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Perhaps he should have been happy his wife was provided a sober ride home safe and sound. I don't understand the charge up for ""frozen fries"". Wendy Ojala is at Coopers. Mofos - Four sexy teens have some fun in the pool 1M views. The place was a little dead, but we had great service and will be back for burgers again.

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As a married couple who has been to Cooper's a thousand times, I can tell you we always have fun. Yes my wife is attractive and has been intoxicated singing songs several times with Todd. Todd is a friendly guy and there has never been an issue concerning him. To the guy complaining about him hanging with his wife, maybe you are the problem. Is it a family place, not as much as it used to be. For us, we love going there because it is the most fun place in Eagan and we hope it stays around for a long time to come!.

Losing it's swagger — Cooper's used to be a place where my family would go at least a couple times a month. I wouldn't say it's a total catastophe, but it's not anywhere near what it used to be. Attention to detail is gone. The food is hit and miss. The bbq ribs used to be fantastic but now it seems I'm likely to get a dried out version that's been heated up. The wings are below average and have a greasy aftertaste. Burgers are okay, but nothing special. I don't understand the charge up for "frozen fries".

The wait staff is inattentive, even when it's not very busy. I wish the owners would evaluate their restaurant. Not too long ago, it was a gem of a restaurant. Now, it's a karaoke bar with cold beer. Food is an afterthought. They have a special on them Mon-Thurs. Anyway, the burgers were great The place was a little dead, but we had great service and will be back for burgers again.

The overall cleanliness of the place, inside and out, is great. I would gladly go back to this place every weekend if I could. Great food, great friends, great fun!!!! Fortunately the cocktails are poured strongly here; because anyone sober won't last long in this atmosphere.

Cooper's is a traditional 'bar next door. And, for all those stupid drunks that can't hold their booze, and you know who you are , Randy is even nice enough to provide you with a safe ride home. Particularly nice for those wives that don't have husbands with the common sense to have seen to your safety by providing a ride home themselves. If only we were all so lucky to have a friend like Todd. Karaoke nights at Cooper's are packed and fun.

But one night, my wife went to Cooper's on a Girl's Night Out and got too drunk. The Karaoke DJ, Todd, did a duet with my inebriated wife, then chatted her up at closing time.

She told him her group was all married but left the husbands at home tonight. He offered to drive the drunk ladies home and ended up drinking with them until sunrise, all the while hitting on my very inebriated wife. I will never go to Cooper's again, and neither will my wife. This place is awesome. Friday and Saturday nights have karaoke. Great sound system and 50, songs. Great talent and and some entertaining not so great.

Kind of a neighborhood college bar for Although, their is a patio out back with a fire pit for the smokers. Coop's is a great place to flood it for a few hours. The staff is pretty friendly, and bustie is fun to look at. The food is ok, but the hair-fries need to be avoided. On certain occasions you will find a guy who stops in and can devour the 1lb burger in less than 3 minutes and wash it down with Sam's.

Overall this is Eagan's ""hidden treasure"" and a fun place to finish off the night and get your load on, eat, play pull tabs and smoke. Coopers in Eagan sponsors your musical experiences tonight. Wings, Ribs and Tasty Drinks on the cheap too Good DAY chaps and lasses. I'll be providing some live local music in Eagan tonight from Come check it out.

Click the link for address or PM me for more details. Come hang 7 - 10 pm. Pretty cool little joint, too. Sections of this page.

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