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NAS Whidbey Island


For more information, triggered waves that threaten people and prop- break around your home, keep roof and gutters www. Everything in low-lying clean, and clear flammable vegetation from www.

Dedicated shuttle buses collect rental 12 miles south of downtown Seattle is the under miles northwest of Seattle's SeaTac car customers from two pick-up areas outside main arrival point for air travelers, and the International Airport, or about 2 hours and baggage claim at the north and south ends of USO Northwest's SeaTac Center there pro- 45 minutes away. Rail service and internet access, a separate family-friendly projects even higher numbers. Major domestic room, comprehensive travel information and air carriers include Alaska, Delta, American, extends from the airport to downtown Seattle assistance, temporary luggage storage and a United and Southwest airlines, but an array of and the University of Washington.

China Southern and JAL. Vanpools can be arranged, including military at Islands 1 and 3. Reservations are recommended and can be commuter vanpools, and paratransit service is made at www. Monroe Landing Road Two linked north-south state highways, state www. Eisenberg Air- long, narrow island: SR the South End, and Shuttle. Island stops are conveniently located port three miles southwest of Oak Harbor. SR 20 the North End. Together, they form the near state routes 20 and at minimarts and Whidbey Air Park has a 2,foot asphalt only nationally designated Scenic Byway on an service stations.

The 15 vans and buses travel runway, and tiedowns are available; A. Fol owing these 10 rules wil ensure a safe and courteous journey. Know where you're going before you start.

Be wel -informed 7. Posted maximum speeds are for ideal driving condi- about weather and road conditions or traffic activity on your route. Adjust your speed for traffic, road and visibility conditions or when longer trips, include a rest stop every two hours, sooner if you are tired. Higher speeds magnify errors and decrease Pack an emergency ration kit of water and nonperishable food items such response times. It helps to maintain a large "safety cushion" around your as energy bars.

Always wear your seat belt: Seat belts keep you in control and ready to 8. Read your owner's manual and fol ow the recom- react to a hazardous situation. Everyone should wear a seatbelt while in mended schedule for maintenance service. Routinely check tires, brakes, the vehicle. Pack a flashlight, blanket and first-aid kit. Put the phone down: A mobile phone is great for roadside emergencies, In cold climates, pack extra warm clothing.

Carry a mobile phone for but using a phone while you drive drastically reduces your reaction time emergencies. Minimize distractions by concentrating on the road, not 9. Move your disabled vehicle: If your car breaks down, move it off the road objects, people or events inside your vehicle. Warn other drivers by raising the vehicle's 4. Scan the roadway continually for hazards. Keep hood or using your hazard lights, then stay inside and ask passersby to call your eyes moving, looking from one side to the other.

Know what is hap- police. If unable to move the car out of traffic, get al passengers to exit the pening wel in front of you; watch for brake lights. Use the mirrors to keep vehicle and move to the side of the road when safe. If you must walk to a an eye on traffic beside and behind you. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, vehicles of varying Don't drive while impaired: Never drive while under the influence of sizes, as wel as drivers of various ages and skil levels, al have a right to alcohol, prescription or street drugs, or over-the-counter medications that use the road.

Slow down and give others time and space to proceed safely. Not only wil you put yourself and your passengers in Treat them as if they were dear friends -- they are to someone. Be predictable and courteous and signal your career. Don't be a driver if you think you are going to drink. Road rage and intentions so other road users know what you plan to do next. Use your normal fatigue can also impair your response time.

Be calm, wel -rested, horn or headlights, if necessary. The Washington State Department of Trans- portation maintains seven traffic cameras in the Oak Harbor area and an eighth to the south to alert travelers to potential traffic and ferry problems.

Stay informed of local and state situ- ations by going to www. TrafficSpotter has a free Android app that delivers traffic reports and weather and airport www. Help is at your fingertips: For roadside assis- tance and emergencies, call ; for road closure information, ; and for state ferry vessel and terminal security, Driver's Licenses Military personnel and their spouses who are stationed in Washington from elsewhere may continue to drive with a valid driver's license from their home state, but in general, all Wash- ington residents who want to drive must apply for a driver's license once residency is established.

The state spells out what is required for licensing and insurance under various scenarios in its Washington Driver Guide, which can be www. Distracted Driving The state of Washington prohibits drivers from holding cell phones or other wireless communications devices to their ears; teenage drivers are barred from using all cell phones or other wireless communications devices; and text messaging is banned for all drivers.

Vehicle Registration These days much of the former paperwork associated with driving can be handled online, including renewing vehicle license plates, replacing a driver's license or ID card, checking the status of a driver's license, reporting the sale of a vehicle and registering to vote.

The farming, timber and fishing a mile and a half to 12 miles wide, though its communities. The Census counted 12, vet- that were early mainstays still contribute flavor meandering shape makes precise measurements erans residing in the area in It's the largest to the economy, and the military has under- near-impossible; Coupeville, the county seat, is naval aviation installation in the Pacific North- written the financial base since January , the county's oldest town and the second-oldest west as well as one of the four naval installations when the Office of the Chief of Naval Opera- in the state , and much of its historic architecture forming Navy Region Northwest.

In addition to The counties' communities give newcomers a new Puget Sound seaplane base, then a new high saltwater bluffs, beaches and rolling hills plenty of choices when selecting a home. Enlist airfield for land-based aircraft. Naval Air Station crowned by madrone, fir, spruce, hemlock, cedar the help of a reputable real estate agent to help Whidbey Island was officially commissioned in and alder, oak and pine, there are four lakes: Start by with you.

Coupeville's Penn Cove Shellfish, the oldest looking in the Advertiser Directory of this publication. Two days prior to move and largest commercial mussel farm in the U. Outdoor activity is easy; hiking, for instance, and gather DIY estimates. Decide on the type of move is year-round, and it requires little specialized best for your circumstances. Withdraw beach or a prairie. Sailing, kayaking and fishing Four weeks prior to move savings.

Get children's transcripts, textbook list sale of your home. Wash- and a copy of their current school's grading system. Set aside items you will need imme- ington State Ferries runs the Coupeville to Port Ask teachers to write descriptions of each student's diately upon arrival -- a few dishes, pots and pans, Townsend route off SR 20, and the Clinton to achievement level, interests and any unusual courses towels, soap, bedding, light bulbs, flashlights and toilet Mukilteo ferry, on the island's southeast edge, taken.

Don't forget your pets' veterinary records. Send change-of-address cards provide directions to your new residence as wel as Coupeville, WA Known to islanders as the heart of the Ebey's insurance companies. Review any damage to your belongings Penn Cove. Check on place the boxes. Set up connections at your new home. Some states offers dazzling views of Penn Cove and the prohibit certain plants, so research this before Coupeville waterfront.

During the summer, Town Park is the www. The winter concerts are held at South Whidbey High School. Pioneer Way, Old Town's main thoroughfare, offers dining, art galleries, antique dealers and other laid-back shopping experiences, perfect for a weekend stroll. Hopeful Oak Harbor home-shoppers have plenty of condos, townhouses, single-family dwellings and land for new construction to choose from.

The overall cost of living was 18 percent higher than the U. City of Langley Second St. By the loose NYT lapins had become so numerous that they were REMB digging up school sports fields, undermining LAY buildings and clear-cutting prized gardens, and the town split between rabbit-stew and cherish- If adrenaline is your muse, many of Coupe- City of Oak Harbor the-bunnies factions. The situation remains ville's parks offer kayaking, biking and S.

Barrington Drive unresolved but did furnish dramatic material rewarding hiking trails, spanning forests and Oak Harbor, WA Settled in by seafarers In addition to its natural beauty, Langley's adjacent Keystone State Park, both underwater who established a trade port on Puget Sound, Seawall Park also shelters endangered species parks, where they can discover indigenous jelly- the community is now nearly 9 miles wide.

The and local flora. Bald eagles, herons and sea fish, porpoises, otters, sea lions and maybe even town was given its name by a pioneer physician, lions dwell there, orcas visit and gray whales a gray whale or an orca.

The Admiralty Head Dr. Richard Lansdale, because of its abundance migrate past the park's shoreline in spring, Lighthouse offers sweeping views of the Whidbey of Garry oak trees, a relatively rare species.

Island shoreline and the Olympic Pennisula. The township enjoyed both a financial and Welcome the Whales Day. A small pod of Every October, kids and adults gather at population boom in the s when Dutch set- gray whales has been sighted every year around Cook's Corner Park for the Halloween Torch- tlers from the Midwest and Canada took up pros- early March and lingered through May. Visit light Parade then proceed along Front Street perous farms on its rich soil.

Dutch architecture and tulips still bear witness http: Homes in the Coupeville area range from well- to that heritage. Many of the town's oldest struc- If entertainment is your focus, the Whidbey established neighborhoods to new construction. Overall, the cost of living is tinues to be a principal benefactor. Oak Harbor bakeries, classic sandwich shops and several 27 percent higher than the national average.

As to shopping, Langley has numerous spe- lodging during the move and insurance. A trans- Pack for success: When the unit is delivered to box weight. Books should go in small boxes Many people would like to add to Langley's your residence, you load and secure it for trans- while bedding can easily fill a larger box.

Selected monthly owner costs Whatever the method, be sure to obtain as tissue paper or air bubble wrapping. The cost of living move. Ask any company you are inter- identify what's inside and where it should go. The list, with photographs of any Freeland, WA Three Seattle socialist idealists founded purposes and to help keep you organized during Advantages include the possibility of building Freeland in as a utopian community, the transit. And don't forget in return for working for the common good.

Disadvantages include upkeep, The group effort broke apart in squabbles and Make a rough estimate of your packing schedule property taxes and fluctuating property values. It always Renting, on the other hand, makes moving stayed created a pleasant, rural beach-front vil- takes longer than predicted to pack.

Toss or easier and someone else maintains the prop- lage. Visitors can spend the night at one of the donate unused items to lighten your load. Amenities such as laundry rooms, exer- many inns, cottages and bed-and-breakfasts, www. In addition to its amazing panoramic views of Mount Rainier and Seattle, the beach is dotted with places to picnic, leash- free dog areas and collection sites for driftwood aficionados.

At nearby Freeland Park, you can host a picnic at one of its many waterfront tables, dig for clams or simply watch windsurfers and boaters. And what waterfront park would be complete without a playground? Freeland Park has a quaint playground next to the picnic areas, ideal for family get-togethers.

Overall, Freeland living expenses were 33 percent higher than the U. The provide information and verification about your First, fully understand your financial position -- main disadvantage is loss of control over the job, your income and your past rental history. Some complexes, for example, restrict Dress to make a good impression and treat the and expenditures. Subtracting your expenditures or prohibit pets and personal touches such as meeting like a job interview -- be polite and from your income, for instance, will yield the painting.

And the landlord or property managers arrive on time. Before you decide to rent, inspect the apart- Be sure to account for all insurance costs Before determining your best option, account ment with the landlord. Look for the following associated with owning a home, possible for all of your needs, review your financial situa- problems: Overall, loan or ceiling.

The Federal Housing Administration tant to be clear about your needs and to get all of the recent housing crisis demonstrated, requires has a two-tier qualifying system: FHA sets your questions answered. You will also need to a thorough education on the part of the buyer. Will you live in the city, a suburb or in the country? The ideal agent will help find your ideal home past two years. Annual Credit Report Request Service, www. Box , Atlanta, GA Development Department's housing assistance Next, research the different types of home Knowing your monthly budget and the includes help with rent, heating and electric bills, loans to determine the right fit for your finan- amount of your loan are invaluable during the mortgages and other areas of need, though avail- cial situation and discuss your options with next phase, but you also need to answer several able funding may at times limit some specific a lending professional.

Lenders are diverse other important questions before your hunt for www. For example, you may choose to work Does a single-family house, condo, town house State Programs with an internet lender, a mortgage broker, a or duplex best fit your needs and budget?

Do Washington provides housing programs and homebuilder or a real estate agency lender. To you prefer a new home, an existing home or to incentives to help residents with home owner- determine which lender is best for you, get rec- build one?

Though new homes generally cost http: For more information, visit http: How many "State Info" drop-down menu. A preapproved loan before starting your search for a home can determine your spending limits and signal any potential issues in the way of receiving a loan. For any home loan applica- tion, the mortgage company will order a credit report, so it may be good to get a free report in advance to determine your credit status and make sure the report contains no erroneous ASANOVA information.

As its name sug- near Oak Harbor. NASWI gests, it is made up of several islands. The two largest employer; thus, Oak Harbor has a pre- has also brought many highly skilled workers largest are Whidbey and Camano. Island County dominantly service-based economy, and several to Whidbey Island. There is not a strong is the second-smallest county in Washington by national chain stores have been attracted to the economic base to provide sufficient employ- landmass, just larger than neighboring San Juan Oak Harbor area.

Island County is bounded to the north The economy of Whidbey Island south of Oak workers; consequently, commuting to nearby by Deception Pass and by Puget Sound to the Harbor relies heavily on tourism, small-scale counties provides a relief valve for residents south. Skagit Bay and Saratoga Passage are agriculture and the arts. In the late s and early s, the older. Census Whidbey Island is divided economically into American explorers.

Early industries included logging, Island County is somewhat disconnected Station Whidbey Island , and the remainder of fishing and farming, as well as some related from the rest of the state of Washington. The the island encompassing Coupeville, Green- manufacturing industries. Coupeville's Penn Cove Mussel Farm forum support and professional networking ferry service is available via state Route 20 on exports large quantities of its highly renowned options. This aquaculture facility, The National Military Spouse Network, state Route on the Clinton to Mukilteo ferry along with a number of small farms, reflects a networking, mentoring and professional service on the southeast coast.

Many of these small farms host of career information at its website, www. The depending on location, all of which act as produce, flowers, meat, eggs and other locally group aims to help military spouses build a feeders to the two state highways state Route raised products directly from the farmers.

It is appropriately named the cussion forum. At approxi- military spouse-friendly on its Homefront Busi- Natural Resources mately 10, employees, the base is four ness Listings page. Whidbey Island was named for Joseph times the size of the next nearest employer in Whidbey, the first colonist to lay claim to it. Island, San Juan, Skagit and Whatcom counties, Local Resources The township enjoyed both a financial and pop- according to reports.

Today, windmills and Dutch con- of veterans living near the base is three times WorkSource Washington is a statewide part- struction bear witness to that history. Many of higher than the national average. Customers source of income. SE ranging from high-level administration to your advantage -- and keep your name fresh in Olympia, WA Many employers use agencies the interviewer's mind.

Judicious calls display https: Agen- your continued interest. Writing out before- The Washington State Employment Secu- cies advertise, interview, test and manage pay- hand what you want to say also helps.

So does rity Department is the state's largest and most roll. A temp-to-perm arrangement allows the rehearsal. Services employer and prospective employee to evaluate Be aware that due to the usually huge num- include job listings, occupational information, each other before committing to permanent bers of applicants, most companies are able to job training programs and a host of specialized employment. Don't take it personally if you're other targeted populations.

For young people merce include local employment agencies in not notified that you didn't get the job. State are posted online. Search by category, job descriptions.

NAF Jobs department or location, then apply online. Find Compile several reference lists with a good For information about service jobs, including employment assistance, look for internships or variety of people and former business associ- openings in lodging, marina, recreation sign up for the Federal Job Corps Program here ates. Be sure to first ask each if you can use areas and more non-appropriated fund posi- as well. It will introduce you Exchange Jobs www. Have Search for jobs at Whidbey Island's Island County is among the Top 10 employers a knowledgeable friend check it for errors; https: Jobs are posted online with ben- misspelled words and bad grammar hint at https: Know what the online.

BusinessUSA dates, and your absence there will raise red www. The service From the main menu on city's website, click Be prepared for an interview at any time. Compose -- and rehearse -- your expand, find opportunities, learn about health Oak Harbor, WA It's not vanity to make a good first green opportunities.

If a supervisor wants to know why interested in increasing ownership among vet- drag-down menu to access links to Oak Har- she should hire you, be ready. Even today, a letter as well as the Natives.

For a list of community health centers in the organized? A good relationship with your dentist is essen- www. So take your time See the Advertiser Directory in this guide to The Washington State Dental Association and choose one that you and your family feel connect with local hospitals and medical centers, website, www. You can also seek referrals number of options for low-cost or free dental A community health center or clinic is cus- from people you know who've had dental care care, as well as tips for oral health.

Go to "Oral tomarily the place to go for those who have in the area. Health Links" and click on "Finding Dental no health insurance or have limited income or Consider the following to find the best dentist Care," "Older Adults," "Women's Oral Health" ability to pay medical fees.

The year-old girl's mother says airport staff treated them "like terrorists" because they had medicine for her type 1 diabetes in their carry-on luggage. Passengers clapped when the flight attendant's boyfriend popped the question during a flight — but her employer wasn't so happy.

The actress Kate Beckinsale doesn't like to travel without her Kerrygold grass-fed butter. But it's not without risks. None of the toilets on the flight over the Pacific were working. After three flights were quarantined in one week for illnesses onboard, an expert weighs in on what you need to know. A lesson in how to travel, Duchess style. Shop 19 of the most stylish and practical weekender bags to make your travels both seamless and fashionable.

Plus, the tip she stole from Leonardo DiCaprio. Learning how to pack practically for every kind of trip -- whether it's a.

Auburn, WA toll free local. SE Olympia, WA toll free local. Nooksack Northwood Casino Northwood Rd. Lynden, WA toll free local. Deming, WA toll free local. Airway Heights, WA toll free local. Okanogan, WA toll free local. NE Tulalip, WA toll free local. Shoalwater Bay Casino Hwy. Ferndale, WA toll free local. Skagit Valley Casino Resort N.

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