Casino Etiquette: How to Behave in a Casino

Use this time to get your money ready. Remember, the key is to place your bets in a timely manner. Players will generally get better service in a casino where dealers keep their own tips. This is addressed in more depth in my blackjack FAQ. If you are winning, try to be gracious. If the casino you are playing at accepts tips, be sure to be friendly to the dealer upon leaving.

Tips to Avoid Being Called a Cheater

Don’t hog the table

It you show the staff respect, they will, most of the time, show you respect in return, which leads to your experience being that little bit better. However, while there are common courtesies you should extend generally while in a casino, there are also certain pieces of etiquette you should adhere to when playing roulette. Take your loses just as well as your wins.

Yes, it might not be the nicest feeling in the world when you go on a losing streak, but showing petulance by insulting the croupier, throwing chips around, or just being a jackass is not going to endear you to anyone, let alone the security staff, who will probably make your night that little bit shorter.

By the same token, take your wins well. Do not go celebrating like an idiot of you get a big win. Remember, while you may have won, there are going to be several players who have lost.

While on the topic of other players, you should remember that space is at a premium around the table, so try not to hog too much space. There will be players wanting to get in to put bets on, watch the wheel and play the game, so give each player a fair amount of space so that they can play the game in the same way you are. Perhaps the most important piece of roulette etiquette you need to remember is to place your bets in a timely fashion.

All that arguing with the croupier about this is going to get you is an early end to your night. If you can't seem to break the two-hand habit then sit on one hand if you have to. In some games, like Caribbean Stud Poker, you may not even touch your cards until the dealer signifies that you may by turning on a light. Never touch your bet once the first card has been dealt. Wait until after the hand is over. Speaking as a non-smoker, if you must smoke please try to maximize the time between cigarettes.

When you exhale do not do so in the face of other players or the dealer. When you are done with your cigarette please fully put it out, not letting it emit smoke from the ash tray. I respect your right to smoke, even at my table, but try to make it as painless for me as possible. In blackjack do not rebuke another player for the way they play their hand. There is a mistaken belief that unnecessary hitting causes everyone to lose at blackjack.

This is addressed in more depth in my blackjack FAQ. Do not ask the dealer for advice. Dealers do not want to be blamed if you follow their advice and you lose so they will usually give a vague answer if you ask. An exception is pai gow and pai gow poker, where you may ask the dealer how he would play his hand according to the "house way.

Do not ask for pity if you have a bad hand, it happens to everyone. Numerous times I have seen a player hit a stiff hand in blackjack and get an additional small card but still be in the point range. When this happens some players will often show their cards to the dealer, make a big sigh, and expect some sympathy for having to make another decision. Nobody cares about your hand but you, make a decision quickly and do not hold up the game. Tipping is more open to your judgement than the other rules of etiquette.

Even if you are losing you should still tip if the dealer has been trying to make the experience more fun. Some games, especially blackjack, involve hand signals to signify how you want to play your cards. You must use hand signals, verbal instructions are not enough. Please know them before you sit down, it is very annoying when a new player has to be instructed over and over.

Here are the hand signals in blackjack when the cards are dealt face up:. If you bust then lay down your cards face up by your bet. Do not throw them in disgust, as it is very rude. If you plan to play craps please visit my section on craps where I give specific craps etiquette suggestions. This includes tipping dealers and cocktail waitresses. There is no firm social norm but I suggest about one half your average bet per hour.

The smaller your average bet the greater the ratio of tip to bet should be. I highly recommend CocktailDoll. Tipping in electronic games, namely slots, video poker, and video keno, is a matter of much debate with no firm social norm.

After discussing this with a number of experts in this area I think a good rule of thumb is to tip 0. The smaller the jackpot the larger the percentage. In an earlier edition of my etiquette tips I incorrectly said the player should only feel obligated to tip if the dealer is friendly and they are winning.

Here is what some dealers had to say:. As a person with years of experience dealing, I take exception to your advice in regards to not tipping unless you are winning. We dealers work just as hard for you regardless of your good fortune or, unfortunately more often, your bad. I, and most other dealers I know, feel that after any length of time at a table a tip should be offered occasionally even when losing.

I appreciate that you provided a rebuttal for your tipping policy. In case someone else displaced your chips, you should let the dealer know. Such situations can be clarified easily via a simple check of camera records. One should avoid bothering other players with questions or ask them for advice in regard to the game. Too much excitement at the table is also inappropriate. Using a loud voice, let alone screaming, during a series of wins, or mocking at other players when they lose is unacceptable and bad-mannered.

If alcohol and ill-mannered people are put together, situations such as those mentioned above could result in cursing and even fist fights. There are casinos, especially more reputable ones or those on cruise ships, where dress code is an obligation.

In other cases, in order to be granted access to particular games, especially at VIP or exclusive tables, a club card may be required. Thus, a player should use the appropriate tone to ask for such. Drinking and gambling are usually interrelated.

Almost everyone at a casino can be seen drinking except casino personnel, of course. It is, however, far from wise to spend heavily on alcohol and then continue losing more money because of intoxication. New bets are usually placed after the earnings from the preceding spin have been paid out and the respective chips have been swept from the table.

Proper Etiquette at the Roulette Table