Texas Holdem World Series of Poker

Participate in exciting poker tournaments and win BIG! Main Event Tops Players in Crandall "Dandy" Addington, a self-made millionaire from Graham, Texas, won the event. But what are the best things to learn for the aspiring World Series of Poker winner? Below you can see some of the most famous players who've won at the WSOP.


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Many pros will play around online poker games at the same time, whether they be cash games, Sit 'n' Gos, or tournaments, and this allows for faster play, more volume, and ultimately, a higher ROI Return on Investment.

Also, if you've signed up to a legit poker room with a deposit bonus, multi-tabling will ensure a faster play-through of any real money bonus you want to activate. As much a vital tip with online poker as it is with live betting for cash, make sure you have your bankroll sorted before you start playing for real money. But if you don't have the funds behind you if things go bad, you'll quickly go bust. The best advice is to set aside a certain amount of money you're prepared to bet with. If you take a hit, drop down the levels, build your bankroll back up, then make a jump up the stakes if you're comfortable.

So, how much will you need in relation to the buy-in? As a rule of thumb, if you're playing cash games have buy-ins set aside especially if you're playing more than one table and for tournaments, a bankroll of 50 buy-ins is sensible.

This way you can handle the swings and reload without any worries. Finally, and this is particularly for you cash game fans, consider buying some tracking software. Heads-Up Displays HUDs , such as PokerTracker 4, sit on your poker room's software and allows you to track other players at your table.

It's invaluable if you're planning on taking detailed notes on regular opponents. Online poker is a teenager yet its brief life so far is already filled with momentous highs - and embarrassing lows. Let's take a look at some of the key moments in the early life of poker on the Internet. Many American online players lose their funds and some are still waiting for them to be returned.

States in the US begin to launch their own intra-state online poker sites, with Nevada's Ultimate Poker the first to emerge. The best way to find safe poker sites on the web is to follow the links on this page. We recommend only the most highly regarded rooms on the net so you won't be left cheated out of your valuable funds.

As long as you've got a decent PC, Mac or smartphone you can enjoy real money poker easily Make sure you have a good Internet connection as well in order to avoid any drop in service while you're playing. Every poker site will provide a software client for you to download direct from their website.

Download the software, create a real money account and login, and away you go. Some poker rooms also offer a 'no download' client so you can play on their site via your web browser without the need for downloading cumbersome programs that clog up your hard drive.

Most good poker sites offer 'free to play' games where you can try out the various games for free before making a real money deposit. Most big sites also offer daily freerolls where you can win cash without paying to enter the tournaments. Mobile gaming of all kinds has exploded in , and you can now play poker via your smartphone with many of the major poker sites.

The graphics and software may not be quite as good as your PC client, but for convenience and poker-on-the-go, it can't be beat. If a poker variant has been invented, chances are you can probably play it. While Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker variation out there, Omaha and Stud are catching up in terms of online popularity.

In tournaments you'll receive chips to play the tournament with. In a freezeout tournament, when you've run out of chips, you are out. Rebuy, or re-entry tournaments, are becoming more popular, however, and those allow you to rebuy back in once or twice if you run out of chips.

Cash games allow you sit down with a minimum or maximum amount, and you can leave the game whenever you like. The blinds remain constant throughout. In No Limit games, there's no maximum bet that has to be placed - as long as you have chips in front of you, you can raise as much as you want. Limit games prohibit betting above a set limit at any time. Pot Limit games, most notably Pot Limit Omaha, allow you to raise only the amount of the total pot at any time.

This meant financial transactions to online poker sites - although NOT the actual playing of poker - was banned. While there have been many cases of cheating and collusion in online poker, major sites in are above-board and totally legit. The biggest rooms are independently audited and regulated to safeguard players' funds and provide a risk-free playing environment.

While luck plays a big part in online poker, there's an incredible amount of skill in making money at the game, in betting strategy as well as psychology, bluffing, and aggression. Real Money Online Poker Sites The winning tips and strategy advice you need to get the most out of your online poker experience Table of Contents. Download Chart Quick View. Late Position If you're in late position i. Advanced Tips You could spend a lifetime mastering online poker, but many experienced players will be able to read other players' moves - especially online - and call out bluffs with well-timed aggression.

Learn Good Bankroll Management As much a vital tip with online poker as it is with live betting for cash, make sure you have your bankroll sorted before you start playing for real money. Invest in Tracking Software Finally, and this is particularly for you cash game fans, consider buying some tracking software.

Negreanu would become the only two time POY winner in , winning two tourneys and cashing 10 times overall. It has also been held in suburban Paris and Berlin Neither event has been held since With the poker boom long gone, the WSOP made moves to encourage more recreational players to make the trip to Vegas.

The WSOP is constantly tinkering with their tournament lineup to encourage larger attendance and deliver more player satisfaction. Below you can see some of the most important tourneys that have or still run in the WSOP. Sadly, Reese passed away the following year, with the tournament being named the Chip Reese Memorial Tournament afterward. The Colossus was added to the WSOP schedule, giving recreational players a chance to compete for big money for a small buy in.

This has become one of the most popular events at the WSOP, with a record 4, players entering in But in , men began entering the Ladies Holdem Championship under the banner that it was discrimination to keep them out.

The Millionaire Maker was created in as another small buy in tourney meant to attract recreational players to the felt. The WSOP produces dozens of champions every year, but some have stood out above others over time. Below you can see some of the most famous players who've won at the WSOP. Aside from winning the first two Main Events, Moss became the first player to win this prestigious tourney three times when he captured the Main Event title.

One of the early WSOP participants, Doyle Brunson is an ageless wonder who still plays high stakes cash games in his 80s.

Brunson only plays cash games now, but he's tied for the second most WSOP bracelets all time with Fowler pulled off what is considered the greatest upset in poker history when he defeated Bobby "The Wizard" Hoff heads up to win. The final hand gave a clear indication of just how overmatched, yet lucky, Fowler was against Hoff. He continued playing an unsuited 7 6 combo on a flop of 5h 3s js while seeking a gutshot straight. Hoff meanwhile had pocket aces and would've forced any skilled professional out of the hand with his big bets.

Some consider Stu Ungar to be the greatest poker player of all time, and his record at the WSOP doesn't dissuade this notion. Sadly, Ungar would quickly blow his winnings on a combination of drugs and sports betting. Johnny Chan is the last player to win back to back Main Event titles, doing so in and ' Chan narrowly missed becoming the only player to win 3 Main Events in a row, losing to Phil Hellmuth heads up in the Main Event.

Chan is tied with Brunson and Phil Ivey for the second most gold bracelets with He currently runs a restaurant chain in Las Vegas and doesn't play poker as much anymore. What makes Hellmuth's victory more unique is that this was his first gold bracelet, and he's the all-time leader in bracelets with Brad Daugherty was only in high school when he began is poker playing career back in while on a highschool field trip.

Daugherty has went on to co-author a few books and is happily married with 3 children. He currently lives in the Philippines where he enjoys poker recreationally. PokerStars used Moneymaker in marketing campaigns after this victory to show that anybody can win big in poker. Moneymaker's win not only increased participation in PokerStars' satellites, but also at other online poker sites too. Jamie Gold enjoyed the fruits of the poker boom more than anyone since he won the largest Main Event in history.

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Le tableau suivant présente le classement des mains préflop au Texas Hold'em à 4 joueurs.