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And Josh played very wide ranges back in the day at 6 max and won at 10 bb per and didn't bum hunt. Last edited by DoOrDoNot; at I did see 1 guy say it's just a bunch of charts but I don't know. He approaches the game from a GTO Game Theory Optimal perspective, while making some exploitative plays to win the most money from opponents. He can definitely out play a lot of these donks post flop with weaker ranges and make more money like Josh did. Clarification is needed here. It shows him raise utg with A ss to the A too I believe utg.

Doug Polk Returns to Poker Life Podcast

Immediately Improve Your Poker Strategy and Game Play

I am currently on the biggest upswing of my life and I can't believe it. Topic summary of September 4th, episode. Has anyone joined and purchased The Poker Lab!? What do you think about it? Does his course help you improve your games. Are you ready for the download? Did you check your Java installation? Don't forget that Universal Replayer it's a free software..

Tournament Hand History Replayer? Upswing poker tournament Namespaces Answered: Does it make sense for a micro limit grinder? In this article, I'll be reviewing Doug Polk's answers to 5 post-flop questions sent in by you, the Upswing readers.

He has always stressed that putting in the work away from the table is incredibly important—work that shows in his results. Doug explains each poker lesson in detail with videos that outline the theory and teach how to put it into practice.

Live, online and tournament preflop ranges are included. Thanks Doug Polk and Ryan Fee. Worth it alone to just watch the videos of Doug and Ryan.

You guys make it seem so simple! Loving the content so far and thinking this is exactly what i need to improve and move up. Designed to be consumed in a linear path, you can learn the right way, from A to Z. Study with the step by step instructions and examples presented in each poker learning module. That means you can stop watching thousands of videos from hundreds of teachers with no real sense of how everything works together.

Master both the fundamental theories and situational exploits to greatly increase your skill and earnings. User Name Remember Me? JNandez will launch his own site. There's a good YouTube about it. Can advertisers shut down threads as they wish or how does it work? You would have to be wreckless to pay that much for some teaching. Originally Posted by girlieburger. I think Jay is going to make better content if he does it his way and would like to see content on hu over 6 max.

I think he can get a lot more in depth in hu situations where we are playing a lot weaker hands and in much more marginal spots that make us wonder what to do. Originally Posted by Purasevic. Last edited by iburydoscocaroaches; at Dwan crushed some of the best at PLO live recently.

He crushed the best online. He may not be top of the food chain at Holdem but he is at PLO. You can watch how he played vs Ziggy at PLO on you tube. Watch him vs Antonius at plo heads up its on you tube as well and then come back on here and say he is not one of the best. He straight up world class at PLO.

Originally Posted by iburydoscocaroaches. Jnandez is very nitty just watch his videos. He folds double suited KK to 4b. Folds huge hands to raises and even was folding a high flush worried about straight flush and the guy shows a bluff on his bank roll challenge. It is 1 card in the deck. The best player in the world is Josh Tieman nobody could even come close to his skill level. And Josh played very wide ranges back in the day at 6 max and won at 10 bb per and didn't bum hunt.

He won around 10m and almost never had a down swing playing heavy volume that had a nanonoko ptr graph. If they understand hand ranges and board textures well they can run circles around the other players don't matter their cards. Jay is at that level he can do it. To bad Josh vids are gone i think it would open up Jay mind to playing wider ranges and gaining more edge on post flop situations.

Jays post flop skills is world class imo he should play wider. He can definitely out play a lot of these donks post flop with weaker ranges and make more money like Josh did. Originally Posted by CJ Clarification is needed here.

First Fernando was starting his BK roll challenge at playing microstakes.

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