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Making the rounds on Twitter, one of the posters recasts Robert Downey Jr. Fittingly, the poster shows the Iron Man suit in the background of Newman toasting the audience, promising that while Tony is a billionaire, playboy philanthropist, "You will know him as something more.

It's hard to remember now, but Gibson was once the go-to movie star for savage action films. The poster shows Gibson with a more traditional Thor costume and Sands in the original Loki horned helmet. In a stroke of fantasy-casting genius, the national treasure that is Paul Rudd is recast by the late, great Gene Wilder , who was very much the relatable, tender-hearted comedy star of his day.

Just remembering his performance in the original The Producers gives a good idea of how he would react if he were suddenly given shrinking powers. I have grown to like Cumberbatch in the role of DoctorStrange , but not gonna lie However, the cake goes to the proposed s Doctor Strange starring none other than the Thin White Duke himself David Bowie , and directed by cult psychedelic director Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Bowie's famously bizarre personality, intense performances, and penchant for the fantastical makes him not so much a perfect casting choice as an assumed one, and Jodorowsky is the perfect auteur to bring to life the trippy imagery and concepts that the early Doctor Strange comics were known for.

Despite the incredible labor that goes into their relocation, a number of colossal artifacts have made very long trips after being purchased—or, occasionally, stolen. Here are a few journeys of such enormous objects, from a whole 19th-century bridge to the ancient god of a lost city. In October , a nearly ton, year-old sphinx arrived with great fanfare in Philadelphia. From Memphis, Egypt, it had traveled up the Suez Canal, then boarded a German freighter, packed alongside goat skins that were destined for a local leather tannery.

Once docked in the United States, a crane hoisted the red granite statue onto a train car. Finally, with the help of an iron-wheeled truck, 10 horses, and 50 workers, it was installed outside the Penn Museum. It was moved inside the galleries in , and it's guarded the collections ever since although it's currently off-view for conservation work. For a nearly foot-tall, 13,pound Roman goddess, Juno has gotten around. With a head sculpted in the 1st or 2nd century CE and a body made a century or two later, the statue's first recorded whereabouts are in the gardens of Rome's Villa Ludovisi.

She was sold to Americans Charles and Mary Sprague in , then transported in to their home in Brookline, Massachusetts. There the marble woman, decked out in flowing robes and with a diadem on her giant head, presided over the driveway of their Brandegee Estate. It reportedly took 12 oxen to haul her into place. Getting the statue inside the museum required lifting it by crane and lowering it 80 feet through a skylight. Unfortunately, all those years of exposure in the outdoors had deteriorated her porous marble, with cracks and vandalism further marring the stone, so extensive conservation was carried out right in the gallery including a nose and lip replacement.

Block by block, this 19th-century bridge was relocated to a brand new 20th-century American development. The arch bridge—a project of Scottish civil engineer John Rennie completed by his sons, John Rennie the Younger and George—had spanned the River Thames, but was unable to support modern traffic and needed to be replaced.

McCulloch had its carefully numbered granite blocks reconstructed over a reinforced concrete structure in Lake Havasu City , a planned community he established in the Arizona desert. He thought the historic structure would drive tourism and encourage home buyers to invest. His plan seems to have worked: Today the town is thriving, and the bridge still draws plenty of tourists.

In , an imperial coffin dating to the Tang Dynasty was repatriated to China from the United States. It had gone missing in , stolen right from the tomb of empress Wu Huifei—a staggering feat, since it weighs 27 tons and stretches 13 feet long by 6. The incident is a reminder of the ongoing looting of Chinese antiquities from archaeological sites, which experts say is growing increasingly bold.

For years, Hapy, the god of fertility, was submerged off the Egyptian coast. He has a book that came out right afterwards called Propaganda. The term "propaganda," incidentally, did not have negative connotations in those days. It was during the second World War that the term became taboo because it was connected with Germany, and all those bad things. But in this period, the term propaganda just meant information or something like that.

So he wrote a book called Propaganda around , and it starts off by saying he is applying the lessons of the first World War. The propaganda system of the first World War and this commission that he was part of showed, he says, it is possible to "regiment the public mind every bit as much as an army regiments their bodies.

We can do it now because we have these new techniques. This is the main manual of the public relations industry. Bernays is kind of the guru. Rachel comes to believe that Chandler is having an affair after seeing him with a woman. In reality, the woman that Chandler is with is a real estate agent: Chandler and Monica are looking for a house, to start a new family.

Rachel's father has a heart attack, and the stress causes Rachel to turn to Ross for sympathy sex. He rejects her offer because he doesn't want to take advantage of her in her time of grieving, but instead she feels angry and embarrassed, causing him to then declare that from now on, sex is "off the table".

However, she informs him that, "With us, it's never off the table". When her boss at Ralph Lauren catches her interviewing for another job, Rachel is fired. While moving her things out of her office, Rachel and Ross run into Mark from Bloomingdale's. Ross doesn't remember him until Rachel reminds him of the fact that Ross was insanely jealous of Mark.

Ross becomes jealous yet again until he learns that Mark is married and has twins. Mark offers a job to Rachel at Louis Vuitton, but the job requires her to work in Paris. Monica throws Rachel a going away party where Rachel says goodbye to everybody except Ross, much to his dismay. Rachel later shows up at Ross' apartment, explaining that she couldn't say goodbye to him because it was too difficult due to the fact that he means more to her than the others. Just as she's about to leave, Ross kisses her.

Ross is convinced that his passionate night with Rachel means that she is going to stay, and he is heartbroken when she announces that she still plans to leave, and she does. Ross realizes that he must let Rachel know how he feels about her and hopes to confess his love will persuade Rachel to stay in New York. Ross chases her down to the airport, and confesses his love, and begs her to stay.

Confused, Rachel gets on the plane. A broken-hearted Ross goes to his apartment and checks the messages on his answering machine. He then hears a message from Rachel who had been trying to get off the plane until the line suddenly cuts off, leaving Ross wondering whether she got off the plane until he hears a voice behind him say "I got off the plane.

They kiss and get back together and promise to never break up again, then they kiss again and embrace. In the final scene, they are shown holding hands. It is implied that they got married shortly after the series finale, as Joey mentions in his spinoff sitcom that all of his friends are married, settled down, and with families. Rachel is a beautiful young woman with blue eyes and a slim figure. She has had the most hairstyles. In Season 1 , it is short and brown until Season 3 , when it becomes longer.

In Season 4 , her hair turns blonde. At the end of Season 6 , her hair becomes even longer. Later in Season 7 , her hair is chopped off into a short bob. By the end of the series, her hair is fairly long again, going down to her shoulders and is brown again with side-swept bangs. Rachel's personality evolves somewhat over the series.

Early on, she is portrayed as a spoiled girl. She can often be self-centered, but is often sweet and tries to be a good friend. Later on in the series, especially after she gives birth, she becomes much less self-absorbed. As a girl used to have people at her beck and call, Rachel admits to Mr. Treeger that she has never taken the trash out.

When Treeger yells at her for clogging up the trash chute, which he had unclogged shortly before with a lot of efforts, Rachel returns to the apartment in tears and exaggerates the situation. Monica dismisses the exaggerations, saying Rachel always cries. Rachel is found huddled in a rack, terrified, blowing her panic whistle. When told to get up, Rachel insists that Phoebe hold her hand. Instances of Rachel standing up for herself are far and few. She also claims to have punched a woman in the face for trying to steal her umbrella though there is only her word for it.

Despite the personality evolution, Rachel is used to lying. Most significantly, in " The One With Joey's Porsche ", she commits slander in a legal court, accusing Ross of being mentally unstable, being an intravenous drug addict and having failed to consummate his marriage. Very often, lies are told to inflict damage. There are also instances of deceit that are more impulsive than deliberate, such as claiming that Monica hurt her ankle in " The One Where Phoebe Runs " or assuming a fake Indian accent in NYU.

Nevertheless, they don't justify the act. In "The One With Rachel's Sister", Rachel dismissed Jill's fake crying as a deceitful invention of her own that would not fool its inventor. Rachel is shown to not like to take any responsibility for things, which is seen in The One With The Jellyfish , when she wants Ross to take all the responsibility for everything that went wrong in their relationship, when they were both at fault, but this is also seen in The One With The Videotape , when Rachel blames Ross for coming onto her the night they conceived Emma, when it turns out she is really the one who came onto him, clearly showing she doesn't want to take responsibility for that either.

Rachel also has a very jealous side of her when it comes to girlfriends of Ross or women he likes, despite not being with him or interested in dating him.

This is also shown when guys she likes, mention they have a girlfriend. Its shown in The One Where Monica Sings , that Rachel is a bit of a hypocrite since she gets mad at Ross for not giving her a guy's phone number and moves back with Joey because of this, but in the season 8 episode, The One With The Cooking Class , she doesn't want him to date other women because of the baby coming.

However, despite these issues, Rachel has matured more in the later seasons, especially seasons 8 One of Rachel's closest friends is Monica, her best friend since they were six-years-old. In high school, Rachel was a popular cheerleader with a string of boyfriends. Meanwhile, Monica was her less attractive and overweight best friend. They lost contact for a number of years, to the point where Monica was convinced that she would never become close friends with Rachel again. However, they became close again when Rachel left Barry and moved in with her.

During the period that they live together, Rachel is revealed to be an exceptionally good roommate. As Monica tells Phoebe, Rachel has sweet little quirks, such as folding back the pages in catalogs of things she thinks Monica would like. She also leaves messages in the mirror when Monica takes a shower and lets Monica borrow her hundred-plus pairs of boots.

Rachel's other best friend. Phoebe first met Rachel in the pilot episode when Rachel leaves Barry and comes to live with Monica. Rachel says "We can start a new group, you and me, we're the best ones," to which Phoebe responds "Okay. But let's try to get Joey. From seasons 6—7, Rachel and Phoebe lived together after Chandler moved into Monica's apartment. Later on, in "The One with the Holiday Armadillo", the apartment is fixed and Phoebe and Rachel decide to move back but the repair work left them with only one bedroom, so Phoebe lives there alone while Rachel is living with Joey.

In an early episode, Phoebe and Rachel go to get tattoos together. Though Rachel ends up getting a heart tattooed on her hip, Phoebe does not get the intended lily for her mother on her shoulder because she didn't know they did it with needles. Rachel tried to convince her to get the tattoo, but the artist barely touched her with the needle before she ran off screaming. She now has a 'blue freckle' which she claims is 'the earth as seen from a great great distance or as her mother sees it from heaven'.

Phoebe and Rachel have a very strong relationship throughout the series, despite occasional and humorous squabbles over things like jogging, massages, Pottery Barn furniture and a lesbian encounter Rachel had in college which Phoebe refused to believe, even though it turned out to be true. Like with Monica, Rachel and Phoebe have kissed screen. Rachel and Chandler met in the s when she was introduced to him through Ross. Their first meeting was at a Thanksgiving celebration at the home.

At this party, Chandler and a drunk Rachel shared a kiss. It was revealed that the only reason Chandler kissed Rachel was to get back at Ross for kissing a girl he liked. In , they met again at a bar which would be torn down to make room for the gang's frequent hangout spot Central Perk.

Rachel hadn't seen Chandler since her days in high school. At the bar, Chandler overheard Rachel talking to some friends about how she wanted to have one last night of meaningless sex before her marriage to Barry.

She added that she wanted to have sex with the first guy she laid her eyes on, which happened to be Chandler. They never did hook up, but Rachel did have a fantasy about him. Rachel and Chandler cross paths again in when Rachel storms into Central Perk looking for Monica.

Through the course of the series, Rachel and Chandler's relationship grows. They share a close friendship, often consoling and confiding in one another. On one particular occasion, they share a stolen cheesecake with each other and conceal it from the others. Particularly in earlier seasons, they go out to lunch together a few times.

However, there has not been any romance between them, as they are just good friends. Rachel has been involved in a turbulent, off relationship with Monica's brother, Ross. After an argument over Rachel's prioritizing work over their anniversary and continued friendship with Mark, Rachel announces that they are taking, "a break.

When Rachel decides that she wants to make things work with Ross, he becomes determined to prevent her from finding out about his one-night stand. Rachel eventually finds out about Ross' indiscretion, and the pair argues in Rachel's living room while their friends are trapped in Monica's bedroom.

Rachel ends the relationship, and the two bicker for a long while. When Ross decides to marry his British girlfriend, Emily Waltham , Rachel realizes that she's still in love with him despite the fact that she's involved with someone else. Rachel flies to London to tell Ross how she feels, only to change her mind when she sees how happy Emily makes him. The wedding is ruined, however, when Ross accidentally says Rachel's name instead of Emily's during the wedding ceremony. Despite the fact that Ross is desperately trying to convince his new wife to forgive him, Rachel tells him that she is still in love with him.

They decide to pretend that her declaration of love never happened, due to her embarrassment and his marriage to Emily. The marriage eventually fails due to Emily's inability to trust Ross after the, "I, Ross, take thee Rachel," incident. On a trip to Vegas, Ross and Rachel got married after a drinking binge. Ross wanted to eat a ton of grapes and Rachel wanted to get married, so they decided to get married then eat a ton of grapes.

Unable to get an annulment, they had to divorce instead. A couple of years later, while preparing the final invitations for Monica and Chandler's wedding, Rachel and Ross slept together.

This encounter resulted in a pregnancy, and Rachel gave birth to a daughter: For a time, they decided to remain friends and roommates, but Rachel moved back in with Joey when Ross appeared excessively jealous even when they had placed no definitions on their relationship. Eventually, when Rachel had an opportunity for a new job in Paris, she turned it down to be with Ross when the thought of permanent separation made them realise that they still loved each other, the two promising that this would be it for them.

Emma is Ross and Rachel's daughter, who was conceived during an encounter in Rachel's apartment, a month before Monica and Chandler's wedding. The name Emma was originally chosen by Monica as the name she wanted to use for her future daughter. Before deciding on Emma, Ross and Rachel discussed several other names: Delilah was rejected because Rachel felt that it made her daughter sound like a Biblical whore, and Isabella was rejected as well.

Ross also once stated that he would like to name his daughter Emily, which he soon decided against, possibly because of his failed marriage to Emily Waltham. Rachel's mother, Sandra , has a way of being dominating and unpleasant without going overboard. She's also harsh when it comes to her opinions. She has suggested moving into Ross' apartment after Emma's birth, and she has added that his "dinosaur things" belong in the garbage.

It is implied that Rachel used to be like her mother before she turned her life around and moved to the city. She managed to avoid a loveless marriage, while her mother married, "her Barry. Green admits that she wants a life that is similar to her daughter's.

Rachel's father, Leonard Green , is a very dominating, strict and harsh man. He has a striking sense of sarcasm and what he deems right or wrong, but he's not afraid of spoiling his daughters. Rachel claims that her father bought her her own boat to cheer her up when her pony fell ill. When his daughters do something that he doesn't like, he has the tendency to cut them off financially. Despite being quite generous when it comes to his daughters, he shares very little of his wealth with others.

While Leonard was not pleased by Rachel running out on her wedding, Rachel was surprised and touched to hear from Jill that her father was proud of her since she is on her own working.

During their marriage, Rachel's parents' love life was practically non-existent. In fact, they married for the sake of money. According to Rachel, they barely spoke during their marriage After their divorce, they could not stand to be in the same room as each other. This led to Rachel's friends throwing her two birthday parties at the same time: Jill and Amy are Rachel's sisters, with whom she has a typical sibling-rivalry relationship.

When they were younger, they would constantly pull pranks on each other. Jill is Rachel's favorite sister, despite being extremely spoiled. During her visit when their father decides to financially cut her off, Jill scoffs at the idea of dating Ross. She changes her mind when she thinks that Rachel wants her to date him.

After two dates, their relationship is ended by Ross, because he doesn't want anything to interfere with his ability to reunite with Rachel. Angry, she sets out to seduce him, after failing to do so, she leaves upset with her sister and says Ross is gay for not wanting to sleep with her. Unlike Jill, Amy doesn't even recognize Ross. In fact, she is convinced that he's a falafel seller. During Thanksgiving dinner, Phoebe says that Amy is the one that bit Rachel.

Rachel and Amy don't have a close relationship, like the one Rachel and Jill have. When Amy visits during Emma's first Thanksgiving, she only says, "Hi. Ida is Rachel's grandmother, who is referred to by some as "Spuds. Kinda smells like chicken? Looks like a potato? Rachel gets her first job as a waitress at Central Perk.

She is a terrible waitress, taking long breaks to sit with her friends and regularly mixing up orders. Joey and Chandler convince Rachel to quit her job at the coffee shop so she can focus on pursuing a career in fashion. She is hired on as a personal assistant at Fortunata Fashions, where she, ironically, pours coffee. Rachel is hired on as an assistant buyer at Bloomingdale's, with the help of Mark Robinson. After Mark leaves and Joanna dies, her department is closed and she is demoted to a personal shopper.

She becomes the women's wear coordinator at Ralph Lauren. She has an affair with her assistant, Tag Jones. When acquaintances are impressed by Rachel's occupation and query whether Rachel knows Ralph Lauren himself, she always says that she does. However, when they reply, "Really? Rachel is fired from Ralph Lauren when her boss overhears her conducting a job interview with a representative from Gucci. Shortly after, she acquires a better position with Louis Vuitton after being told of an opening by her ex-colleague, Mark.

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