue to be a part of the healthcare system for the majority of Americans for the foreseeable future.

Our solution to the healthcare problem must be different from the systems adopted by other nations because the American system design requires it to be different.

I have read that the state of Alabama is implementing a solution to that problem. The state is requiring people insured by the state to be tested for things like diabetes. The diabetics will be required by the state to choose controlling their diabetes and that solves the problem.

It is a simple and elegant governmental solution to the problem of people having to choose; force people to choose the option that the state thinks is best. Of course, it might not be a win for the people who would choose to spend their money on eating, or clothing, or shelter, or August 14, 5: Two years ago, I had surgery. And this was not some kind of frivolous cosmetic surgery. I had a precancerous lump in my breast that needed to be removed.

The insurance company did not contribute one cent to my surgery. Hell, I pay for my insurance and feel I should have the freedom to choose any doctor of any specialty I want but what I get is a small list of doctors to choose from who may or may not be good doctors or the doctors I need.

Health insurance companies, not its customers, have the freedom to choose. They can choose to penalize you or not offer coverage because of pre-existing conditions. They can choose to drop your coverage without explanations. They can choose to skyrocket your premiums overnight and still offer substandard services if you get any service at all. But I see no one busting down the town hall doors or interrupting congressional sessions to protest that which would make more sense.

And last, the people protesting the health care reform should realize that since we are in the midst of a recession and companies are cutting back on expenses, they could be the very ones whose employers might decide to cut their health insurance.

What will happen to their freedom to choose when they are stuck without health care? Sonya August 13, 3: I assume that they will be dropping out of those, just like they did with Medicare Managed Care, as soon as the profits start to slip. We NEED a National Health Plan, and every senior who protests against it, and every member of Congress who won't vote for it, should be forced to give up their plans Medicare and Gov't and try and get coverage on the open market.

We should be ashamed! BethAnn G August 13, 1: You know there are Americans without medical care. Baptist Minister Martin Luther King took up the calling to speak for a people that were rotting, suffering, and dieing.

He did it in defiance of government, law, governors, politicians, and all those that would continue segregation. He did not do it for the power, riches, attention of the rich and powerful, or notoriety. He did it because millions of rotting, suffering, and dieing persecuted Americans had no one to speak for them.

Do not wonder that the young of this country are starting to ignore your Christian religion. They see you in your clean Italian suit or gaudy vestment, speaking from your air-conditioned beautifully decked out church or temple with its wonderful stain gassed windows, smiling into the camera.

Oh yes, they see you, and they hear you. They hear all you have to say about Christian ethics, compassion for the poor…etc and they know that they are just words. We know the burden. Many will attack and hurt you. You may not get there. Is there not one of you to take up this burden? For you Christian leaders, when Christ comes to your temple and lashes the moneychangers from your temple steps, when you look into your heart do you see welts?

John August 13, If the police dept. How about the fire dept? Doesn't health care fit more along the lines of fire and police departments than a wall st. I believe health care really is a social issue. Bill August 12, Do you agree that Medicare takes care of the most sick and therefore most expensive people in our society?

Do you acknowledge that private insurance companies work hard to make sure they only deal with those who arent very sick?

Medicare wouldnt have such budget problems if it cherry picked healthy people like the insurance companies do. We currently spend 2. Last year we spent 2. Its projected to be 5.

Insurance premiums have more than doubled in the last ten years. In , it is estimated that 22, Americans died due to lack of healthcare. That number will surely grow if we do nothing. Insurance premiums will continue to grow. We spend twice as much as any other country and we rank far behind in life expectancy and infant mortality. Whatever we are doing, we can surely do better. Dave August 12, 8: Industry should serve people not people serve industry Life is al about people not machines or industry.

Providing people's health care should be a social service not an industry. Private or public service; it should be regulated to assure the best possible treatment for everyone.

People's health should be this nation's first priority not the "no Way" priority. Eddy August 12, 5: I completely understand your side of the story. There have been many abuses in this capitalist system we have My concern is that, if health care were socialized, the abuses would abound even greater. Surefire Guy August 12, 2: To all this talk about left and right brains someone brings the metaphor of bows and arrows. The arrow through the head just behind the ears, a magician's prop comes to mind.

Neither thing has any relation to a public option for health care. If you are a navel gazer playing with your own medulla, please ask Bill Moyers to open a special back page for you to trade irrelevant observations. Meanwhile examine HR , the only viable proposal so far to reform American medical care delivery. Grady Lee Howard August 12, We the taxpaying people demand to get the same health care as we are paying for!!

Just like the president,senators etc,etc, period!!!!! WIP August 12, I am not a Republican, but I beg to insist that the paid and organized hooligans and macoutes who shout down pubic discourse are not representative of people who may be registered to vote as Republicans.

Now I wonder why real Republicans are not more outspoken against them but I well understand that they are organized and financed by corporate interests as well as right wing fascist organizations who would like our democracy to be completely overthrown in favor of corporate governance. We already have systematic structural violence by oligarchic forces causing euthanasia by default, so euthanasia is hardly a condition to be prevented by these forces. Where do these hooligans come from?

Many are single issue campaigners borrowed from narrow causes. I look for recruiting centers to open as ultra conservative troops are thinly deployed and so cannot meet their pro-corporate obligations. It takes time and a big payroll to keep these things going. Just ask the many associates of Jack Abramoff. The anti-discourse pattern originates in the right to life movement.

I speak as a person who would like to minimize the need for abortion through birth control, autonomy of the body and a social safety net. Threatening and abusive behavior, self-righteousness allowing interference with other people's bodies and escalating ideology have resulted in bombings and assassinations. Organizers are well aware of such history and do not hesitate to use it. It parallels the ruthless anti-labor violence sponsored by corporate business.

Class is a factor. If I were a person who worshipped the human potential of embryos I would protest first at the fertility clinics where disposable zygotes are created and disposed en masse.

They prefer the abortion clinic where the clients are less affluent and more easily abused and criticized. These fast food eating low waged fanatics halt in their God fearing tracks before affluence.

There must be something in their success ethic religion, where God plays favorites, that serves as a repellant. I wish I could get some in an aerosol can! Peter Berger was on Diane Rehm's show today touting a new book about healthy doubt. He asserted that people should retain enough doubt in political positions to be capable of considering the interests and point of view of others. Berger went so far as to say President Obama is too adamant in his views. I hadn't thought of that, but it may be so.

Obama may be too pro-corporate and too pro-capitalist, just as the promoters of disruption have proven to be. What a shame in a country overdue for single payer health insurance. I don't think I'm too extreme in that I have my doubts. But I must emphasize that I want good health care for everyone including the disrupters.

Couldn't we just give it a try. We'd be no worse off Jack Martin August 12, The part of the Healthcare Bill that the Republicans say has all that degusting death of the elderly, euthanasia, death by rationing, death by denial of medical care…etc was introduced by amendment into the Healthcare Bill by the Republicans.

Who better to tell you what that part of the Healthcare Bill has in it than the Republicans that created it? How much screaming, ranting, and raving do the Republicans have to do to get recognition for their publicly proclaimed agenda for the elderly? John August 12, America, you should be ashamed of yourself.

More under insured and bankrupt everyday. For many, particularly children and young adults, the only access they have is the emergency room - or traveling 3rd world style free clinics. The costs of which must then be allocated to the rest of us.

What kind of a legacy is that? We have created a system where doctors get paid for services rather than outcomes, where prevention is essentially non-existent, and where we'd rather pop a pill than take responsibility for our own life styles that lack both exercise and a proper diet.

And we certainly are seeing the impact of replacing civic education with a 24 hour news cycle and constant reality television. When did we begin to replace pride in our government with conspiracy theories.

When did we reverse JFK's "Ask Not", substituting personal selfishness and the immediate acceptance of talking heads misinformation. That's the real tax we pay. Marston Gould August 12, 3: This is Government Healthcare for the whole of the country.

Nlf August 11, 3: So what is the "public option? I have heard it described as an extension of Medicaid. I have also heard of it described as offering the same plans as government employees.

Well which one is it? There is a big difference. Mike August 11, 2: As far as I know they are the only ones that have as their agenda death of the elderly, euthanasia, death by rationing, death by denial of medical care…etc. What they say was the intent of their amendment is public record. John August 11, 1: Steve G, You are right, we need to get back to "one Nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all".

It should be considered criminal to deceive people and to steal their retirement investments. Without sufficient Health Care; liberty becomes meaningless. Eddy August 11, John, It sounds to me like the Republicans are using President Obama's effort to include Republicans in writing the Health Care Bill to undermine the bill.

I think the Republicans need to see a priest about exorcism. Undermining people's health care sounds like evil to me. The Republicans introduced, as an amendment, the pages of the House and Senate Healthcare bills that deal with living wills. A group of Republicans led by Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia crafted, wrote, and introduced that amendment. We know what the Republicans say that their section of the bill is intended to accomplish, death of the elderly, euthanasia, death by rationing, death by denial of medical care for the elderly…etc.

The Republicans introduced by amendment those pages. What they intended their amendment to accomplish is public record. For those of you that are worried for the elderly, the final wording of that amendment had all that disgusting death of the elderly, euthanasia, death by rationing, death by denial of medical care for the elderly…etc. Not one scrap survived. You have the Democrats to thank. I have read the final wording in the bill that deals with living wills. Not one scrap of what the Republicans intended for the elderly survived.

John August 11, However, there are some important implications that are applicable to the problem of conflict between the conservative and the liberal mind set that is dividing our nation. America has been operating in left-brain mode for a long time, and the conservatives and the liberals both seem to suffer from the same distorted left-brain thought process. It tends to be a very limited view when compared to the big picture right-brain viewpoint. But it looks like more of a restricted concern rather than no concern.

A concern that often focuses on the survival of one particular group rather than all groups. In the healthcare debate, there are well-intentioned people whose sole focus is on the healthcare concerns of the poor or disadvantaged. But the poor have more concerns than just their health and there are other groups with equally valid concerns.

People seem to be coming at the healthcare problem with a left-brain logical version of empathy, even though empathy is more of a right-brain thing. They are empathetic to one group and not empathetic to the other groups or to any of the other needs. And that propaganda is coming from liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans.

Time and time again I have seen it, people substituting their political ideology for thought and reason. Look at what the people posting here do. If any person of a different political ideology posts something then that person gets branded as evil or an idiotic puppet of the opposite ideology. Since this place tends to be populated by liberals, the liberals trash any opposing conservative opinion as one that must be based on ignorance.

The liberals have decided in advance that the only possible solution to the healthcare problem is their solution. If you went to a more conservative blog the same sort of trashing would be happening to the liberals. The civil war attitudes of liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans are destroying this nation. And both liberals and conservatives share in the blame for the lack of resolution to the healthcare problem. Liberals love to trash the evil insurance companies because the insurers put profit over human life.

Well why is it so much better to put political ideology over human life? Is the liberal ideology so precious that it cannot bend in the least bit to save lives? No other solution is possible and we know this to be a fact because our liberal ideology says it must be so. We liberals know what is best. We cannot get along with those conservative fools. Anyone who disagrees with us all-knowing liberals must be ignorant; must be duped by the insurance lobby. Both the liberals and the conservatives have decided that their precious ideology is more important than saving American lives.

August 10, 7: I can not believe the fear in people concerning president's fight for health care for all people. I live in Minnesota and know people on the state health care plans and they are no different than other plans, there is no waiting, if you need an MRI you get an MRI just like anyone else would.

I just wish more people could qualify for it and it sounds like they would if we had a universal health care plan. Stop buying into the fear tactics! It should be everyone's right. Education is pretty good too. It's the problems that make it difficult to teach - family problems and behavior problems that are dumped on teachers that's the problem!

Jowens August 10, 5: For those who are taking part in the left-brain, right-brain discussion: I think somewhere in between is the correct answer as one of you I think alluded to. As a former government official in DC deeply involved in health care, I can report that none of the bills mentioned so far have a chance of improving health care without a public plan that not only pays for services but also supplies the workforce to deliver them.

Similar to the many National Health Services around the world. We also have some of the worst health outcomes in the world and likely the worst in the developed world. As is infrequently pointed out, coverage is not care.

As for a uniquely American solution, our solution has been to treat health care as a commodity. This only works if you have coin of the realm to spend.

We must remember that this discussion must be about making certain that humans have the ability to stay healthy and return to health when they become ill, without having to decide between eating and controlling their Diabetes.

As a physician who provides services for those very people, I can authoritatively tell you that that occurs every day in a country with vast wealth. For those of you who decry government-managed programs I have two requests:.

Name a US government-run program that has harmed you or someone you know. Not inconvenienced, not frustrated, but actually harmed. Name one country that runs a government health system in which citizens have to routinely choose between food, shelter or health care on a daily basis. No, I don't want to hear about waiting for procedures or surgeries. As a doubly board certified surgeon, I'm here to tell you that waiting is not always bad and conversely, if you can in fact wait six months for a procedure, there was no urgent need for it.

That is a uniquely American phenomenon wherein waiting is equated with bad. Michael Williams, MD August 10, 5: Baer August 10, 5: August 8, 1: I am a reasonably well-informed financial executive. I make my living as a capitalist. The USA has the finest health care in the world — bar none — provided that you have a no-limit gilt-edged money is no object health plan.

Or you are rich. In my experience the 2 go hand in hand. The outright lies — yes lies — that critics of health care reform spew is disturbing. The intentional misrepresentation of the Canadian and European models is outrageous. The Canadian model is flawed. Yes, health care is rationed here hence a need for ancillary private care but it is rationed everywhere — including the US. The exception being as per point 1 above. That money gap goes to the US insurance companies, doctors, malpractice lawyers and lobbyists.

Aside from private-payment plastic surgeons it is true you will not see many doctors in Canada driving a Rolls Royce. But you will see an awful lot driving a Benz or a Jag.

Doctors here work hard and are well compensated. What we lack here is the concept that a medical degree should be attributed Venture Capitalist returns. Against their own self-interest I might add. Anonymous August 10, 5: Everyone can then receive competent health care and Gen.

Motors will be top dog again! The world will once again be rigtedBUTdon't let the Dummie-crats or Rip-ya-off-publicans touch anything!!!! Billy Bob August 10, 2: I too watched a similar news item here on BBC.

Valencia (Carabobo)