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The McDuck-Duck Clan is established as one. It's really a disproportionate amount of badass to be spread over two generations of the same family, and may explain why they're always trying to murder one another. Archived from the original on June 2, Retrieved July 4, The storyline leading up to the match was that JBL caused Guerrero's mother to have a heart attack at a house show when he threatened her and grabbed her by the shoulder. Most of the great Viking clans in Fate of the Norns: The Cthoniques in Castle Terribel , are a rather goofy version of this.

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Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys are dragon riders and set to conquer an entire continent. Their half-brother Orys is one of the most skilled swordsmen in all Westeros and their cousin Raenna has been trained as a Professional Killer to perfection. The Ring of Darkness: While already one in canon, the Ark family is even more badass, being one of the four families that make up the titular Star Knights, who are the Spear Counterparts to the Maidens, though their powers are instead passed from father to eldest surviving son or brother, if they have no son.

As well, Jaune's older sister , Carolina, is a highly skilled warrior, teaching Jaune to fight and use his new powers, and she's the General of the Sky Knights of Vale , the personal army of the Star Knight of Vale.

And yes, that does mean Jaune has his own army. Nora's extended family, the Valkyrie Clan or House Valkyrie , who take the place of the dwarves in this story, including creating Moria and other feats of stoneworking, and creating stuff from Mithril. Jet is decidedly uncomfortable with the whole User idea, but can still hold his own in a straight fight. The Bradleys consider Sam Flynn and Quorra part of the family, and they're no strangers to combat.

Then you have Alan and Lora's Program children; Yori is still the weakest fighter though she leveled up a bit there and designs weaponry while Tron hasn't lost a bit of his skills and Alan's continued updates mean he's still defending cyberspace as Alan's champion.

In the Discworld of A. Pessimal , there is the Smith-Rhodes clan. Descendants of an imperial adventurer from the Sto Plains who carved out a new colony in Howondaland - which with superb self-effacing modesty, he named Smith-Rhodesia after himself, one side of the family remained Morporkian-speaking and carved out its own empire in gold and diamonds. Which they are determined to keep, by any means necessary. The other branch, currently ruled or so he thinks by its patriarch Andreas "Barbarossa" Smith-Rhodes, became farmers and landowners in the Vondalaans-speaking Boer half of the nation.

His daughters Johanna and Mariella are trained Assassins. Two grand-daughters, one adoptive, are also Assassins. Any member of the family is guaranteed to give you a hard fight if you try to spoil their day.

Johanna's daughters are respectively a witch, a trainee Assassin , and a youngest who combines aspects of both in a deceptively mild package. The sons of both family lines can be almost as lethal, too.

Action Mom , Papa Wolf , baby , kid , teen: By the end of the movie, the Gru Family which includes- Gru himself, the girls, Dr. In fact they rank right there with the Incredibles; and the Grus don't even have superpowers! Despicable Me 3 adds Gru's father, Robert, and twin brother Dru.

The Croods are a family of cavemen who are, from baby Sandy to elderly Gran, capable of defending themselves from and outwitting or outfighting nearly everything they come across. Disney's The Little Mermaid franchise has the royal family — The titular protagonist, Ariel, is a tough, determined mermaid whose not afraid to attack a sea witch who now wields the triton to save her love interest. Ariel's father, Triton, is the true wielder of the trident and is not afraid to use it to protect his loved one.

Ariel's older sisters may not have a lot of action-packed moments, but the TV series shows that when danger comes, anyone of them is prepared themselves and others.

Return to the Sea adds Ariel and Eric's daughter, Melody, who is as much as a hero as her mother. And the prequel finally introduced Ariel's mother, Athena, who went Mama Bear for one of her children to protect the child from dangerous pirates.

True, for most of the movie they're shown as bumbling idiots Cue the slow-motion and the classical music as they take turns stabbing, burning, shooting, and impaling it The Torreto Gang of carjackers of The Fast and the Furious franchise may be surrogate and multi-racial, but their love and loyalty towards each other is stronger than most Real Life blood-families.

In fact, they ''explicitly' refer to each other as family rather than just "friends", particularly at gatherings and when saying grace at meals. The Marshall family from Up, Up and Away! Star Wars has the Skywalker family and the Solo family, who are united by marriage. Given that in a mid 90's movie adaptation the titular Shaft is the nephew of the original and played by Samuel L.

Jackson , being badass is a given. The Indiana Jones film take "keeping up with the Joneses" to a whole new level. The family that the Fuhrer declared war on? Not including friends of the family which include but may not be limited to a determinator kid, John Rhys-Davies, and a few Oxford professors and federal agents, just to recap Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr.

Oh wait, that would be me, Superman and the Hulk". Let the record show that this man has bested a tank and three Nazi trucks in one sitting, a Dragon in every film, aliens, supernatural forces, light sensitive rocks, angry natives and once stood face to face with Hitler, and got his autograph. Henry "Mutt" Jones the Third. And then Marion Ravenwood who is the best drinker this side of the Himalayas and was willing to put on a pretty dress just to have the opportunity to knife her friendly captor and escape.

She also survives snakes, Nazis, and oh yeah, the wrath of God. She also drove a car through the jungle to rescue herself, Indy, and Mutt from their Communist captors.

And ultimately rescued them all by driving off of a cliff and into a river with nary a scratch on any of them. A maneuver which freaked out Indy. Oh, and since she and Indy get married by the end of the fourth movie, it's safe to say she's in the family. Then there are the Mc Candles in Big Jake. Led by guess who? The Racers in Speed Racer and extended family all apparently know how to deal out some awesome whoopass.

Who still tries and manages to help out in his own way. The Earp brothers in Tombstone. Wyatt is already a legendary former lawman by the start of the film and Virgil and Morgan are quick to volunteer as new marshals after the previous one is murdered and the town is falling into lawlessness.

Tackleberry has founded one in the later Police Academy films. They all sleep with a weapon under their pillow, and woe the burglar that picks their house as a target. Should we call for backup? We can handle it. His wife's family was the same way. Her father was a retired cop, she and her brother were cops and Mom was just as tough. They used to punch each other as a sign of affection. Many Jaeger pilot teams in Pacific Rim are this.

Raleigh and Yancy Becket are brothers. Cheung, Jin, and Hu Wei are identical triplets. Hercules and Chuck Hansen are father and son. Aleksis and Sasha Kaidonovsky are married. Byron Williams and his two sons did their own separate, but heroic acts in Mars Attacks! All children of Zeus were badasses, including several demigod heroes like Heracles, Perseus or brothers Castor and Polidekus. There's also Typhon's family - dad is Eldritch Abomination that make gods flee from Olympus, mom, Echnida, is a giant multiple-headed snake and their children are several well-known monsters, including Cerberus, Hydra and Chimera.

Incidentally, Typhon is related to the Greek Gods by way of their grandmother, Typhon's mother, Gaea. The Tuatha de Danaan of Celtic Mythology are a tribe of related deities, mortals, and demigods. Pretty much any man blood related to Cathbad the druid grew up to be a total badass from Conchobar mac Nessa, warrior king of Ulster , to Conall Cernach, the number one cause of death among men of Connacht, to Cu Chulainn, the greatest hero in all of Ireland.

Odin, Allfather, the Allwise and supreme king of all Asgardians has fathered and or adopted numerous children who definitely qualify as experts in asskickerey: Pretty much any member of all three generations can and has put a boss in the ground single-handedly. The Rivendorn family from the Critical Hit , with both parents being spellcasters of The Archmage level of power, just as the generations before them are alleged to be.

This is the reason why Rivendown name carries some weight , and it sets young Orem a tough act to follow. Stu Hart had 12 kids, 8 boys and 4 girls. Seven of the boys became wrestlers most famously Bret and Owen and the only one who didn't wrestle became a referee. Blackjack Mulligan Robert Windham had two sons who wrestled: Almost all of the Samoan wrestlers are interrelated. Gory Guerrero, his four sons Chavo Sr.

Vince McMahon 60something billionaire who takes chair shots and beatings for fun and profit , his wife Linda, son Shane McMahon PWI's Rookie of the Year, known widely for surprising amounts of wrestling ability , daughter Stephanie McMahon head of creative and wrestler , and Stephanie's husband, thirteen-time champion Triple H.

Ragnarok go out of their way to out-badass each other, notably in the "murder" department. The other have sired great heroes, such as Sigurd Fafnir's slayer , Beowulf, etc. The Oberlindes Family in Traveller. They are a dynasty of frontier Merchant Princes who rose from being a band of Free Traders to almost Mega-Corp status.

In the process they had more than one Moment of Awesome. The most notable was when they bought a war surplus ship, fitted it out with weapons by convoluted and extralegal means and sent it to trade through Vargr space scareing off every corsair with their firepower.

Ostlander Mercenary warbands from Mordheim are made up of an entire extended family that has left their home village to make their fortune in the City of the Damned. Hardy and self-sufficient, these Ostlanders are talented hunters who enjoy a good drunken brawl and possess an intense hatred of Chaos. In Warhammer 40, , The Emperor and his sons. A godlike saviour of humanity , and twenty sons survived being scattered by Chaos across the galaxy, all growing up to be the progenitors of armies of super-soldiers.

Shame about the whole Horus Heresy deal. In the BattleTech games's Future History , a half-dozen families and their descendants were so epically badass in both giant mecha fighting and dominating people through sheer testicular fortitude that each family spawned an entire interstellar civilization.

The Ortegas of Malifaux are a family of monster-hunting gunslingers. They are tremendously successful in a job whose life expectancy is normally measured in days. The Gathering gives us The Abzan Houses of Tarkir, a massive clan of desert warriors with emphasis on clan.

Adoptive members alone include Aven vultures , dog-like Ainok , and several Orcs. Every member, living or dead , is ready to march into battle, and they do it with all the comforts of home mounted on War Elephants. To top it all off, their signature mechanics are based on family bonds and allow them to gradually strengthen each other. Grandfather Kinzo has no talent for magic, but through several years of research and determination, managed to become a master summoner.

He may not be able to use magic to even heat water to brew tea, but can summon a demon able to boil an ocean. Eva is very skilled at martial arts, and Eva-Beatrice may be a sadist who likes to kill people in gruesome ways, but is pretty badass herself.

Rosa managed to put a fight with a army of goatmen with only a gun, a purse, a pen and a gold bar. And there's Battler aka, the Endless Sorcerer. Ace Attorney Unconventional example in the dysfunctional Fey clan, a group of otherwise staid women who are frequently locked in bloody conflict. Badasses for evil include Manipulative Bastard Morgan and Dahlia.

It's really a disproportionate amount of badass to be spread over two generations of the same family, and may explain why they're always trying to murder one another. The final case of the third game is something of a master class in badass, culminating in Mia giving a Reason You Suck Speech to Dahlia so hardcore it sends her back to Hell.

Child Prodigy Pearl is nine in her first appearance but is reputedly more powerful in terms of spiritual power than Maya — according to Maya herself, too! And an evil ish example in the von Karmas. Manfred von Karma, his daughter Franziska von Karma, and his adopted son Miles Edgeworth are all prosecutors so perfect and amazing that the only person to ever defeat them in court is the protagonist Phoenix Wright.

Manfred's flawless record stretches out for decades, Miles is so ruthless and effective that he's been called The Demon Prosecutor and Franziska passed the bar at thirteen. In the Apollo Justice arc, the Gavin brothers. You have the older brother Kristoph Gavin, defense attorney extraordinaire.

Always a calm, cool and collected person who is not afraid to own your ass in court while being very courteous. That is, unless you happen to reject him as a lawyer over a game of cards. And then you have rocker Klavier Gavin. Has his own band and has a very good reputation. Always willing to help Apollo secure a conviction for a detective and bandmate , even helping Apollo own Kristoph in court with the Jurist system.

In the Zero Escape series, specifically in Virtue's Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma , we have the family of Sigma and Diana, who both have the power of Mental Time Travel as a result of the events of both games, and their twin children: Sigma, Phi, and Diana also end up becoming the D-Team of Zero Time Dilemma , though they don't learn their relationship until later in the game.

Ruby Rose is a nice little girl, but she'll ruin your day if you mess with her. Of course, do that and you'll be in the firing line of her older half-sister Yang Xiao Long too. Oh, and Ruby's cool uncle Qrow, who will protect them no matter who you are or what you are.

And then there's the matter of Yang's Missing Mom , who stepped in to save her daughter from a tight spot and caused her daughter's attacker to flee in terror at the mere sight of her. And their dad, who we haven't seen much of yet but is implied to be just as dangerous, being on a Grimm hunting team with them. Also the family dog. Yep, not a family to be messed with. Jaune's family is implied to be this as well, having generations of warriors, heroes and hunters as his legacy.

The Belladonna family are more than capable of taking care of business when things go straight to hell, as revealed in Volume 5. It aired from to Douglas proposed to her during the taping of a MADtv skit; the couple married in Douglas filed for divorce in October From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Alex Borstein Borstein at the WonderCon. Retrieved July 25, Archived from the original on Retrieved 18 January Retrieved 18 September Retrieved May 19, I Want Pewterschmidt Money". Retrieved April 23, Retrieved August 10, Awards for Alex Borstein.

Davis Ann B. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 18 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Borstein at the WonderCon. San Francisco State University. The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Billy's Dad Is a Fudge-Packer! Good Night, and Good Luck. A Million Ways to Die in the West. He left them after telling Bradshaw to think about his own future. Faarooq shouted after Heyman that he was not fired because they Faarooq and Bradshaw had quit.

Faarooq took Bradshaw's hesitation to mean that he would not resign, and so Faarooq promptly disbanded the APA and left. He was initially released, but he was later re-hired to work behind the scenes in the WWE under various roles.

Ewing esque gimmick, becoming a heel for the first time since complete with a suit, cowboy hat, and tie as he began his first main event push. His finishing move's name was part of the overhaul, becoming the Clothesline From Wall Street until he later changed it back to its original name.

He won, thanks to the then-SmackDown! The storyline leading up to the match was that JBL caused Guerrero's mother to have a heart attack at a house show when he threatened her and grabbed her by the shoulder. A title cannot change hands by disqualification, so Guerrero retained the title.

JBL retained the title with some help from Heidenreich. Though JBL held the title for many months, most title matches were won controversially. That episode saw Weber accidentally shoot JBL with a tranquilizer gun. Jordan is the only member not announced to have left the group, though mention of the term cabinet went on hiatus after SummerSlam and Orlando was released from WWE in May Cena failed to convince Layfield to do so.

On the April 28 episode of SmackDown! In the course of the night, he attacked The Blue Meanie in a shoot. WWE capitalized on the situation by resigning Meanie to a short-term contract. On the July 7 episode of SmackDown! But a title does not change hands by disqualification, so Batista retained the title. On the September 16 episode of SmackDown! The two had a match at the Royal Rumble , which the Boogeyman won.

JBL tried to weaken then champion Rey Mysterio in the weeks leading up to his title match as Mysterio faced off against any opponent of JBL's choosing, capitalizing on Mysterio claiming that he was "a man of his word," and would take on anyone. Mysterio was defeated by Mark Henry and squashed by The Great Khali in non title singles matches before facing Raw's Kane in a match, that went to a no-contest. This was leading to their title match at Judgment Day , which Mysterio won and retained the title by pinning JBL after a frog splash.

This angle was used to give JBL time off wrestling due to his serious back injury. In his final column on the website, JBL wrote, "I have also come to believe that you can't fight father time.

A broken back suffered in a match in England , compounded by a herniated and bulged disc, finally made me realize my career as a professional wrestler was over. I since migrated to the color commentary position much in the way that Jesse Ventura did before me. JBL teamed with Mr. Rome fell because of the spectators in the stands. On the October 12, episode of Smackdown! After this, he became physical as a color commentator, attacking both Batista and The Undertaker in the middle of a match as revenge after he was speared by Batista and later chokeslammed by The Undertaker after taunting them consecutively, in events leading up to the pay-per-view.

He justified these actions by explaining, "I am retired, not dead" and that he [Layfield] should be respected. Minutes later, an infuriated JBL kicked Jericho in the head, leading to a disqualification victory for Jericho meaning that Orton retained the title. On the December 17, episode of Raw , JBL announced that he would resume his career in response to a challenge made by Jericho.

McMahon and his storyline illegitimate son, Hornswoggle. During the feud, JBL insulted Punk's straight-edge lifestyle, calling it "boring". On the August 11 edition of Raw , JBL challenged Punk to a contest he claimed that Punk would not be able to win, which was revealed to be an alcohol drinking contest where he challenged Punk to drink a shot of Jack Daniel's whiskey to prove that he would do anything to remain champion. Punk refused, not wanting to risk compromising his beliefs, before throwing the drink in JBL's face.

Jericho went on to win the match and the World Heavyweight Championship. In November , JBL had an on-screen short rivalry with Shawn Michaels which led at Survivor Series in a five on five tag team elimination tag team match in which Michaels' team emerge victorious. Michaels had lost his family's personal savings due to the global financial crisis and would become Layfield's employee.

This ended any employment links between the two with Michaels still receiving the full payment owed to him and end the feud. He cut a promo claiming he was starting his "journey back to the main event at WrestleMania ", before being interrupted by Stone Cold Steve Austin just as he was about to sign the contract. After a brief argument between the two, Austin hit Layfield with the Stone Cold Stunner and signed the contract to be the special guest referee.

Starting at Night of Champions , Layfield returned to his JBL persona, and sporadically filled in as color commentator, replacing Jerry Lawler, who suffered a legitimate heart attack during the Raw episode preceding Night of Champions. Layfield later re-signed with the promotion and returned to the SmackDown broadcast team on a full-time basis, alongside Josh Mathews and eventually Michael Cole. Having been on commentary the whole broadcast, JBL left the commentator's table when his number 24 came up.

However, Layfield was quickly eliminated by Roman Reigns while trying to hand his jacket to Michael Cole, and resumed his role as commentator for the rest of the broadcast. Austin State University in September WWE describes Layfield as a "self-made" millionaire. Layfield is the founder of Layfield Energy. Layfield has lived full-time in Bermuda since shortly after his retirement from in-ring activity.

Feeling confined living in New York City, he spent the summer of in Bermuda at his wife's encouragement, and the couple soon bought a full-time home there. As he acclimated to Bermuda, he noticed what he called "the almost predominant black-on-black violence that is unfortunately pervasive throughout the local neighborhoods", and in created the nonprofit organization Beyond Rugby Bermuda, using rugby union to provide young people with an alternative to gangs.

The organization is an offshoot of Beyond Sport, a South African nonprofit that uses running for similar purposes; Layfield was introduced to that group's founder when he and his wife visited the country for the FIFA World Cup. He spends much of his time outside of WWE with the organization, filling duties as varied as celebrity fundraising and mowing the rugby field.

Beyond Rugby Bermuda began with six boys; as of February , more than boys and girls were involved. During a WWE house show in Munich , Germany early in June , in an attempt to draw heel heat , he gave the crowd several Nazi salutes while goose-stepping around the ring. I'm supposed to incite the crowd. I've done it for decades. I've been to Dachau , seen those places where they exterminated millions of Jews.

I draw the line between me and my character. That's like saying Anthony Hopkins who portrays Hannibal Lecter really enjoys cannibalism ". In April , following his departure from WWE, Ohio Valley Wrestling owner Danny Davis announced in a press release that Layfield would be color commentator and host for Vyper Fight League , which Layfield would also sponsor with Layfield Energy; however, the company folded the following year.

The series ended in May Layfield used to run the website Layfield Report which highlighted a variety of his views and opinions in numerous articles. The site was ended in September Layfield has appeared as a playable character in a number of WWE video games. Layfield began broadcasting American football games in , serving as analyst for a pair of Abilene Christian University radio broadcasts and two Southland Conference games televised on American Sports Network.

His parents are Lavelle Layfield, who is a minister and Mary Layfield. He was previously married to Cindy Womack on June 6, , but divorced in

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