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I think these questions are random and great to use for quizzes. To be played softly. Which Shakespeare play features Shylock? Good questions as well as intelligent questions You are in late position and hold ace king AK.

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Passing the PokerStrategy quiz :

Bankroll management guides you whether to go up or down on the limits based on your current bankroll. Some examples are also given how to read this chart , make sure to read those before you test your poker knowledge at the quiz. Don't stay in multi-way pots with medium strength hands , only chase if it's affordable don't be the fish at the table and only bluff if you have a reason to do so ie they have a very high tendency to fold , adjust your play to your HUD stats and you should be ready to go.

Whenever a hand and a position is in the question ie middle position KQ , 2 players call the initial raise make sure the check the starting hand chart mentioned above if you are unsure of the correct answer. GL with the quiz! Once you passed the quiz , select a free money platform and follow each step carefully , don't hesitate to contact their support or post on the forums if they don't reply to your request within a reasonable time 48 hours excluding weekends. You have to be a new player on the selected platform.

Select a platform and follow the instructions. After completing the pokerstrategt quiz , PokerStrategy team may request identity proof , check your email, it could take a couple of minutes spam folder as well as it may be filtered. If you don't receive the bonus within 72 hours log in to your PokerStrategy account and submit a ticket under the Help section.

Visit the PokerStrategy page , fill in your information and and hit the "Sing up" button Keep this page open 2. After registration , you will receive the verification e-mail from the PokerStrategy Team , use the link or the verification number to confirm your e-mail address.

One player before you raises, another player re-raises. You raised before the flop with ace queen and one opponent called. The flop comes queen, eight, and ten, offsuit. Your opponent is to act before you and bets. You can burn quite a bit of money by bluffing. Which of the following conditions should be met in most situations before trying to bluff? You raised before the flop with ace king and one opponent called.

The flop brings 2 spades and a king. The turn arrives with a third spade. You are betting for value if…. You call a raise preflop holding two eights. The flop arrives with four, seven, and two in different suits.

The other player bets. You raised before the flop with ace king. The flop comes with four, nine and two in different suits. The turn brings a second four. You raise before the flop with two queens. Two of your opponents call. The flop brings two nines and a seven. The first opponent folds, the second raises your bet.

Which rule should you follow in this scenario? It enables you to steadily move up the limits. If you only have 20 buy-ins for the next lowest limit left, you need to move back down to that limit. You raise before the flop with Ace King and two opponents call. The flop arrives with King, Queen, and Nine in different suits.

The first opponent bets, the second opponent raises. You have successfully fought your way up the limits to 0. What is the critical bankroll mark at which you need to move back down to 0.

Two players have limped before you and you want to raise. How much do you raise to if two players before you have called the big blind? You raised pre-flop and hold top pair on the flop. It is your turn and you want to bet. When do you directly push all-in? All players have about 17 big blinds in their stacks. You are in late position and hold ace king AK pre-flop.

A player before you has raised from early position and another player has re-raised him. You and your opponent both have between 14 and 24 Big Blinds. You are in late position with a pair of eights. If you were to re-raise, how much would you re-raise to? You raised before the flop and hit top pair with jack kicker. One opponent bets ahead of you.

One opponent raises ahead of you before the flop. What is the smallest pocket pair you can continue playing with? You are in middle position with pocket nines before the flop. What do you do when no one raises ahead of you? You have already earned quite a bit of money with poker, and beaten the lower limits.

Now you plan on moving up to 0. How much money do you need in your account in order to move up to this limit? If you want to sit down at a 0. Is this statement correct?

They say that in poker, position is everything. Since this is actually the case, when being in pre-flop, you play…. So chose cash game even if you are a sit n go player, this way you will find easily answers here So what should you do? First register to Pokerstrategy sign up at Pokerstrategy.

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