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Trump suffers fate 'he always feared' The Washington Post. With a little imagination, and the assistance of crude chart projections, DOW 40, could be eclipsed by the end of the decade. Sens players, coach upset over Smith move Sportsnet. Every cent the government spends has to be taken from the private sector, whether by taxation, borrowing, or even worse, inflation. California is the case.


President Trump holds press conference

Reese Witherspoon shares her latest read, Still Lives , while out with a friend in L. Pregnant Kate Upton, who is expecting her first child with husband Justin Verlander, grabs a bite to eat in West Hollywood.

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Bindi Irwin rings in her 20th birthday with her mom, brother and boyfriend on Tuesday at the Australia Zoo. Can you handle this much hotness? Hilary Duff and boyfriend Matthew Koma, who are expecting their first child together, fuel up during a walk in L.

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Impossible — Fallout premiere on Sunday. Halsey playfully sticks out her tongue at the L. To The Movies on Sunday. Also at the Teen Titans premiere: I know the pathology of conservatism all too well. All of the world knows its symptoms. As much as I could spend the rest of my life diagnosing them, today it is the diseases of the Democrats I wish to doctor.

Trump is not President because the GOP is sage and swole, but because the Democrats are a deflating pile of human-shaped luggage. What impressive counter-thrusts did the Resistance offer today? Jacob Bacharach, writing about the repeal, said that. It would be tempting to call [the Democratic Party] a zombie, but a zombie is living dead; a zombie is compelled by a lustful, powerful hunger.

A zombie is all appetite—it is more than alive. The GOP is a zombie. The Democratic Party is a ghost—diaphanous, spooky, and utterly unable to interact with the actual world.

At best, it can rattle the pots, or leave a little trail of slime. Democrats bumbled twice when passing Obamacare: One complicates the other. Because Obamacare is a dreary prospect in the light of true universal health care, it was unpleasant to defend. But whatever its faults, it stood between millions of Americans and ill-health. There is much to say about why the Republicans did what they did today. I wish to consider the how. What deserves our special attention is the response to the repeal, which tells us something about the country we live in.

Friends, imagine if the Republicans had just detonated a cluster nuke in the lower atmosphere; I assure you the national press would respond more or less the same. And so would the Democrats: When will the time for face-saving end?

This is a frolic to these people. This is a plot point in their movie. Just as voting American troops into Iraq was a lark—a Risk board of positions and moves—so it is here. Why not enjoy your time as a sounding brass for what American authority does?

You were made for the world, and the world was made only so you could make insipid, amoral comments about whatever the management does. California is the case. The entire California delegation—from the most reliable liberal state that is not Massachussetts or Vermont—saw its entire Republican delegation vote for the bill. Those fourteen names are the shortest explanation for why Trump and the GOP could do this.

Many of these Californians came from districts Hillary won by sizable margins. Doing away with Obamacare is unpopular. That is how we got here. Where the right-wing party in a liberal state had no fear—absolutely none—of the popular will.

Just as the Congress has no fear. The only people the Democrats are skilled at beating are millennials. At best, the Democrats won a victory that comes, what, two years down the line?

Forget for a second that the Democrats have the worst track record for forecasting victory. The Old Democratic party would have executed their entire leadership if this sort of thing had happened. Their investment in politics is to position themselves in virtuous stances: The point of power is not to win symbolic victories, but real victories.

Lyndon Johnson, the Master of the Senate, said: You speak to me of Resistance. The Resistance is the people in the streets.

‘The American dream is dead but I’m going to make it stronger!’