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I then said my food was very bland, pasta had lots of water draining on plate. We were expecting so much more. Please Improve the acoustics! Right beside the door to the wine cooler and directly in front of the kitchen. JE Cucumber Cucumber, salmon, lettuce, wasabi sauce. Menu Dinner Menu Dessert Menu.



Anthony's Woodfire Grill Everett 5. Journeys East Marysville 5. Jeff's Texas Style Barbecue Marysville 5. Terracotta Red Bistro Everett 7. Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria Everett 7. Blazing Onion Burger Company Marysville 5. Ivar's Mukilteo Landing Mukilteo 8. Moontree Asian Tapas Everett 5. El Paraiso Mexican Grill Everett 7. Tulalip Bay Marysville 5. Playa Bonita Mexican Restaurant Marysville 5. Mae Phim Thai Marysville 5. Only wish there had been more of them. April was on her go game.

Excellent service, care and attention to detail. Although there was a very large noisy group, April explained it was a going away party for one in the group and apologized for the noise.

This was my second visit here. We were initially seated next to a VERY loud and rowdy birthday party. After about 15 minutes of sitting there, we were approached by the manager and asked if we would like to be moved due to the noise level of the group.

The food and service were amazing! I didn't like the first sample I was given and then I was given a second sample and liked that so I ordered it. I feel that the waiter should have done a better job of alerting me of the pricing since my picks originally were more then half of that cost.. You live and you learn I suppose.. Food was way over priced and the chef seemed to be testing strange flavor combinations.

Baked Potato was a day old and Luke warm. Steak was good but it was ala cart. It is disappointing only because all the other options are fantastic at Tulalip. Oh yeah, our wait person stated that there would be a new menu in a couple weeks. This was our family's 2nd dining experience and it was as excellent as the first.

We all tried new menu foods and drinks and really liked the selections. Our only problem was with the casino noise. We had difficulties hearing our waitperson Angel and even holding table conversation. She was very attentive to our needs. We were totally rushed thru dinner. We were barely seated when the bread like thing arrived. Server was on us immediately wanting us to order.

We hadn't even looked at the wine list. Ordered wine and server was back again to take our order We quickly decided. Salads arrived real soon and we were not half way done eating them and our dinners arrived. When we complained about being rushed the server explained that a group of 14 had arrived and they wanted to get us served before that group ordered. Sounds good but not a reason to make our experience not so good. We noticed that the next table over got their salad and dinners at the same time.

To his credit the server was pleasant and helpful. For an expense place, you would expect a bit more. I found it quite a bit noisy, there was not a lot done for sound absorption. We ordered the crab cakes for an appetizer. While they had a good taste, they were barely warm.

I had the Rib Eye Streak that was good. I ordered a baked potato as a side, everything is ala carte. They made a big deal of all the toppings, but again, it waistless than hot and didn't melt the toppings, probably made quite a bit ahead of time.

My wife had one of the pasta dishes. While she enjoyed the taste, the portion was quite small. We doubt if we will come back. The food was okay for steak over done, roseo horrible You were great to hold table since my spa was running late and server Alex was understanding. I just did not think the food overall was a good as Tulalip Bay which I have visited every year for my birthday.

The Hamburger that my daughter got was over cooked and we didn't eat it, the Cesar salad just didn't taste the right and it my favorite. I know things change but I wish you would have kept some of the tulalip Bay popular dishes. There were minor other things but not worth mentioning and it just was not the fine dinner experience we were looking for on this night like we have received in the past.

Just my thoughts and I am sure I will be back but with a different mind set. Food did not live up to the taste for the price. I guarantee this restaraunt will not last long and if for some reason it does, its because its finances are backed by a money making casino. The key to a successful restaraunt is to have certain dishes and food that is done in a way that will want customers coming back for more. The food has no wow factor or uniqueness in taste.

It is very bland tasting food. Gordon Ramsey would have a field day if he critiqued this food. Its just too bland and nothing about it screams "I really have to come back and eat this food". Side choices were limited. Food temperature was off, a bit cold. Service was very good, beautiful restaurant. We thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to this new restaurant after having been long-time fans of the Tulalip Bay. As always, service was charming. We were celebrating my husband's birthday so we splurged on several courses.

Next, we shared the cacio e Pepe pasta, prepared tableside. Truly delicious with perfectly Al dente, clearly house-made pasta.

Perfectly cooked to our taste at medium pink center, very tender. They presented a lovely chocolate torte for the birthday dessert. The only downside is that the restaurant is no longer enclosed; we missed the chance for a break from the casino that the old restaurant provided. We'll definitely be back! Took a long time to get our main course.

Not sure if they were under staffed that night; but the table who came in after us got their main course and were on to their dessert while we were still waiting for ours.

Still a neat place to eat at. The food was absolutely amazing! Salad was late in arriving and main entrees came within a couple of minutes of the salad. Lobster was rubbery and tasted awful! Server was very helpful and nice. If you frequent the Casino you already like it noisy with Wifts of smoke so dive it a try. We went before a concert at the amphitheater. Spicy Tuna Spicy tuna, rice, seaweed wrap. Spicy Salmon Spicy salmon, rice, seaweed wrap. V-8 Cucumber, asparagus, carrot, avocado, rice, pico de gallo, wasabi sauce.

Caterpillar Eel, avocado, rice, tamago. Spider Soft shell crab, crab salad, cucumber, lettuce, rice, tobiko. Rainbow California roll topped with avocado, tuna, yellow fin, salmon. Barbie Seared salmon, crab salad, avocado, rice, spicy mayonnaise, eel sauce.

Monster Deep Fried Shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese, spicy tuna, rice, spicy mayonnaise, eel sauce. Tempura Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayonnaise, rice, tobiko, eel sauce.

California Crab salad, avocado, rice, tobiko. Canadian Salmon, crab salad, cucumber, avocado, rice, tobiko. Executive Ebi, spicy tuna, asparagus, crab salad, avocado, rice, wasabi sauce. Vip Deep Fried Eel, cream cheese, avocado, spicy tuna, rice, eel sauce.

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