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While stopped, an ambulance was called to remove a crewmember who had become ill. Scrapped at Port Maitland, Ontario, in This section does not cite any sources. On 22 September , Mr. In September the Delaware Nation of Oklahoma received

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The gender makeup of the city was According to responses provided by Chiloquin residents who participated in the census, the demographic makeup of the city was There were households out of which The age distribution was The median age was 34 years. For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were Chiloquin High School , for students in grades 7 through 12, is in the city, [17] as is Chiloquin Elementary, for students in kindergarten through grade 6.

Media related to Chiloquin, Oregon at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. City in Oregon, United States. Oregon Secretary of State. Retrieved January 10, United States Census Bureau. Retrieved August 22, Archived from the original on December 10, Geographic Names Information System. Henry Jackman departed for Hamilton. Algowood departed for Windsor. Joseph H Thompson arrived to load gravel and later departed for Bay City. Mississagi arrived to load. As long as the Terminal Tower is tall, the ships are eye-catching, mesmerizing, romantic vestiges of industrial glory days.

Shipping on the Great Lakes and St. Lakers make up 95 percent of the freighter traffic on the Great Lakes. Ships make about round trips on the Cuyahoga each year, a floating conveyor belt of iron ore, stone, cement, asphalt, and salt, among other commodities.

Here are the saltwater ships scheduled to visit Cleveland, according to the Port of Cleveland: Victory I, cruise ship Sept. Federal Schelde, steel, Belgium Sept.

Federal Hudson, steel, Brazi Oct. Gardno, steel, Netherlands Oct. Finnborg, steel, Sweden Oct. Hamburg, cruise ship Oct. Victory 1, cruise ship Oct. Federal Bristol, steel, Belgium http: Gales of November planned Nov. There will speakers, exhibitors and many other events. What began almost 30 years ago as a small gathering of divers sharing shipwreck pictures, has grown into a two-day educational and networking event.

The winners of the annual Cruise of a Lifetime event will also be announced on Nov. Lear more, or register, at this link: The boom had collapsed onto her deck due to a mechanical failure on the night of April 19, , at Detroit, Michigan. No injuries were reported. She continued hauling cargoes without a boom until replacement could be fabricated. On 20 September , W. The ship was taking water but survived. The ship was abandoned, with the anchors down, but disappeared overnight on December 15, , while locked in shifting pack ice.

It is believed that the vessel was carried into deeper water and, at last report, no trace had ever been found. Sixteen sailors from the member crew perished. The ship was a total loss and, in , was still waiting to be dismantled and removed. Iron ore cargos for steel production totaled 5 million tons, an increase of 6. Coal loads totaled 1. Shipments of aggregate, fluxstone, chemical stone and scrubber stone totaled 2. Iron ore cargos total Coal loadings total 6.

Block was outbound at Isa and Cape were both loading wheat on opposite sides of the CHS dock. Arriving Two Harbors on the 18th was the Roger Blough at Until late on the 17th the Blough had been showing a Superior destination. Speer had originally been due Two Harbors on the 18th, but she ran checked down most of the day, so she won't arrive Two Harbors until Sept. CSL St Laurent due at Manitowoc was at Manistee Tuesday night. Northern Lake Huron Tuesday, Alpena: Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder departed for Bay City.

John G Munson arrived to load limestone. Clyde S Van Enkevort arrived and went to anchor. Algowood arrived to load gravel. Docked - Sep 17 - Mia Desagnes at Clarkson: The incident happened on Dec. The third officer, who was continuously monitored, climbed down a ladder to the side of the ship to read draft measurements after an on-deck device used to take measurements failed when its water and antifreeze mixture froze.

The third officer, who was wearing winter clothing, was seated on the second last step of the ladder, one metre from the surface of the water, with his feet pressed against the hull of the ship. After 20 minutes, the sailor said he was uncomfortable and asked to be relieved. He was unable to climb up the ladder and was said to be in severe pain.

He was then lowered into the water, put the life buoy around his neck and floated on his back. Crew members launched a rescue boat, while a small craft was launched from shore. That small craft boat rescued the sailor and eventually transported him to an ambulance. The sailor was taken to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, where he was briefly hospitalized with moderate hypothermia.

The company conducted an internal investigation and has since encouraged crews to use a small craft vessel to measure seaward draft in cold weather conditions and that using a ladder to read draft marks in cold weather should be kept to a minimum. The Federal Mackinac shipped in a dozen stainless steel brewery tanks that each can hold , pints of beer and collectively weigh , pounds, according to the Indianapolis-based Ports of Indiana.

Having ocean access in Indiana is a tremendous advantage for Midwest shippers. The stevedore, along with workers from the International Longshoremen's Association and the International Union of Operating Engineers, unloads "heavy lift" and "project cargoes" that have become increasingly common at the port.

Over the last three years, the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor has unloaded dozens of brewery tanks in five different shipments from Europe, the center of the brewery tank manufacturing industry. The shipping routes established through these initiatives will provide the infrastructure, navigational support and emergency response services needed for safer marine navigation, while respecting the environment and local ecology and cultures.

This investment will enhance Transport Canada's National Aerial Surveillance Program Arctic operations to keep watch over the growing number of ships operating in Canada's Arctic waters. This investment will enhance and expand marine training and opportunities to underrepresented groups, including Indigenous people, Northerners and women in Canada's Arctic.

The Office will oversee implementation of the Incident Command System, a widely recognized and used response tool. This will improve the department's response capability in emergency situations and improve seamless coordination with other response partners. This investment will facilitate meaningful partnerships with Indigenous groups and increase their participation and input into decisions affecting Canada's marine transportation system.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary is made up of trained volunteers who use their own vessels to respond to incidents in Canadian waters. Earlier this year, Garneau announced a range of coastal protection measures under the Oceans Protection Plan. The ultimate aim is to implement regulatory and other measures to reduce underwater noise from vessels.

Line up those trucks end to end, and the queue would stretch more than 7, miles, circling more than a quarter of the globe. Whittled down by winds and waves, the pile now weighs in at 2. But none of the dark, coarse sands actually vanished.

The waste already covers more than 35 percent of the reef and could blanket up to 60 percent by without major intervention, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The reef produces 22 percent of commercial fish in southern Lake Superior. The metals in the sand, particularly copper, are toxic to tiny organisms that grow on the reef and are at the bottom of the food chain.

Read more and view photos at this link: Key drivers of the record shipments included maritime shipping increases in coal, grain, dried distillers grain, calcined coke, salt and soy products.

The port also recorded its third-highest monthly total of the year in July at a robust , tons, putting the port on track for an unprecedented volume of shipping this calendar year. It is very encouraging to see substantial growth continue to build over the past three years as our southwestern Indiana port serves as a hub for global and domestic markets.

Steel on September 19, , bound for Two Harbors, Minnesota, where she loaded her first cargo of taconite pellets. September 19, - officials at Lake Michigan Carferry, Inc. She got lost from the tow and drifted ashore near Richmond, Michigan where she broke in two and was then torn apart by waves. She was owned by Brazil Hoose of Detroit. On Saturday, 19 September , at 11 a.

Her skipper was Captain Joseph B. Hastings and she had a crew of On 19 September , the Great Lakes schooner S. She had been sent to the Atlantic the previous autumn by her owner, J. The bridge will be out of commission until the laker has completed its transit out of the slip.

Block followed her in at Wrapping up the morning arrivals was Isa, which entered port at The Block shifted to CN early Monday afternoon, most likely to load a partial cargo of iron ore pellets.

She was due to depart around midnight. American Spirit spent the day loading ore at CN, and was tenatively expected to depart around Senja was on the hook outside the Duluth entry waiting to load. In Superior, Algoma Spirit finally departed at Presque Isle then shifted to the dock from Duluth to load ore, and was just getting underway at Burns Harbor was due in as soon as Presque Isle cleared the piers for an ore load.

Putney The Edwin H. Gott departed Two Harbors on Sept. Algoma Compass got underway off Two Harbors on the 17th at approx. She departed on the 17th at She got underway on the 17th at There is no scheduled traffic for Silver Bay on Sept.

Algoma Strongfield due at 5: Clarke was at Buffington. Herbert C Jackson departed for Marquette. Calumet arrived to load and at James L Oberstar arrived to load limestone and departed at Mississagi arrived to load dolomite and once loaded departed for Holland.

Algoma Innovator arrived to load and later departed for Windsor. Henry Jackman arrived to load trap rock.

Superior, Michigan and Huron. Coast Guard icebreaking resources is another reason for his selection. Bergman becomes the tenth Michigan legislator to receive the award since its inception in She left the explorer Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, behind. WOODFORD of , returned to service on September 18, , as the first large bulk freighter powered by a diesel-electric power plant and one of the first equipped with commercial radar on the Great Lakes. She lasted until scrapped at Ramey's Bend in Marys River and damaged 18 bottom plates.

She loaded her first cargo of 22, gross tons of iron ore clearing Sept Isles, Quebec, on September 18, , bound for Cleveland, Ohio. Dow, president of Dow Chemical Co. On September 18, , E. It took an hour and a half to maneuver through the various bridges. Newspapers estimated that a couple thousand persons watched the event. Clair River, she was towed to Jenks Shipbuilding Company where she was completed and received her machinery.

The Canada Steamship Lines ship went down in minutes. Six lives were lost was well as the cargo of tons of bauxite destined for Alcoa. All on board were rescued but there were later two casualties when the captain committed suicide and an insurance inspector fell to his death while on board. The vessel was not repaired and, after being laid up at Cardiff, was towed to Newport, Monmouthshire, for scrapping on June 12, The vessel was enroute from Chalkis, Greece, to Tunis, Tunisia, at the time.

This is a small sample, the books include many other vessels with a much more detailed history. Indeed, for the Midwest, Canada is the leading trading partner. In the past few decades, the Port of Montreal has represented a significant gateway for Midwest import and export cargo, competing with such U.

East Coast ports as New York and Baltimore. Admittedly, over the last few years the competition and challenges to service the US Midwest have intensified and the big cargo owners are now looking more at door-to-door logistic supply chain solutions.

One thing is for sure, we are more than ever committed to playing our part to remain a reliable and predictable link in the supply chain. Tregurtha departed from CN at American Spirit arrived at The salties Cape and Isa anchored off the Duluth entry on Sunday - both are waiting to load wheat. Algoma Spirit remained at the BN dock in Superior on Sunday, and is now tentatively expected to depart early Monday morning.

Putney First a correction to the report for the 16th: The American Century ended up in the Twin Ports to load coal. American Integrity arrived Two Harbors on the 15th at She departed on Sept. She had gone to anchor behind Sand Island between She got underway on the 16th at Arriving off Two Harbors on Sept. Paul is showing a destination of Quebec City and the Joyce L. Algoma Equinox due at Paul and Algoma Niagara in the evening.

Upbounders included Algoma Equinox in the morning, followed by Burns Harbor and Tecumseh in the afternoon. Saginaw was upbound to Algoma Essar in the evening. Marys Conquest arrived at Green Bay Sunday at Barker was at Grand Haven unloading. Cort was at Burns Harbor. Erieborg remained at S.

Northern Lake Huron Sunday, Stoneport: After loading limestone John G Munson departed. Herbert C Jackson arrived to load. Algoma Buffalo departed for Windsor. Mississagi arrived to load dolomite. Arrivals - Sep 15 - McKeil Spirit at Sold foreign in , renamed d. She was repaired and cleared on September She was rebuilt two years later and eventually foundered in a storm in , near Ripley, Ohio.

The foot vessel had been wrecked and sunk in a collision at the mouth of the St. Clair River in the St. Clair Flats on August 3, She had settled in the mud and gradually shifted her position. She eventually broke in two. After unsuccessful salvage attempts, the wreck was dynamited.

By morning the ship was gutted, passengers were known to be dead and 14 were missing. Because of land reclamation and the changing face of the harbor, the actual site of Noronic's berth is now in the lobby of the Harbour Castle Westin hotel. The anchors caught in time and it took 5 hours to rescue the crew. The ship was refloated on October 8, , and scrapped in at Nakhodka. The longshoremen have been embroiled in a long-running dispute with Midwest Terminals of Toledo International, the stevedore at the port authority-owned facility.

Johnson said before thanking local businesspeople and labor leaders whom he said weighed in on the issue in support of his operation.

Her fleetmate Paul R. Tregurtha was inbound at She was still at the dock Saturday night, with no departure time listed. Putney When the James R. Barker departed Two Harbors on Sept. She is heading for Indiana Harbor. Algoma Harvester departed Two Harbors on Sept. She departed on the 15th at Tentatively due Two Harbors on the 15th is the American Century. She ran checked down all day off Silver Bay and is now, as of The American Integrity was due Two Harbors on the 15th, but as of Gott and the Algoma Compass.

Also, as of Sept. I'll guess she's going to Zug Island. Cedarglen due at 4: Block were upbound in the lower river as night fell.

Federal Mackinac was inbound DeTour about 10 p. Downbounders included Clyde S. Kuber in the evening. Barker was loading stone Saturday night. Roger Blough was at Gary. Erieborg was at South Chicago. Northern Lake Huron Saturday. Joseph H Thompson Jr. Great Republic weighed anchor and proceeded to the dock to load. Once loaded she departed for Cleveland.

John G Munson arrived to load. Algoma Buffalo arrived to load. The ship was transitioned from our land level facility to a submersible barge yesterday, Sept. The lead ship in the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship program is now pier side at Halifax Shipyard where our shipbuilders will continue working to prepare the ship for sea trials in The Halifax Shipyard, long at the centre of Canadian shipbuilding, is now revitalized and home to the most modern, innovative shipbuilding facilities, equipment, and processes in North America.

The accompanying written story will appear in the Watertown Daily Times on Sept. As the ship made its way through the locks, Lake Ontario, and the St. Lawrence Seaway, the captain and crew members discussed what it is like to live and work on a freighter. Lawrence Seaway Management Corp. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. The reporting team spent approximately 30 hours aboard the ship. The freighter was in the midst of a five-day voyage delivering grain from Thunder Bay on the coast of Lake Superior to Quebec City, which borders the St.

Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation. It involved lots of paperwork and required lots of insurance. But the end result was well worth it. Niles will accompany Mr. At the time 22, barrels of a total of 54, barrels were still aboard.

Flames catapulted over feet high filling the air with smoke that could be seen for 50 miles. By Monday afternoon they extinguished the fire only to have it re-ignite that night resulting in multiple explosions.

Not until Tuesday morning on the 18th was the fire finally subdued with the assistance of the U. Unfortunately the fire claimed the life of one crew member, who drowned attempting to swim ashore. As a result the Coast Guard closed the river to all navigation. Her engines were removed and shipped to New Bedford, Massachusetts, for future use. The skipper of CLYDE was censured for the wreck and for his callous treatment of the schooner's crew afterwards.

Luckily no lives were lost. Morris of Port Huron, Michigan, burned about 2 miles below St. Morris ran the tug ashore and hurried to St. Clair to get assistance, but officials there refused to allow the steam fire engine to go outside the city.

She had just started in service in May of , and was named for the reform movement that was in full swing at the time of her launch.

One life was lost, the captain's wife. The steeel package freighter had cleared Duluth the previous day with wheat and flax for Buffalo but ran into a furious storm and sank in Lake Superior off Eagle Harbor Light with the loss of lives. All on board were rescued and the hull was later dynamited as a hazard to navigation.

The stack was toppled but the vessel managed to reach Batchawana and was laid up. The hull was towed to Sault Ste. Marie in and eventually stripped out. The remains were taken to Thessalon in and remained there until it caught fire and burned in An explosion and fire resulted. One sailor was lost as the ship burned for days and subsequently sank.

Catharines fire fighters help extinguish the blaze. Mesabi Miner arrived Duluth at Indiana Harbor had been expected to depart at Juno, which was at Gavilon loading grain, was tentatively due to complete loading and depart at She was expected to depart around midnight. Due Two Harbors late on the 14th is the Baie St. Lee White at Leitch was at Keefer Terminal for repairs to her boom.

Kaministiqua due at Marys River Friday was a slow day at the Soo. Roger Blough was downbound early, followed by Algoma Discovery and Algoma Transport later in the morning. Federal Danube was downbound in the afternoon. Cort and American Mariner were due late. Upbounders included American Century, Lee A. Boland was loading limestone Friday night. Joseph H Thompson arrived to load limestone. Clair River started off in the late morning with the tug Sarah Andrie and barge A downbound at St.

Speer, downbound at St. Clair at about Meanwhile in Port Huron, the 1, footer Walter J. The classic steamer Alpena was upbound past Marysville at As the Alpena neared the Bluewater Bridge she gave a hearty salute to onshore boatnerds. Also in Port Huron were the tug Albert and barge Margaret, downbound just before 1 p.

During the afternoon there was a parade of five vessels upbound at Marysville. The first to pass by was the Pride of Michigan at 3: They arrived at the Bean Dock in Port Huron for the night and were expected to get underway downbound at 8 a. Next was the tanker Algoma Hansa at 3: They were followed by Algoma Compass at 3: Following them was the John G. The Michipicoten was downbound at St. Clair around 6 p. Ashtabula, Ohio Federal Mayumi was in port Friday night.

One hundred and 24 years later, the now privately owned parcel of land the lighthouse sits on is still almost every bit as remote and rugged as it was during the light's earliest days. That lighthouse and that parcel -- 49 untamed acres, including rare old-growth forest and a 4,foot stretch of pristine Lake Superior shoreline -- is for sale. Join the folks at Dossin Great Lakes Museum for a three-part program exploring a few of these significant losses.

Perhaps most clearly remembered is the loss of the bulk-carrier Carl D. Bradley in Lake Michigan on November 18, Of the 35 crewmen, only two survived. Sadly, 23 of the sailors lost that night hailed from Rogers City, Michigan, and the shipwreck devastated that town.

Frank Mays, the lone remaining survivor, will discuss the tragedy with amateur historian Jeffrey Brasie. Underwater footage of the wreck will illustrate the program. On their maiden voyage to Sault Ste. Marie a century ago, two of the vessels foundered in a November storm. The 74 men who perished represent the greatest single loss of life on Lake Superior.

When it comes to marine disasters, few years were as bad as As commerce around the lakes rebounded from years of war, a series of storms, collisions and explosions claimed more than 15 vessels and over mariners and passengers.

Historian Mac McAdam will examine the long list of wrecks and put the year in perspective. For more information, visit this link: Marys River when her towline parted. Her hull was punctured and the Coast Guard ordered repairs to her hull before she could continue. Scrapped at Port Maitland, Ontario, in September 15, , was the last day the U.

Second and third degree burns were suffered by two crew members. She was renamed f. The water poured in and put out her fires. Reports of the number of survivors varied from 17 to 32 and the number lost varied from 18 to On 15 September , A. The fire originated under her boiler. She ran for shore but sank about six miles from Alpena, Michigan. The wooden passenger steamer ASIA got caught in a wild storm crossing Georgian Bay, fell into the trough and sank stern first.

There were passengers and crew listed as lost while only two on board survived. The crew took to the lifeboats and were saved.

The hull was located in , upside down, in about feet of water. MANASOO, in only her first season of service after being rebuilt for overnight passenger and freight service, foundered in Georgian Bay after the cargo shifted and the vessel overturned in heavy weather. There were 18 casualties, plus 46 head of cattle, and only 5 survived.

The ship had fallen behind the convoy due to engine trouble, and was shelled by gunfire from U There were 7 casualties including the captain and wireless operator. The latter began Seaway service that year and made a total of six inland voyages. The water-infrastructure bill, which passed on a voice vote, next heads to the U. Senate, where its passage and the president's signature would be the first concrete step in decades toward building the new lock.

Lawmakers said funding will still need to be appropriated next spending cycle. Jack Bergman, R-Watersmeet, whose district includes the locks. Army Corps of Engineers released this summer that recommended a 1,foot-long lock to mirror the year-old Poe Lock at Sault Ste. The Poe is the only one of the four aging locks operated by the Army Corps in the Soo is big enough to handle the largest freighters that carry 89 percent of the cargo through the corridor. An unexpected outage of the Poe could cause a bottleneck with a rippling disruption through the supply chain for steel production and, thus, manufacturing across the country.

Paul Mitchell said he helped push for the project's inclusion in the authorization bill as a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

The same study concluded the Poe Lock is a weak link in the North American industrial economy, and an unplanned, six-month closure could plunge the U. Debbie Stabenow, D-Lansing, who worked to include authorization in the Senate version of the bill, applauded Thursday's House vote. She and Bergman had co-sponsored a bill last year with the objective of authorizing the lock.

President Trump, Republicans, and Democrats support a new lock in the Soo," he said. Juno was tied up at Gavilon loading wheat. In Superior, Stewart J. Cort loaded ore at BN throughout the day before departing at She departed on the 13th at Arriving Two Harbors on the 13th was the James R. She went to North of 2 lay-by. She then shifted from Arriving Silver Bay on Sept. She had been running checked down off Silver Bay until the departure of the Algoma Discovery. The Casino Gardens, in the center of the town, are decorated in the theme of the festival, using lemons or citrus fruit to cover the exhibits and huge temporary statues.

Cannes is one of the most popular and glamorous resort destinations in Europe. This French coastal city caters to the upscale travelers. Most beaches along La Croisette are owned by hotels and or restaurants. Tourists can rent a sailboat at the port or at some of the beachfront hotels. The castle was constructed in the 14th century for the Countess of Villeneuve. In , Henry Clews Jr. The American sculptor created a menagerie of scorpions, pelicans, gnomes, monkeys and other odd sculptures around the castle.

Visit Plage de Tahiti, St. The hotel has rooms, including 39 renovated suites, two restaurants, two bars, 10 meeting rooms and a private beach. Home Destinations France Photos. The French Riviera's Luxurious Charm. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Luxury Beaches Travel's Best. France's World Heritage Sites 18 Photos. Haunted Ireland 14 Photos. Signs of the City:

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