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Find Threads Started by The Grifter. Find Threads Started by MilkFi5h. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Originally Posted by Weegs Please provide us some way to download our old hand histories. The majority of poker tournaments at RPM end up in overlay. These type of little things really mark the difference between a good and a great poker site, so please do something about it.

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This is a pretty safe assumption for this example, but assigning a hand range is not always going to be this easy. The less information we have on our opponent, the wider the hand range should be. If we are using a HUD with stats like the ones that come with Poker Tracker 3 and Holdem Manager on our opponent, it makes assigning a range a whole lot easier and removes some guesswork from the process, which makes the range more accurate.

Lets use the same example as above with the early raiser and mid position 3-bettor. However, the difference is we have a good set of stats on the 3-bettor and it turns out that they are a little looser than we thought. This is obviously a rough example, but it just goes to show how much more accurate you can be when it comes to assigning hand ranges if you are using tracking software like HoldemManager and PokerStove.

Basically find out where we stand and assess the situation. This is where the PokerStove program comes in really handy. You can figure out your equity in the hand without PokerStove, but it requires a bunch of mathematics and so I'm not going to bother going down that route for now.

PokerStove makes it easier for the both of us. So what do we do? We put our hand and our opponent's range in to PokerStove and hit "evaluate".

It's as easy as that. This means that our opponent is a 2 to 1 favourite to win at this stage of the hand see the conversion odds chart or use the hoRatio odds converter program if you're having trouble converting percentage odds in to ratio odds and vice versa. So we have a good idea of what our opponent's range of hands is and we know what our equity is in the hand. All the hand ranges and equity calculations are going to be worthless unless we can maximize our value from the hand, so let's see what we can do In the following two examples, I will carry on the example with the raise from EP and 3-bet from MP as outlined in the Range and Equity sections.

Seeing as our opponent's hand range is much better than our's for the most part, the most "profitable" play for us is to fold. The best that we can hope for is to hit a Jack on the flop. Even then we might not even be in the best of shape, so the best plan of action is to fold as opposed to risking more money with such poor equity in the hand.

A player with a low M must act soon or be weakened by the inability to force other players to fold with aggressive raises. That is, if the player only makes the compulsory bets, he will be "blinded out" of the game in 10 rounds, or 80 hands.

Dan Harrington studied the concept in great detail in Harrington on Holdem: Harrington further develops the concept to account for shortening tables, as is seen at the closing stages of multi-table tournaments.

The M-ratio is simply multiplied by the percentage of players remaining at the table, assuming a ten-player table to be "full". Therefore, for a player with a "simple M ratio" of 9 at a five player table, the effective M is 4. This means that although the player's simple M value places him in the orange zone, his effective M dictates a shift in playing style appropriate for the red zone.

In essence, ten times the effective M denotes the expected number of hands a player can let pass before running out of chips.

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Hand Analysis New to poker here me and my friends are wondering who wins this hand here can we get a little help? Meme noticed Drake's "Best I Ever Had" video features lebron james playing on pokerstars from the back of his whip.. Bankroll management question self.

Help with spot self.

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