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No relief for activists. Also you should look at government as a stake holder as it earns more tax revenue from casino business like the case is in Goa. Tourists can also be fined for shopping in stores that have not been designated by the state. Indonesian city hit by tsunami. Man kicked off flight for trying to charge phone in cockpit. This has led the Deltin Group to open the first land based Casino in Daman which is set to begin soon.

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The law is not applicable to consoles and mobile games though. The Indian Aircraft Act of says one needs a permit or a license to fly a kite and negligently flying one is illegal. The law was made to reduce salmon poaching. This also extends to other freshwater fish such as trout, eels and smelt. In , China passed a law that made it mandatory for grown children to visit their elderly parents.

In Switzerland, social species of animals must be kept in pairs or have contact with others of their kind. Isolating a sole guinea pig, goldfish or parrot is seen as abuse. This was done to discourage voters who favor the joke vote. In Saudi Arabia, laws are so strict during their Ramadan fasts, that non-Muslims are not allowed to eat or drink in public. Visitors are told to respect the Islamic ritual and the ministry can deport or penalize you if you violate the rule.

The country has also made it illegal to drive with groceries on the back seat of a convertible. The expenditure includes travel, accommodation, food and a guide.

An law in Mexico prohibits bicycle riders from lifting their feet off the pedal. It also allows the police to arrest anyone who whistles at or annoys the bicyclists. Post-mortem matrimony does require special clearance. Gambling revenue only comes from foreigners. Germans cannot build an office without a view of the sky. This was done to ensure that there is a window in offices. They must always wear socks and shoes and keep their attire neat and tidy.

In , the Polish town of Tuszyn did not allow Winnie the Pooh to become the face of a play area. Councilors denounced the cartoon character for not being fully clothed, thus, being improper for children. This is to prevent people from imitating military officials. When a Jew picks his nose he can accidentally pull out his nostril hair, which is equivalent to shaving or hair cutting — both acts prohibited during that time. They can examine it using the reflection on a mirror. In Argentina, buying American dollars is a lengthy process for which you have to file an application to the tax agency.

Applicants have to declare when, why and where are they traveling, and still they can get easily rejected. Surrogacy is banned in Taiwan. Morocco has made it illegal to carry bibles in Arabic or to distribute any non-Muslim literature. Tourists can also be fined for shopping in stores that have not been designated by the state. They can still sit astride if they are the driver.

Men have to maintain a waistline of In Swaziland, school girls over the age of 10 and above must wear knee-length skirts. Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi. Uttarakhand HC orders quota for transgenders. Man crashes Jaguar after leaning out to spit out paan masala. There are numerous reasons people move as much as a better restrict sport than they usually play. The key to taking part in in opposition to aggressive and maniac gamers is having a viable Texas Holdem strategy you may revenue from while you get some good hands.

Our example hand is just one technique of how one can reap the benefits of a good-passive participant - and though it was a tournament example, the same strategy can be utilized in a money game to good effect. Any particular cardroom, home game, or on-line site has the correct to make its personal rules, but most severe video games try to follow Robert's Rules. We made sure we hold somewhat hand rankings button on our poker software so you can always test again with it, ought to it's good to.

We might wish to familiarize you rapidly with Betting Guidelines to better know poker actions. The primary online gaming license paywall awarded in India was issued by the state of Sikkim, for online lottery, once more in November Aspires to turn out to be the best poker web site of India and has invested closely to offer world class poker recreation software program that provides the most effective poker expertise to its players on COMPUTER and Mobile phone.

Marginal poker hands come in all configurations and dimensions but are largely good drawing hands resembling connectors, suited playing cards, smaller pairs, and even two gapped cards like J9, T8, fifty three, and so forth. That is appealing to Poker fans since Texas Hold Em Poker doesn't have mounted betting limits so more motion is expected in comparison with limit video games. Ought to the government determine to tax and regulate online Indian poker play, even more sites will likely be at your fingertips.

For example, you will have the playing cards 2, 3 4, 5, 6, all in hearts then you've a Straight Flush. Subsequently, if you wish to turn out to be a profitable poker player, you will must hone your discipline to the purpose where it's easily your strongest quality.

This card represents your remaining alternative to make the most effective poker hand possible, and you should use any 5 of the seven cards to type your closing 5-card hand. As soon as that is finished, the playing cards are properly-shuffled and a face-down card and a face-up card are dealt to every participant, ranging from the player seated to the left of the supplier. This shows stickiness in the consumer behavior.

Net profit was 10 crores Dec 16 vs. The valuation of INR in my report is based on growth in revenue of Further, I have calculated the capacity in revenue terms. Currently, utilization of capacity is crores with the Total capacity of close to crores. If you observe the capacity calculations; you will notice that I have taken three parameters, 1 Time per person spends, 2 Number of visitors and 3 Amount of Money spent.

This is because of salary increment and inflation which leads to extra spending. This gives us a utilization of crores. With a base of crores This is based on historical growth rates of GOA casinos, proximity to Mumbai and capacity. Thirdly the online business which is ADDA This is a growth driver!. To get revenue of the CAGR is This is evident in previous quarters as well.

Further nature of gambling is such casinos will be able to pass on the cost by increasing minimum bet size on tables. If you take a look at the consolidated Balance Sheet, the reserves are fine at crores Further, the company has raised crores via QIP at rs per share, which further shows the confidence of institutional investors.

This was done to clear debt and grow the online business. Aditya, Very nicely written, keen points made! One question though — why did you not use something like 8 hours per day for days or 12 hours per day for days? You have used 24 hours in your capacity which in turn impacted the revenue expected.

In your survey, that you said have done as per the article, you found the business operates 24 hours with same foot fall? Or only hours in a day are prime hours and hence per year has to be calculated on an average only for a maximum of say 12 hours per day?

I visited the casinos for two weeks for on-ground research both peak and off-peak hours. And I did a head count during late night hours and peak hours. I tried to weed out the bias using statistics.

However, the casino is open 24 hours so we cannot take 12 hours in any scenario. I know this because High rollers big gamblers get free entry but with a compulsion to play for 8 hours.

I also spoke to the staff on this. Before that is positive for valuation. Aditya sir, what is is daman license position.

Why it is prolonged delay? From last one year management speaking about growth and hoping licence will clear soon. But still now no news. Lot of small investor are hopefull about delta but management are very much silient and less active that also seen in qip recently. For a permission 2 year very very long. Do you personally think its going to happen in Because market is on very high and the stock is very much less active. We need to wait and watch.

The first license in any new state takes time. Also you should look at government as a stake holder as it earns more tax revenue from casino business like the case is in Goa. I am expecting it by Aditya ur views are recommended over here Got to know that there is possibility of merger of Daman diu wid Gujarat as indicated by pm on his last visit dats d reason stock crashed from to If it so happen den delta wud b vanished as gambling is ban iN Gujarat Your take please on this Thanks.

Dear aditya, Is there any update about delta that a sudden fall seen on yesterday? May I average it in what price??? Does your research suggest that the price movement in this stock in last 2 year period was manipulated? This concall benefit institutional ,HNI etc who attend concall. Many listed companies post such transcripts on stock exchange website or on their own website.

I request you to take up this issue with Delta Corp Management to publish such transcripts for benefit of small investors. Transcript contains valuale informations. What is d next target of Delta Corp? Is any correction possible in near term? If it happens what would be the levels? Sir, I was planning to buy DC shares and came across your blog during the research.

I could see that DC corp has reached the target price in an year now. Is it wise to start buying now or wait to see any corrections in price in near future? One of the best analysis done on Delta Corp, I personally feel its Online Gaming business will be an equal if not a larger revenue generator in the long run.

As i have delta Dear Aditya sir , In these tax increased senario what is the prospect of Delta Corp. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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