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You can reach the casino in only minutes from the Perth CBD. Crown Perth features hour Casino and host of recreational facilities, including a resort-style pool, day spa, retail outlets and riverside cycling trails. Reel-slots, operated with a pull-down lever, are not permitted in Western Australia. At first glance Pai Gow looks confusing, all those red and white dots, strange names and so on.

The good news is that the actual colour of the dots is meaningless and most of those strange names have English equivalents. An exciting variation of the regular more traditional game of Pai Gow- Bonanza Pai Gow is also available to play.

Bonanza Pai Gow incorporates two additional betting options: Pai gow is played with a set of 32 dominoes. Each player and dealer will be given four tiles. The player will separate his tiles into low and high hands. The player does not need to specify which is higher, as this will be obvious. Each pair of tiles will have a ranking order. If both player and dealer have a Wong, Gong, or 1 to 9 points, the tie will be broken according to which hand has the higher-ranked high tile.

If the high tile does not break the tie then the win will go to the banker. A tie always goes to the banker. If the player wins one and loses one then his wager will push. If the dealer wins both then the player will lose his wager. The banker plays against every other player at the table and the dealer.

I was there for the long haul. Throughout the night I and other quiet punters put up with drunk obnoxious people who came and went at tables met good ones too I quietly sat and played my cards minding my own business. I was not loud or rude and If I refused to go or argue the point , she would have me escorted off premises and I would not be allowed to return in future. I was made to feel like a criminal. A Duty of Care dictate. Had I not mentioned to her my marathon stint I would have had a feed and gone home happy!!

Needless to say it upset me and of course as directed I left , before my midday curfew , bewildered by it all, sad , angry and hungry! Enjoying a relaxing night at the casino with John Paul Donev. Sections of this page. Explore local businesses on Facebook. Photo contributed by Kena Patel.

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