Pickens W.V. poker run/Ralley

April 27th, For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Depending on the weather, the ride can be dusty, muddy, and cold so please dress prepared for the elements. I'm hoping to make it to Pickens next weekend. This is a discussion on Pickens W. Memorial Service for Kevin D.

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See you at Pickens tomorrow early. I wish I knew about this sooner! I rode once down that way years ago Bergoo and had a blast. I'd love to come back down there again soon!

Have fun and get muddy! Old April 11th, , Old December 16th, , I'm sure they will. It's a lucrative event for Pickens. There's always some dumb shits out there that trash and do stuff but mostly it's in good fun. Old December 17th, , This entire area is very SxS friendly. You can ride miles and miles of dirt and paved roads.

We stayed and at the Elk Springs Resort last year. Originally Posted by John B. Old March 10th, , This is the archive of past issues of Helvetia Highlights. Events tend to be similar from year to year, so you can look up past ones to get an idea of what the upcoming event may be like. The archives don't match the E-mailed newsletter. They include only one month and any updates have been included. Swiss National Day July Follow Your Bliss Festival. Pickens Maple Syrup Festival. Helvetia Town Meeting, Thanksgiving Dinner.

Meet, Eat, and Greet at the Helvetia Library. Town Meeting, Thanksgiving Dinner. Pickens School Alumni Banquet and Graduation. Beech Mountain Sportsmans Club Social.

Beech Mountain Sportsman's Club Social. Make sure to look at the links below for more details. This is a family event and there are various ages who attend so please be respectful. The photo gallery will give you an idea of the fun and will be updated soon!

Breakfast will also be served by our local organizations, so come hungry and plan to spend the entire day. Camping area is available on a first come first serve basis and this is a space which fills up quickly beginning on friday morning. Keep in mind this area has none of the following: Porta potties will be available nearby. This way the participant can print out the form from their home computer, fill out the registration form, and bring it with them to the registration the day of the poker run and there is no long line waiting to fill out the paperwork.