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Mentally, she was going crazy. Guys just didn't get it. And her mouth was as soft and wet as any guy could ask for; her perfect lips wrapped around his dick was intoxicating. Rock and Roll Angel Pt. She didn't know how he'd managed to do that so often. Intro A friendly poker game

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It had taken weeks of preparation to even maneuver her into strip poker, Allison wasn't a prude exactly, but she was a snob about who she dated Todd subdued his impulse to grin at her discomfort, none of the other guys in his frat had even seen this much of her, and some of them had dated her!

True, she'd probably never date someone from his background, although very goodlooking at 6'1" with wavy black hair and humorous brown eyes, Todd came from the wrong side of the tracks. When Allison put down her Queen high Todd almost groaned. The three Jacks in his hand had pretty much been wasted when her hand was so completely lousy. On the other hand, it assured him to final view of her entire body.

Allison glared at him, hazel eyes sparking with anger and pride. The smug jackass was just grinning back at her, waiting for his victory. She couldn't take it. Surely she understood the rules of the game. Snapping, "Really all or nothing. If you win, I'll be yours, completely, whatever you say, this whole night. If I win, I get the same. Who knew what embarrassing things she might have him do, Allison had a mean streak to her, and he was sure that if he lost she'd be the only one getting any satisfaction It'd be nice to bring the bitch down a notch or two.

Still, no reason to let her have things totally her way, "That's almost ok," He gave her a stern look, "Really, you should be taking off your last item now, I have to lose twice in order for you to win for the night. Her best kept secret was that she was still a virgin - her mouth wasn't certainly, but she'd been very good about not letting anyone get into her pants. She had another secret though - she was very attracted to tall men with dark hair that weren't supposed to be up to her standard for a date.

The very fact that she wasn't supposed to be with them made it that much better. Having an excuse for making Todd Rinald at her beck and call for a night was very Losing of course wasn't an option If there was anything she liked, it was getting eaten out. Fate must be against her, she thought glumly. It was almost her worst hand of the night. Discarding three cards she perked up a bit when she ended up with a pair of Jacks. Maybe it wasn't the best hand in the world, but it might not be the worst either, she could still pull this off.

Todd had managed another of his amazing hands, three Queens. She didn't know how he'd managed to do that so often. Then she realized that he was looking at her, heat in his eyes like she'd never seen before. Quickly standing, she tried to babble out some reason why she had to go now, this was not the place for her to be. As she turned to make a run for it, a very angry Todd jumped up behind the table, she only had time to grab her clothes from the floor when he got her from behind, pushing her body up against the wall.

Her scream was cut off before it could even begin as he covered her mouth with one broad hand. Terrified, she froze, like a deer in the headlights, unsure of what to do or where to run. She jumped and tried to scream again as his other hand came down heavily on her ass. You lost the bet sweetheart, time to pay up. I mean, it was just a game It had been a long time since someone had kissed her like that. Her body began to relax into the kiss, and her mouth opened against his probing tongue.

When his hand began to run down her naked body, she recalled herself, and tried to pull away, banging into the wall behind her.

The kiss became rougher as she struggled to turn her head away, tried to push his body with her hands and arms. He grasped her wrists and held them high above her head, folding them into one of his hands so that his other was free to begin roaming her body. Lips left hers and began moving against her neck and upper arms, she gasped for breath, panting, "No His hard dick was pressing against her groin and upper thighs as he began to move against her, almost a parody of sex as he pressed her hips against the wall.

Another kiss cut off her mantra of "no"s, and he tweaked her nipple as his tongue pushed deep into her mouth. Tears were starting at her eyes, she was confused by the voice in her head that screamed denials of what was happening, and the feelings that were beginning to stir in her body. She'd never been in such a conflicted state with a guy before, she'd always been the one in control, and now it seemed like she had no control Finally, he pulled away, leaving her gasping for air, lips swollen from his kisses.

Tossing her over his shoulder, like she weighed nothing, he carried her into his bedroom, ignoring her pleas and the fists pounding on his back. He tossed her on the bed and grabbed a couple of scarves from his nightstand, her eyes rounded as he tied her wrists together, put them over her head and tied them to the bed. Don't think I'm good enough for you?

Desperate, she tried to kick him, but he caught her ankles and soon had them tied spread apart to each side of the bed. Getting up, he stood at the foot of the bed and took stock of this new arrangement. Pleading eyes, framed by brown curls, pouty lips spread around the scarf and panties in her mouth, perfect breasts heaving on top of her chest, nipples at attention. And finally, the newest sight of the night, her pink little pussy, with its neatly trimmed bush, slightly spread and glistening a little with her juices.

Now that was a surprise. He wasn't really the kind of guy to enjoy really kinky sex, but seeing her tied up and vulnerable like this was playing havoc with his dick. And it wasn't like she didn't deserve it, the little tease.

Todd decided that he was going to give her the kinkiest and best sex of her life. Who knows, if he played it right, he might end up having her begging for more. Allison struggled against the scarves, cursing herself for her own stupidity.

She had seen the desire in Todd's eyes, just as she saw it in all her boyfriend's eyes, in most guy's eyes for that matter. All Time 30 Days All Time. Intro A friendly poker game Strip Poker with the Family He plays strip poker with his parents and brother.

Teacher Poker Teacher's poker lesson backfires. Dinner for Three Ch. Always a Classic College kids getting together for strip poker. His Favorite Birthday A wife arranges a great birthday for her husband. Playing Strip Poker My girlfriend gets a stud naked and sucks his cock. Sarah's Poker Night Couple engage in groupsex before they move home.

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Strip Poker at the Conference Executive has a hot time with three co-workers. A brand new strip poker story - as requested! The Surprise Weekend Ch. Summer with Becky Ch. Rules of the Game Lisa plots revenge against her cheating boyfriend. Danielle and Me Chris gets to fuck his sister.

Hypnotist turns frigid wife into wanton slut. Really Hot Strip Poker Drunk sister comes home late. From Sweetie to Slutty Ch. A strip poker game. She then took a bathroom break and asked her friends to join her.

We didn't suspect anything because that behavior was typical. While in the bathroom, she told her friends about our deception and explained how they could get us back. Needless to say, we were sitting in our birthday suits and they gloated. The best part was when they told us about how they knew of our cheating and beat us at our own game.

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