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I got all the pieces as followed in the guide. That clue will lead you to piece B of the Sylvester map by the Keycatrich Trench. You'll need to effectively complete the dungeon by getting to the summit , and dropping down into the large open area where you can do the Zu Bounty Hunt. Scrap of Mystery Piece B Location: Scraps of Mystery V.

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Due to many pieces that are scattered around the different places it takes a pretty long time to find them all. This will also finish the Scrap of Mystery quest. When you pick up the scrap of paper from the ground in an outpost or somewhere in a service stations or in any other part of town the quest begins. The marker on the screen will give you the location where the pieces are, but will not give you exaction location which is time consuming.

On the left of The Callaegh Steps near the Motel is the map clue. The clue is on the ground just below the small Motel sign over a roof, near a white chair on the left of first door. For the map take south west towards the marker.

The map is at the bottom of small hill, you can follow the tower. Before that there is a small mountain range with huge rocks and bushes. The map is in between the gap of two Rocky Mountains. In the map head towards North and look near Keyentrich Ruins. Just below is Prairie Outpost. At the rest point looks for garage with broken cars on the left. There is a brick room and on the right side a fence. In between the gap, there is an old table, check the Mystery Map Clue.

Go there and look for a small water tank with a room on the left side and short stairs. A map clued for this piece is on the floor near sacks. Check it and then head towards The Three Valleys. There are rocky mountains, look for rubbles, a broken wheel around short hill with two mountains behind.

There is a bush at the right side. Walk straight towards the debris and collect the map just below the short mountain. Head towards Esterielden Blockade, near Ostrum Gorge, move towards the blocked path and enter towards the right site from a small passage, search in the debris.

For the next piece head towards Crestholm Channels Dungeon and enter from an open door near the car wreckage. Take left go down, then right and again take the stairs down. Move ahead and take left again and right until you reach a small stairs with square entrance on the ground. By entering in the sewer take first right move straight ahead and take the stairs at the end. The clue will lead you back to Lestallum to find Map K, but it's hard to spot with all the twisting alleys.

Head to the weapons shopkeeper in Lestallum, and turn around and start heading down the stairs South down the narrow alley. Check along the wall to the right when heading South to find a barred door with a large sack against the bars, and the map is hiding behind the sack in the doorway. In the HQ, head all the way North to the end of the row of building and stop at the last one on the right and look behind the shack to find some barrels and a yellow bin that hides the map clue. Exit the car at the final curve coming down from Meldacio, and look for a partially buried and destroyed stone hut on the hill.

Entering it, you'll find the map in the corner. This scrap clue can be very tricky to find, as it is located near the entrance to the Malamalam Thicket Dungeon, but not actually inside the dungeon. Instead, look along the rising dirt path leading to the dungeon, and on the last curve, look up to the West to find a small path that leads to a lone shopkeeper at a hut. The clue points to Cape Caem's lighthouse, which isn't as hard to get to.

Travel to Cape Caem, and go inside the lighthouse to use the elevator to go to very top of the lighthouse, and look around the balcony to find it.

South of the fort you can find an old rusted and abandoned card, and the scrap clue is located inside the car on the drivers seat. Inside, take the path down the long icy slope, and continue through the dungeon until you see a fire deposit up on the right. There's a small lower area below the fire deposit filled with goblins, and on the Northwest side is a small alcove below the fire deposit that hides the map piece.

Looking at your map, it's just Northwest of the quest marker. After recovering all 14 pieces of Sylvester's Map, you'll gain an new quest with a final clue that points to the Rock of Ravatogh.

You'll need to effectively complete the dungeon by getting to the summit , and dropping down into the large open area where you can do the Zu Bounty Hunt. In this large area, a small alcove along the Southeast wall leads to a long path to the Royal Tomb in this dungeon.

Along the path, just South of the quest marker on your map is the final prize: A sellable Mythril Ingot and a whopping 50, gil! January 7, - 1 year 8 months ago. Scraps of Mystery I. Scraps of Mystery II. Scraps of Mystery III. Scraps of Mystery IV. Scraps of Mystery V. Scraps of Mystery VI. Scraps of Mystery VII. December 11, at 8: December 10, at 8: December 12, at December 12, at 6: June 16, at 6: Thank you so much! December 14, at 5: April 23, at 2: I somehow started this quest accidentally by finding scrap of mystery IV.

December 18, at Yes, you can do any of the quests separately.

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