Add Breeding Result it can detect what egg you already breeded in Game Fix: With no more Ranger Keys in his possession, Basco seems defenseless as he signals Sally to stand aside when Captain Marvelous charges him. However, with the power of the thirty-four Super Sentai teams behind them, the Gokai Galleon crew tells him that he is facing an army and has made a grave error attacking the Earth as they transform. Goddess Of The Moon Booongo. Ronnie O Sullivans Sporting Legends. September 13, at 5: Ra God Of Sun.

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Pay Of The Dead. Pearl Of The Abyss. Pearl Of The Dragon. I will release collect Food in next release. Introduce new method get Session Id very easy than ever. I will add one cool feature Get Dragon Back if this Dragon were stuck while breeding. I have a new server for each user buy Gold to Donate me and it transfers very fast.

Fixed some user can't move dragon. Update Current Dragons number after moved successfully. Dont hack to much may be die session. Now you can save position X and Y on your map. This feature will help you want to re-design your map. Then if you dont like new design you can rollback to your old saved map.

Update languages for Gold and Food page: Free k Food Free k Gold. Can not get Gold and Food free. Food Free and Gold Free. Help me win this guy Set Attack Team. Fight My Arena Top Masters. You should select only one Dragon to train star. This dragon can earn 3 kills a match.

Arena Opponent Please see videos how to link Token to your account. Last 20 breeding histories of all players - View all Refresh. View another user Click here. Dragon List Click here. Get gems and Orbs - Once time Get. You stared play Dragon City from: Select any habitats to move Refresh.

Select Attack Skill Learn. This feature allow collect resources with every hour from server, you can turn off your browser or device after active this feature. Ditlep will collect resources all in [Habitats] for you every hour, you can check History Log to see.

It will start at 1 minute of every hours ex: In order to use this feature you need create Token Link first and link Token to your device successfully. Enable Auto Collect Resources. Times to collect seconds. It will grow selected food in all farm buildings are empty, please make sure all your farm buildings are empty to get max resources. The server is under maintaining.

The speed will be slow and unstable in 6 hours. Add new Page call Items list: Please try again if you couldn't create Token link. Now you can reference all breeding histories in the world at Hulk Tab.

Some accounts could not transfer Food property. Some accounts can't transfer Food. Please try transfer again. Can't get SessionId from Token link. It can be Add collect Raw Crystal every hour. Add collect Raw Crystal each hour. Add collect Raw Crystal. Some accounts can not create Token Link for mobile. If you already created a token link but it couldn't link to your account. Some accounts can not create Token Link mobile Fixed: Some accounts can not buy Stamina.

Can not transfer Gold and Food. Add Mage Shrine feature.

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