Arthur Cadena Arthur B. Frank Alonzo C5 Frank. The Late Archaic Period also saw the emergence of cemeteries and ritual burials, [3] such as the one in Oconto. Jeff Elms VT Prowler. That's where the benefits of owning a Prowler surfaced The attention is nuts. The 8th Wisconsin is also known for its mascot , Old Abe.

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Finally pics should be there, Bird is gone but 1 is still hanging out in AZ, now up to miles and looking better than new. Leon Kurzweil leon kurzweil. Have had our cat since January , because we made a deal with the dealership in New Jersey to leave the car there for one year. It was shipped down to us in Florida by carrier. We just turned 4, miles. The bra that we put on was painted with flames and looks real sharp. I replaced the stock mufflers with glass packs, creating a unique and louder new sound, complete with rumble on deceleration.

Everybody agrees it sounds much better than stock. This is the coolest car I have owned since I had my old Mustang in college! It is fun to drive and turns heads! I enjoy the rides in the summer with the top down! Sold my Purple, but this one is a keeper. Phil Horvath CA Phil. The very last Plymouth branded Prowler to come off the assembly line!

Was deciding between a Viper and Lotus Esprit when my wife told me a client of hers had the Prowler and was willing to let me test drive. Julie Lakins Cat Lover. The Perfect Ladies Haut Rod. I can take it to the Dealer when it needs servicing.

Dave and Bev DeSeife. Vehicle will be shipped to Mesa, Arizona in June after being test driven on the Autobahn!! Jack Teal Jack T. Charlotte Carter George C. No front bumpers, Carlini ferrings turn signal assembly, trans cooler cover. Everything painted blue monochromatic. Claude Pfrommer prowler guy.

I have been in love with this car since the Milwaukee car show in A friend and I were removed from the show for trying to get into the purlple Prowler. The first car I have owned that I love to wash and wax!!! Feel like Charlie Brown with the great pumpkin. Most beautiful orange car in this state of Maine. I'm so glad I've spent my kids inheritance. Sheree' Landers Hot Prowlin. I odered a new orange prowler and when I saw it I bought this one instead.

Friends say I should rent a space and put it away. I am going to drive it like it was meant to be It's a Blk Kat and I love it. It's like another new member said tonight you look out in your garage and you can't belive that's yours.

It sure does turn alot of heads. I'm trying to fine a local club near by so I can go crusing with all the other kats. I live in Port Arthur. I hope someone will read this and send me a repply by email. Looking to get me a trailer for my kat soon. Happy to be a kat lover. Driving this makes me feel like a rock star.

The attention is nuts. People take my picture as I'm driving it. Girls ask for rides. Now why am I still single???? Jack Klein just jack. Martin F Usher Marty Usher. Wayne Baker Tom Cat. Jim Clayton Punk N Purp. My wife and I wanted a fun car, we found this brand new '99, and love it. The people we have meet on POA are the greatest group of people. We bought our cat with all the Mopar accessaries including: I want to keep it all original. Dave Wilson davebarbw msn.

Bought the car in July of Will have pictures as a work in progress from stock to way out. Red center glove box cover. Real Rods front turn signals and aero covers, bumpers removed, TGF red door panels, Carlini chrome headrest covers, rear wheel spacers, Chrome suspension covers and struts and Stainless brake lines. Rear rolled pan coming. This is my sweet Red Baby!! Making it happen on the Philly streets! Yes, I'm the mailman you see walking up and down Indiana Ave.

Aaron Lueninghoener youngest owner Traded My Mountaineer for it and don't regret it. I just turned 27 so I thought I treat my self to a Prowler. This is a head turner every one is always asking me what is that. This is a got to have car. I enjoy to be a prowler owner. Thomas Bartoe Tom Bartoe. Stock vehicle with miles of Nov 1, Purchased the car February Also have matching trailer with miles on it.

You definitely cannot be an introvert when driving this car. I am still amased at the number of people who still do not know what it is. James LeBlanc James E. Donna and Jerry Shinn CatCruizer.

We traded in the Ferrari and we know we got the better of the deal with our Cat! It is so much fun!! Is this a great counrty or what? Rich Schiffman rich schiffman. Robert Soltis 22 NIU. Also own Chevy SSR. Both vehicles are a blast to drive. They make a cute couple in the driveway. Steven Gary Steven R. Have never seen a car that can turn so many eyes. Even had a Vette owner give me a "Thumbs Up" and another person follow me into a parking lot just to see the Car!

Feel like I'm on cloud-9 when driving. Steve Thomas Steve T. Donald Fishel Emma JAcob Just love to drive this car. The most fun car I ever had. Its just A joy to drive. Just stopping to fill the tank brings people over to talk. Purchased the car used with only miles and a supercharger already installed. We felt it needed a makeover, so Don Ward painted it a custom Awesome Orange color! We just purchased our "used" Prowler I say used because it was titled by the previous owner but had only miles on the odometer when it was traded for a Thunderbird.

I am the parts manager of our local Chrysler-Ford dealership so got a good deal on the trade in. Burlington is a small town of about people but I know of 3 Prowlers in the area. As a matter of fact Rick Mianecki lives on the same road we do and if we look in the upper right of one of his pictures we can see our house. The third Prowler is the orange delivered to our dealership,untitled,but used by our dealer principal.

Richard Wilkie Richard E. Bought it in Detroit after going through the factory and drove it back to San Francisco for shipping to Hawaii. Everywhere I stopped it drew a crowd, even after being produced 4 years! Had planned on buying a new Thunderbird but when Ford couldn't produce it by , I gave up and went for the Prowler. Sure glad I did! Being an old "roadster guy," I really dig the ease in working the top and handling of the car. This car draws more attention then any antique or hot rod vehicle I ever owned.

Chrysler bought unit back, under lemon law. Engine lost two rod caps at miles. Dave and Shelley Petrelli. Joe Ellsasser Joe E. My interests are in my 50's style room that I have built, old gas pumps, old ice cream parlour, juke box, 50's memorabilia and now my Prowler which stays in the restaurant. Dreams do come true. Rocky Knight no soul. I always said that the only one I wanted was a Yellow one with chrome wheels, and I pulled up in front of the dealership and they had one on the show room floor.

Bouchard Ronald Ronald Bouchard. Bob did it again!! I guess I'll keep him Now it's been modified with louvered side panels by Pete Chapouris, chrome grille, painted matching bumpers and a hardtop! Ron Martinelli ron nj.

This is the car of my dreams, given to me by my lovely wife for my 50th birthday. The car was purchased on Feb. I look at this beautiful candy red every day, can't wait to start prowl'n.

Binh Nguyen Howler Cat. After having 2 others sold out from under us. Ron and Sue Clark. She's worth ever nickle!

I am so proud to own a Prowler! It is amazing what this vehicle can do, and how many looks you get just driving it. Tolerson Larry and Donise Tolerson. All the after market goodies that they sell were put on this car including a Paxton supercharger. This car is quick!!! Ron Scholz Koastal Cat. It was destiny for me to obtain possession of this yellow Prowler. Kelley and Judie Austin Kelley Austin. Frank Peri Blue Tie. Hi, Just love the car, there is nothing else on the planet. Very uniqe car in the U.

Brad Beaman Eagle 1. I've owned many corvettes, race cars and street rods, but this is the coolest car on the planet. Charles Moore Mr RX. Yolanda 'n Bill Grouell growl. Frank Alonzo C5 Frank. With a great big thanks to all the aftermarket suppliers that keep us showered in mods. Yes, this is my second Mulholland, but it will soon be a "kick butt" racing machine!!

James Robertson Jim R. I have built a number of street Rods. MY first was a Plymouth 2Dr Coupe. Most fun vehicle I have ever owned! Chevy v-8,but with all the emmenities of a luxury vehicle! Have already put 4, miles on her,going to 6 shows, 6 cruises, a parade and down the quarter mile several times in 14 seconds! David Draplin David R. Alan Payne Key Man. James McKenzie jr topcat. Carol Harvet Carol H. As far as I'm aware this is only one of 6 in the UK and the only post '99 car.

It's very expensive and difficult to get the Prowler through the UK regulations now. Two Purple are owned by Daimler Chrysler which leaves me and three other fellas out there as the only ones Prowlin' for Britain! John Bledsoe John E. Arthur Cadena Arthur B. John Jakob John talon. Rick Ellis Blue Kat. I bought 3 raffel tickets did not win but had to have one so I came home and got one off ebay that same day! This cat is a rocket ship. Can't wait to get to the track to test it out hopefully before I wear out my rear tires!

Ron and Linda Plew ron Dan Maxey dan maxey. We used to have 2 Tiffanys, but sold them before finishing our 25' x 30' garage, and the Excalibur is for sale and the Zimmer will go up for sale after we have had a chance to drive it after we get it back from the mechanic, as we are quickly running out of room in our driveway and all the garages are all full. If you are interested in the Excalibur, or the Zimmer, please email me and in the subject line put: I'm 57 years old and have been wanting a Prowler since they first become available to the public.

I purchase my new Prowler March 28, and havn't touched the ground since then. It seems that I'm as close to Heaven, as you can get and still be on earth.

But, nothing comes close to the feel of driving a new Prowler and watching all the heads turn and people giving you a thumbs up sign, as you cruise around town.

John Hardesty Phat Cat. Sam or Sue Laoboonmi sam Thomas Kayuha sosume tom. I followed this car since it was in sketch form. I still can not belive that we have one. Glenn Wooldridge tooqwik aol. Chuck Holliman Red Cat. Dan Falk dan falk. This is the original pilot Woodward, built for the Detroit Auto Show and one of only two unsigned and unnumbered by Dr. I may have a Kat but Im 21 years old, so now Im so broke i cant even put gas in it. Can anyone spare a gallon? Sharon Dymnioski jersey shore kat shar.

James Bruckart Tri Jim. Tom Gift Tom E. Damn, what an awesome ride. An incredible car and really interesting owners. Larry Kauffman Old and Slow. Dan and Susan Deuter Dan Deuter. Steven Peterson Steven L Peterson. Gary E Liebl Gary Liebl.

I was dreaming about an early Corvette in It always starts, doesn't leak oil on the garage floor, not to mention all of the other bennies I loved the '99 purple so much, had to have one of the first color and one of the last color.

John Black John R. Albert Pokrzywa Al Pokrzywa. Purchased used in May '02 with 21, miles Jerry Mullins II purenrg Don McCormack Northern Cat.

Robert Rodenfels R Rodenfels. John Buehrle Stray Cat. I just got back from Florida where I purchased my Prowler. It will be delivered August 1st I'm thrilled to have this Mullhuland spelling?

I've waited 5 long years to finally get this beautiful car! Purchased my Prowler from a private party in with miles on it. It is in pristine condition except where the previous user scraped the bottom of the nose a bit. Otherwise we are enjoying the car and all the benefits that come with it. Joe and Sue Relle. July the 11th will probably stand out in my mind as vivid as the day I was married, because that was the day when this gorgeous car became ours. I wish everyone could feel the way I do when I get in our Prowler and Strut!!!!

The last Prowler ever made!!! After September 11th I realized life was to short not to enjoy the finer things in life. I always thought owning a Prowler was out of my reach but sometimes you just have to go for it. I did and I couldn't be happier. The looks and compliments are great. Only complaint is lack of headrest for long drives. Richard Bernier Old Yellow. I've been to Ga. I have miles on my Prowler now and have enjoyed ever one of them.

Ken Martin ken w martin. Pat and Terri Livingston Silver Streak. Perry Barras p ditty. Gary and Diane Spitler tryplesss. None of my cars stay "stock" for very long, and neither is my Prowler. Rear rolled pan, chrome grill, revamped exhaust, Gaffoglio bumper covers. Looking forward to meeting other owners. First time I layed eyes on a Prowler was on my way to work. It was soaring through the fast lane. I had never seen one- I was dazed. It was Prowler Red- As I stared and stared I came to realize that I was halfway into the next lane and nearly caused an accident.

As I got my bearings back I gazed at the Prowler disappear ahead of me Along with my custom '65 Triumph Bonneville and machine shop, my Prowler is my pride and joy. Pristine machine brought back to Michigan, from Texas.

Prowler Red with Chrome wheels. Jack eric Seastrunk prowlerjack. Michael Jared Michael M. The thrill is still there. This car is a perfect blend of a Hot Rod and the modern conveniences and technology. My whole atitude changes when I just look at my yellow Kat, much less get into it! Bill Coffman Bcoffman Gray Ghost. Dave Grant Big Dave. Scott Karns Kat Daddy. I have never seen anything stop people in their tracks like this vehicle.

Thomas Beshore Tom Beshore. Robby Wilson Boost Me. Purchased new at Pickerill Motor Co. Depot Street Lebanon, KY. Won it on eBay after figuring we couldn't afford one. This car is NO tailer or garage queen! My Black Tie is car and my 50th Birthday Present from my beautiful wife! Together my wife and I will "prowl" off into the sunset in this Black and Silver beauty! Can't believe Inca Gold is the least favorite paint. Sure worked for me and so did the price. Fiore John A Fiore.

Been pining for a Prowler for years. Then my wife found a new one near us and surprised me for Christmas Now there are two things I love - my wife of course, and now also my Prowler! Purchased one for my wife for Christmas in Michigan, loved driving it home so much purchased one for myself in Kansas and drove it home. Ebay is a god sent, found what we wanted, paid what we wanted and are now driving what we wanted. Christmas Gift from husband. A dream come true Cayetano Lopez-Cepero cayetano lopezcepero.

Used in Early and late August for special presentations. It was striped by Dr Ru on July 31, This vehicle is one of five prototype Black tie. It was striped by Dr. Ru on July 31st, It was the Prowler in front of Mike Marciano's in the production line. It was in the Chicago and New York auto shows. I traded my 93 H. P corvette convertible for an extremely low mileage prowler. Ride and horsepower are lacking, but is more than made up for the looks you get that you never got on the vet It's fun to watch people drool and rubber neck.

We loved our that we have had since Oct. So I showed them to my wife and she said "I'm going to buy this car for our Arizona house. She did and we have had 2 Prowlers since Oct. Still looking for 6 chrome wheels. I looked and looked and finally found it! I'm glad to be a member Less than 7, miles. Plastic still on carpet and still has window sticker. Don't know if wipers work since I have never had them on. David MIlls David Mills. Harold Barr Harold O. Looked for this car all over the internet It must have been made for me!

Anything that I've ever done that was this much fun, was either illeal or immorral! Ed Jensen Fast Eddie. Just bot the prowler in TX off of Ebay; have a best friend that has a Silver Chrysler and a client that has a Black one so we hope to get together with the other 2 or 3 in town and do some mountain prowlin Nothing Compares, stopped riding my Harley. American made and the history behind the Prowler.

Eric Flood Black Tie Its looks better that showroom new, because it's got so much wax on it. Bob and Karen Rinsem Pipes. Ever since I saw this car at the Chicago auto show in , I said that I would own it some day.

It is everthing that I expected! Martin David Jensen mdavidjensen. This vehicle was totaled on Nov It slid sideways into the drivers wheels.

Toby Hatch toby hatch. I waited 5yrs for my Prowler. I watched it being unloaded and got to drive it around the parking. The dealer wanted it in his showroom for 30 days.

The day I drove off with it the clamshell opened at about 45 mph. I can't believe there are still no safety catches on the clamshell.

My car was the first in Ft. Indiana and is I am considering selling it so if anyone is interested Carl and Pam Spike Carl L. HAT TRICK 3 prowlers in 1 year talk about addicted but what a kick to open up the garage doors and decide which kat to take for a spin the neighbors think we are crazy but what a blast and whaaat an uplift to life love all 3 of our new family.

Me and my wife have enjoyed meeting with several other "Prowlers" and cruising the Denver area and hope to meet more at some street rod events. Have gone on cruises with as many as 14 other Prowlers in the Denver area. The looks I get every time I drive it makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. I'm the original owner, and "still Prowlin' the roads" while loving my car!

Ronald Luff R Prow Only just bought this beauty on ebay, My 21 yr old son Mike has been working hard and sold his Lotus Elise for something different! Still might have trouble insuring it though. Car is currently in SC and current owner is helping us to get it back to the UK.

Hopefully will be here in weeks Warren Pickard signal Our perfect 97 cat is my everyday ride and work car. I am a Partylight consultant who loves showing what consistance can do to your business. WOW what a treat and a blessing it has become We just picked up this beauty in Dallas, TX and what a great experience it has been. My husband Jerry and I are looking forward to meeting many of you soon. Also thanks goes to Larry for hooking us up. Zachary Ervin Zack Ervin.

My husband, Bob, surprised me with the coolest car on the planet for our 32nd Anniversary. He presented it to me at Chrysler Headquarters with photographers and friends on hand to celebrate the occasion!! I've wanted one from the first time I saw the concept drawing!! The car is awesome and so is he!!! Jerry Finuf Jerry finuf. April 02 - One of two Prowlers in New Zealand. The only one converted to Right Hand Drive for legal road use. Imported from Las Vegas April at 21, miles.

My car has now reached 31, miles and still going strong and a firm favorite at car shows. Turns heads wherever it goes. No longer in Prowler NV. I drive the streets of Phoenix with pride. The car gets attention everywhere I go. But this Prowler is the coolest badest thing to date. My wife and I both love it!! I had a '32 Ford 3-window coupe as a kid and have always liked the look of the street rod. The Prowler is the best of both worlds - retro look with all the refinements of the latest technology.

This must be at least the 4th childhood! I love this car, and couldn't agree more with all those who best describe it as a real "head turner"! Our 30th anniversary toy. Hey now, Life's too short to be driving the same-o MBz. This blue baby personifies life's FUN factor. Let's hook up, sea-cruisin or land cruisin! Steven Peterson Steve Peterson. What a gift, my wife suprised me with the car of my dreams. After fighting cancer for two years and now in remission it is time to cruise on.

Everytime I get behind the wheel I praise God and thank Him for all my blessings, including my wife. We found this car on e-bay, for sale by a gentleman in Delta, Co. My wife insisted that I buy it for my 50th birthday, and eventually I caved in and bought the car.

Even if you have a reason to be in a bad mood, you can't be in one while driving a Prowler! I must say, compared to the '94 vette I once owned , there is no comparison between it and my Kat! Always, Always get the looks and comments, all positive where ever I go. What a hoot to own! Jim Modic Lone Ranger. Import von US cars. Immer verschiedene Prowler im Angebot. Specialiced in US car imports to Europe. Always Prowlers in stock. Riding in a Prowler is the best. I have had people lean out of their own moving vehicle to take pictures of me as I drove past them.

Now that is one hot car! Henry and Kay Goben bilderboy. Finally got my first Prowler, and love it!!! What an awesome car to drive, and a real head turner for sure!!! Gery Schober Austrian Prowler. This is the first new Prowler in Austria. Purchased new, August , in NY. After a lot of time wait this Prowler has been the first officialy approved in Spain. The car is amazing with Koni, Borla, etc. The big problem is when I arrive to the garage and want to choose car for drive: I like american cars.

Purchased Orange Prowler in June What a beautiful piece of American craftsmanship. I have enjoyed my Orange so much I purchased this for my wife to experience the beauty as well.

Larry Scherer Ranch B Prowler. Joel Cervantes Nor Cal Kat. This city was transferred to Iowa Territory in , along with all the lands of Wisconsin Territory west of the Mississippi River. Wyman calls Wisconsin a "palimpsest" of layer upon layer of peoples and forces, each imprinting permanent influences. He identified these layers as multiple "frontiers" over three centuries: Native American frontier, French frontier, English frontier, fur-trade frontier, mining frontier, and the logging frontier.

Finally the coming of the railroad brought the end of the frontier. The historian of the frontier, Frederick Jackson Turner grew up in Wisconsin during its last frontier stage, and in his travels around the state he could see the layers of social and political development. One of Turner's last students, Merle Curti used in-depth analysis of local history in Trempeleau County to test Turner's thesis about democracy.

Turner's view was that American democracy, "involved widespread participation in the making of decisions affecting the common life, the development of initiative and self-reliance, and equality of economic and cultural opportunity. It thus also involved Americanization of immigrant.

He found that even landless young farm workers were soon able to obtain their own farms. Free land on the frontier therefore created opportunity and democracy, for both European immigrants as well as old stock Yankees. By the mids, the population of Wisconsin Territory had exceeded ,, more than twice the number of people required for Wisconsin to become a state. In , the territorial legislature voted to apply for statehood. That fall, delegates debated the state constitution.

The document produced by this convention was considered extremely progressive for its time. It banned commercial banking, granted married women the right to own property, and left the question of African-American suffrage to a popular vote.

Most Wisconsinites considered the first constitution to be too radical, however, and voted it down in an April referendum. In December , a second constitutional convention was called.

This convention resulted in a new, more moderate state constitution that Wisconsinites approved in a March referendum, enabling Wisconsin to become the 30th state on May 29, Wisconsin was the last state entirely east of the Mississippi River and by extension the last state formed entirely from territory assigned to the U. With statehood, came the creation of the University of Wisconsin-Madison , which is the state's oldest public university. The creation of this university was set aside in the state charter.

Lead mining in southwest Wisconsin began to decline after and when the combination of less easily accessible lead ore and the California Gold Rush made miners leave the area. The lead mining industry in mining communities such as Mineral Point managed to survive into the s, but the industry was never as prosperous as it was before the decline. By Wisconsin's population was , The second largest group were the Germans, numbering roughly 38,, followed by 28, British immigrants from England, Scotland and Wales.

There were roughly 63, Wisconsin-born residents of the state. The Yankee migrants would be the dominant political class in Wisconsin for many years. A railroad frenzy swept Wisconsin shortly after it achieved statehood. The first railroad line in the state was opened between Milwaukee and Waukesha in by the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad. The railroad pushed on, reaching Milton, Wisconsin in , Stoughton, Wisconsin in , and the capital city of Madison in The company reached its goal of completing a rail line across the state from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River when the line to Prairie du Chien was completed in Shortly after this, other railroad companies completed their own tracks, reaching La Crosse in the west and Superior in the north, spurring development in those cities.

By the end of the s, railroads crisscrossed the state, enabling the growth of other industries that could now easily ship products to markets across the country. Nelson Dewey , the first governor of Wisconsin , was a Democrat.

Between and , Wisconsin had three Democratic governors , all of whom were in office prior to , four Republican governors, all of whom were in office after , and one Whig governor, Leonard J.

Farwell , who served from to Under Farwell's governorship, Wisconsin became the second state to abolish capital punishment.

In the presidential elections of and , the Democratic Party won Wisconsin. In the elections of , , and , the Republican Party won the state. Some of them brought radical political ideas to the state. In the s, stop-overs on the underground railroad were set up in the state and abolitionist groups were formed.

One such group was the Republican party. On March 20, , the first county meeting of the Republican Party of the United States, consisting of about thirty people, was held in the Little White Schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin.

Ripon claims to be the birthplace of the Republican Party, as does Jackson, Michigan, where the first statewide convention was held.

A notable instance of abolitionism in Wisconsin was the rescue of Joshua Glover , an escaped slave from St. Louis who sought refuge in Racine, Wisconsin in He was caught in by federal marshals and put in a jail at Cathedral Square in Milwaukee, where he waited to be returned to his owner.

A mob of 5, people led by Milwaukee abolitionist Sherman Booth , himself a "Yankee" transplant from rural New York, [45] sprung Glover from jail and helped him escape to Canada via the underground railroad. In the s, two-thirds of immigrants to Wisconsin came from the eastern United States, the other one-third being foreign-born.

The majority of the foreign born were German immigrants. Many Irish and Norwegian immigrants also came to Wisconsin in the s. Northern Europeans, many of whom were persecuted in their home countries because of their support for the failed bourgeois Revolutions of , often chose Wisconsin because of the liberal constitution of human rights such as the state's unusual recognition of immigrants' right to vote and rights to citizenship.

Yankee settlers from New England started arriving in Wisconsin in the s spread throughout the southern half of the territory. They dominated early politics. Most of them started as farmers, but the larger proportion moved to towns and cities as entrepreneurs, businessmen and professionals.

Of these, 3, were killed in action or mortally wounded, 8, died of disease, and were killed in accidents. The total mortality was 12, men, about Most Wisconsin troops served in the western theater, although several Wisconsin regiments fought in the east, such as the 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment , 6th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment , and 7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment , which formed part of the Iron Brigade.

The 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment , which fought in the western theater of war, is also worthy of mention, having fought at the Battle of Iuka , the Siege of Vicksburg , the Red River Campaign , and the Battle of Nashville. The 8th Wisconsin is also known for its mascot , Old Abe. Agriculture was a major component of the Wisconsin economy during the 19th century. Wheat was a primary crop on early Wisconsin farms. In fact, during the mid 19th century, Wisconsin produced about one sixth of the wheat grown in the United States.

However, wheat rapidly depleted nutrients in the soil, especially nitrogen, and was vulnerable to insects, bad weather, and wheat leaf rust. In the s, chinch bugs arrived in Wisconsin and damaged wheat across the state. As the soil lost its quality and prices dropped, the practice of wheat farming moved west into Iowa and Minnesota. Some Wisconsin farmers responded by experimenting with crop rotation and other methods to restore the soil's fertility, but a larger number turned to alternatives to wheat.

In parts of northern Wisconsin, farmers cultivated cranberries and in a few counties in south central Wisconsin, farmers had success growing tobacco, [49] but the most popular replacement for wheat was dairy farming. As wheat fell out of favor, many Wisconsin farmers started raising dairy cattle and growing feed crops, which were better suited to Wisconsin's climate and soil. One reason for the popularity of dairy farming was that many of Wisconsin's farmers had come to the state from New York, the leading producer of dairy products at the time.

In addition, many immigrants from Europe brought an extensive knowledge of cheese making. Dairying was also promoted by the University of Wisconsin—Madison's school of agriculture, which offered education to dairy farmers and researched ways to produce better dairy products. The first test of butterfat content in milk was developed at the university, which allowed for consistency in the quality of butter and cheese.

By , over ninety percent of Wisconsin farms raised dairy cows and by , Wisconsin had become the leading producer of dairy products in the United States, [50] a position it held until the s. Because of this, Wisconsin continues to promote itself as "America's Dairyland", Wisconsinites are referred to as cheeseheads in some parts of the country, including Wisconsin, and foam cheesehead hats are associated with Wisconsin and its NFL team, the Green Bay Packers.

A year later, he opened a second brewery in Elk Grove. The huge growth in the brewing industry can be accredited, in part, to the influx of German immigrants to Wisconsin in the s and s. In the second half of the 19th century, four of the largest breweries in the United States opened in Milwaukee: In the 20th century Pabst absorbed Blatz and Schlitz, and moved its brewery and corporate headquarters to California.

Miller continues to operate in Milwaukee. Agriculture was not viable in the densely forested northern and central parts of Wisconsin. Settlers came to this region for logging. The timber industry first set up along the Wisconsin River. Rivers were used to transport lumber from where the wood was being cut, to the sawmills.

Sawmills in cities like Wausau and Stevens Point sawed the lumber into boards that were used for construction. The Wolf River also saw considerable logging by industrious Menominee.

The Black and Chippewa Rivers formed a third major logging region. That area was dominated by one company owned by Frederick Weyerhaeuser. The construction of railroads allowed loggers to log year round, after rivers froze, and go deeper into the forests to cut down previously unshippable wood supplies.

Wood products from Wisconsin's forests such as doors, furniture, beams, shipping boxes, and ships were made in industrial cities with connects to the Wisconsin lumber industry such as Chicago, Milwaukee, Sheboygan , and Manitowoc.

Milwaukee and Manitowoc were centers for commercial ship building in Wisconsin. Many cargo ships built in these communities were used to transport lumber from logging ports to major industrial cities. Logging was a dangerous trade, with high accident rates. It was the deadliest fire in United States history. From the s to the s, much of the logging in Wisconsin was done by immigrants from Scandinavia.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, logging in Wisconsin had gone into decline. Many forests had been cleared and never replanted and large corporations in the Pacific Northwest took business away from the Wisconsin industry. The logging companies sold their land to immigrants and out of work lumberjacks who hoped to turn the acres of pine stumps into farms, but few met with success. The early 20th century was also notable for the emergence of progressive politics championed by Robert M.

Between and , Progressive Republicans in Wisconsin created the nation's first comprehensive statewide primary election system, [61] the first effective workplace injury compensation law, [62] and the first state income tax , [63] making taxation proportional to actual earnings.

The progressive Wisconsin Idea also promoted the statewide expansion of the University of Wisconsin through the UW-Extension system at this time. Commons and Harold Groves helped Wisconsin create the first unemployment compensation program in the United States in In the immediate aftermath of World War II, citizens of Wisconsin were divided over things such as the creation of the United Nations, support for the European recovery, and the growth of the Soviet Union's power.

However, when Europe divided into Communist and capitalist camps and the Communist revolution in China succeeded in , public opinion began to move towards support for the protection of democracy and capitalism against Communist expansion.

Wisconsin took part in several political extremes in the mid to late 20th century, ranging from the anti-communist crusades of Senator Joseph McCarthy in the s to the radical antiwar protests at UW-Madison that culminated in the Sterling Hall bombing in August The state became a leader in welfare reform under Republican Governor Tommy Thompson during the s.

In , Wisconsin became the focus of some controversy when newly elected governor Scott Walker proposed and then successfully passed and enacted Wisconsin Act 10 , which made large changes in the areas of collective bargaining, compensation, retirement, health insurance, and sick leave of public sector employees, among other changes.

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