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She organized services during a blizzard to assist residents in outlying areas on the reservation. The town of Whiteclay, Nebraska just over the South Dakota-Nebraska border previously had approximately 12 residents and four liquor stores, which sold over 4. Less than one-third of that income went to members of the tribe. In , it passed an act to make 7. Archived from the original USAF new releasee on Transportation companies, driving directions and more for Rapid City. Bennett County, F.


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In , the Pine Ridge Reservation was part of a statewide voter registration campaign organized by the Democratic Party. That year, Oglala Lakota candidates won offices in Bennett County ; since the s, Native Americans mostly Lakota have become a majority of the county's population. Charles Cummings was elected as county sheriff, Gerald 'Jed' Bettelyoun to one of the positions as county commissioner, and Sandy Flye became the first Native American elected to a seat on the county school board.

Senate by a narrow margin. The town sells massive quantities of alcohol to the Lakota, although it is illegal on the reservation. On March 21, , Fire Thunder announced her plan to bring a Planned Parenthood clinic to the reservation to improve health services to women.

The South Dakota state legislature had recently passed a stringent abortion law. The council also voted to suspend Fire Thunder for 20 days pending an impeachment hearing.

Her two-year term would have expired in October In November , state voters reviewed the law passed by the state legislature, and they overwhelmingly defeated the ban on abortions without exceptions, by A ban with exceptions was proposed in , and state voters rejected that by a margin of By May , the tribe had spent none of the money.

Fire Thunder's impeachment and tribal political conflict appeared to prevent its implementing the agreement. The OST police chief complained of having insufficient money and staff to control the beer traffic. She organized services during a blizzard to assist residents in outlying areas on the reservation. John Yellow Bird Steele was re-elected in A retired educator and school administrator, he is new to tribal politics. He intends to work on developing housing and discouraging alcoholism.

The Oglala Sioux Tribe maintains legal jurisdiction over all crimes committed on the reservation by tribal members, non-reservation Indians, and those willing to relinquish authority to the tribal courts. Felony crimes and others which have been specifically assumed by the federal government, as defined by various acts of the U.

The ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States in Ex parte Crow Dog marked the high point of Indian sovereignty in law enforcement on reservations; since then federal legislation and subsequent Supreme Court decisions have reduced Native American sovereignty in this area.

Public Law , enacted by Congress in and substantially amended in , allows for states to assume jurisdiction on Indian reservations if approved by referendum by the affected reservations.

In South Dakota, Public Law is applied only to state highways running through reservations. In traditional Sioux society, law enforcement was performed by members of the warrior societies, such as the Kit Foxes, Badgers and Crow Owners, known as the akicitas. They maintained order in camp and during communal buffalo hunts. Each band would appoint one society as the official akicita group for the year.

In Congress authorized the formation of an Indian police force to provide law enforcement in Indian territory and upon reservations. The BIA police force is composed of members of various Native American tribes from throughout the United States, and personnel often do not belong to the nations they oversee. Since the late s, the Oglala Sioux Tribe has received Federal funding to maintain its own reservation police, supplemented by BIA personnel.

The FBI has jurisdiction for any felony crimes committed upon the reservation. After the reservation police respond to the initial call, a BIA police person initiates the investigation and notifies the FBI.

The latter concept relates to traditional Lakota ideas about restoring the victim and offender to balance within the community. As the process is being used at Kahnawake , a Mohawk reserve in Canada, the First Nation community works to intervene and settle issues before arrest.

Pine Ridge is the eighth-largest reservation in the United States and it is the poorest. The population of Pine Ridge suffer health conditions, including high mortality rates , depression , alcoholism , drug abuse , malnutrition and diabetes , among others. Reservation access to health care is limited compared to urban areas, and it is not sufficient.

The population on Pine Ridge has among the shortest life expectancies of any group in the Western Hemisphere: The infant mortality rate is five times the United States national average, and the adolescent suicide rate is four times the United States national average.

Members of the reservation suffer from a disproportionately high rate of poverty and alcoholism. When they return to the reservation, they bring gang culture with them. The emergency room is staffed by two physicians as well as two physician assistants and a hospitalist in triage.

The "Sick Kids" clinic is also based at the facility, with pediatricians on staff. In June , the OST broke ground on a long-planned bed nursing home facility, to be completed within two years. It was developed in cooperation with the federal government, the states of Nebraska and South Dakota. Alcoholism is widespread on the reservation, affecting an estimated 85 percent of the families.

Because of historic problems with alcohol use by its members, the Oglala Sioux Tribe has prohibited the sale and possession of alcohol on the Pine Ridge Reservation since The exception was a brief period in the s when on-reservation sales were tried.

The town of Whiteclay, Nebraska just over the South Dakota-Nebraska border previously had approximately 12 residents and four liquor stores, which sold over 4. The Whiteclay liquor stores were shut down by the state of Nebraska in , though the store owners are appealing to have the stores reopened. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder FASD is a spectrum of anatomical structural anomalies, and behavioral, neurocognitive disabilities resulting from the exposure of a fetus to alcohol in the womb.

The state of education on the reservation is severely lacking in multiple areas. Red Cloud Indian School is located in the area. In the tribe founded the Oglala Lakota College , one of the earliest tribal colleges in the nation, and part of Native American institution building of the last 40 years. First started as a two-year community college, it has expanded to offer four-year baccalaureate degrees, as well as a master's in Lakota leadership.

It is operated by tribal people, with a tribal board. In , it had an enrollment of 1, Since the early s decade , they have been called upon at the reservation to use restorative justice in many situations, as did previous coordinators. As of , the reservation has little economic development or industry. No banks or discount stores are located on the reservation. As the journalist Stephanie Woodward noted, little money changes hands within the reservation.

Louden , whose district includes Whiteclay, noted the recent construction of a Wal-Mart superstore at Chadron, Nebraska , another border town. He said, "That store was built because of the reservation. They say that if the tribe legalized alcohol sales, it could keep much of the revenues now flowing to Nebraska and to state and federal taxes, and use such monies to bolster the reservation's economy and health care services, including building a much-needed detoxification facility and rehab services.

Despite the lack of formal employment opportunities on Pine Ridge, considerable agricultural production is taking place on the reservation. Only a small percentage of the tribe directly benefits from this, as land is leased to agricultural producers. Less than one-third of that income went to members of the tribe. In October the tribe opened an bed nursing home; at full operation it will employ staff. The tribe is working on a justice center and has advertised an art competition for works for its spaces, to include the tribal courts and a restorative justice courtroom.

Enterprises owned by the Oglala Sioux tribe include the Prairie Wind Casino, a Parks and Recreation Department, guided hunting, and cattle ranching and farming. In the Lakota journalist Tim Giago founded and published the independent Lakota Times on the reservation. Most such newspapers have been owned by tribal governments.

In he sold the paper to the Oneida Nation ; it was then the largest independent Native American paper in the country. It continues to operate the paper as part of a media network; Indian Country Today features regular political coverage that notes the increasing number of Native Americans gaining office at the local and state levels.

Giago founded the Native American Journalists Association NAJA and has worked to recruit Native American students into journalism through its foundation, as well as to establish Indian studies in journalism schools. Connie Smith started the Lakota Country Times , a weekly newspaper which she owns.

It is the official legal newspaper for the Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservations. It also publishes material online. In it won first place for general excellence of its website from NAJA, and in won three prizes, including two for best articles.

Lakota Federal Credit Union, established to serve the financial needs of residents of the reservation, was established in After doing research and noting the worldwide market for hemp, in July , the Tribal Council approved ' industrial hemp agriculture' for the reservation. The Association believed production of industrial hemp-based concrete could help solve the severe shortage of suitable dwellings on the reservation, as it is a sustainable construction material, and work for the unemployed.

Hemp can also be processed to yield oil for cooking and other products. Congress in prohibited the cultivation of Cannabis -related crops, including hemp , as part of anti-drug legislation, although hemp does not have the psychoactive properties of cannabis as a drug. Industrial hemp is legal in Canada. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the district court ruling in United States v. White Plume, 8th Cir.

The North Dakota legislature has authorized hemp growing statewide and issued the nation's first two state licenses to grow hemp. As the DEA had not yet acted on their requests, in June the men filed a lawsuit seeking federal court permission to grow the crop without being subject to federal criminal charges.

Members of the tribe have developed varieties of private enterprise, from arts to modern technologies. Numerous artists maintain private studios and use diverse media in both traditional Lakota artforms, such as parfleche and beadwork, and contemporary styles. Lakota Solar Enterprises is active in education and training for the advancement of renewable and sustainable energy and technology with a focus of bringing employment opportunities to members of OST as well as other tribal nations throughout the United States.

The casino provides jobs, most held by tribal residents, with revenues helping support education and social welfare efforts. The topography is generally rolling mixed grass prairie , interspersed in various location, especially to the north, into typical badlands topography. The higher elevations of the prairie are covered by wind blown sands that form dunes , blowouts , and thin sheets.

The southern part of the reservation is crossed by Pine Ridge, which is probably a fault scarp , and which supports the growth of scattered pine and cedar trees. Well-developed sandhills are the dominant features along the southern boundary of the reservation, which extend into the sandhills region of Nebraska.

Many farmers among the Lakota can do little more than gain a subsistence living from the land. The White River flows through the reservation. It was named for the water's white-gray color, a result of eroded sand, clay, and volcanic ash carried by the river.

Deposition of sediments in the Badlands began 69 million years ago when an ancient sea, the Western Interior Seaway , stretched across what is now the Great Plains. After the sea retreated, successive land environments, including rivers and flood plains, continued to deposit sediments. Although the major period of deposition ended 28 million years ago, significant erosion of the Badlands did not begin until half a million years ago.

The mixed grass prairie contains both ankle-high and waist-high grasses, and fills a transitional zone between the moister tall-grass prairie to the east and the more arid short-grass prairie to the west.

Biologists have identified more than different plant species growing in Badlands National Park. Each plant species is adapted to survive the conditions prevalent in the mixed-grass prairie ecosystem. The climate here is one of extremes: Grasses dominate the landscape.

The perimeter is not well defined because of the array of short-stature, intermediate, and tall-grass species that make up an ecotone between the short-grass and tall-grass prairies Bragg and Steuter In general, the mixed-grass prairie is characterized by the warm-season grasses of the short-grass prairie to the west and the cool- and warm-season grasses, which grow much taller, to the east.

Because of this ecotonal mixing, the number of plant species found in mixed-grass prairies exceeds that in other prairie types. The attempt was shut down by the DEA and several other agencies. The mixed grass prairie is home to a variety of animals. In Badlands National Park, scientists have recorded the presence of 37 mammal species, nine reptile species, six amphibian species, bird species, and 69 butterfly species.

Both species feed on the black-tailed prairie dog. The airport is in poor repair and is used predominately for government flights. On January 30, , the Oglala Sioux Tribe of Pine Ridge held the grand opening of their public transportation system, a bus service with multiple vehicles to cover the entire reservation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Battle for Whiteclay. This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

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BBR I is a highly visible circular target composed of a foot diameter circular earthberm, with a cross-hair berm inside the circle. Archived from the original USAF new releasee on The Road to Wounded Knee. New York, New York: Justice for Anna Mae and Ray. Archived from the original on May 6, Federal Bureau of Investigation Minneapolis Division. Retrieved 9 February Jason Schwarting, et al" PDF. Retrieved 15 August Retrieved on February 26, A study estimated life expectancy in Oglala Lakota County was estimated to be the lowest of any county in the U.

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