Host a Texas Hold'em Poker Party

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Poker Party Basics

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Add to the party theme by embellishing your party decor with poker-related items. Here, we used store-bought shot glasses with card designs as vases for red carnation stems and display them along the buffet table. Make a poker-theme container to hold whatever you need—chips, cards, or snacks—with a few extra poker chips and a bit of hot glue. Separate your chips by color and glue them onto a plastic cup, starting at the bottom row and continuing until you've reached the top.

Serve simple cocktails in glasses that are perfect for the occasion. To make the cocktail shown called a Mr. Bob Cocktail , fill the bottom quarter of a large pitcher with fresh or frozen fruit. Top with one-part gin and three-parts lemonade; add ice and serve. Think you've got a good hand? Here's a guide to the cards, from best to worst. If you don't have a poker table, don't worry. Fashion this nifty poker table runner from green felt and extra poker chips to cover your playing surface.

Cut the felt with pinking shears and punch holes in the felt 1 inch apart. Use a drill to make holes in extra poker chips, and hang them from the felt with paper clips. Dress up a drum light fixture to hang above your poker table with a set of unused cards. Wrap the lampshade with red ribbon, using glue to secure the ends on the lampshade's seam. Punch holes in the tops of cards you'll need about a deck, depending on the size of your lamp and use paper clips to hang them from the ribbon.

Go the extra mile for your party and include poker-theme snacks for your guests. Mini Grand candy bars and chocolate gold coins make easy treats—just be sure to keep them within reach! Before laying down the flop, turn, and river, the dealer discards—or "burns"—one card to prevent cheating. For a fun night in with a few friends, host a casual poker party. We've got tips for playing the game, themed decor ideas, and more for this inexpensive get-together. Before sitting down at the big round table, make sure you know the basics of playing poker.

Each person is dealt two cards, facedown, called "pocket cards" or "the hole. People can check not place a bet , call bet the same amount as the person before them , raise the bet, or fold quit. Three community cards the Flop are placed on the table, faceup.

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