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Sadly, those days are gone…sort of. While there are still games at limits that will make your head spin — some of which dwarf even the biggest cash games Las Vegas has to offer — the play has improved significantly.

Here are our picks for the best and currently, the only places to play poker in Macau! Poker in Macau is viewed by the casinos as something of a novelty, and I guess most would rather not have any poker at all. On my last visit in December there were only 3 poker rooms still operating in Macau. They prefer to play baccarat, sic bo and the other table games that are on offer in the casinos. The player seated beside the dealer cannot smoke, but everywhere else at the table is ok, so be prepared to be playing in a very smoky environment.

The majority of the rooms in Macau have a max of tables running at a time. At any given time the waiting list can be up 60 or 70 players, sometimes over In terms of waiting time this can be up to 6 hours. This was in spite of the fact that only 3 out of the rooms 8 or so tables were in use. Most rooms will call or text you when you put your name and number on the list.

The Wynn is a great poker venue in Las Vegas, so the fact that the game is spread in the Wynn Macau seems only natural.

This is by far the nicest poker room in Macau. The Wynn is one of the locations where the infamous semi-private nosebleed-stakes games are known to take place, so it also makes a great spot for trying to catch a glance of any big name pros who might be in town. On my last visit Phil Ivey and Andrew Robl were both playing big games in the room and according to the locals various other big name pros can be seen there on a regular basis.

The Macau poker scene suffered for a very long time from a lack of interest from casino operators when it came to poker. This can easily be explained by a focus on table games for VIP players which are far more profitable.

This, combined with a higher labour cost and a table cap strictly enforced by local authorities, were seriously limiting the growth potential of poker in Macau. The drastic fall of revenue combined with the opening of several new casinos is now possibly creating a window of opportunity for poker in Macau.

Casino operators are increasingly looking to address the mass market. If they see poker as a marketing tool to bring customers into their venue instead of a profit source, we could see the game realise its full potential. This opening was preceded a few months ago by that of Billionaire Poker Club which opened its poker room in April at Babylon Casino. Our Media team is composed by men and women from Asia and Europe dedicated to poker and passionate about sharing stories.

The venue Casino Lisboa is one of the most famous hotel casinos in Macau. Tournaments in Lisboa Casino In his statement following the opening, Winfred Yu mentioned some interesting points which clearly hinted that tournament players should expect great news.

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