Andre the Giant

World Tag Team Champions. Would legit kick your ass for looking at them funny What is it you think when you see this photo? Despite the reputation of other wrestlers active during his time like Haku , Andre was always known as the toughest scariest guy backstage. After this fight, Fifita had a reputation that steered wrestlers away from backstage confrontations. The Boogeyman I dont want a spell cast on me.


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But seriously, would YOU wanna get in the middle of that? Andre the Giant Questions? Got into fight with future mother in law.. A few quotes xxx funny or true xxx? Answer Questions What do you think of Triple H saying he sold his soul a long time ago? Why did the WWF promote Rikishi to the main event card as a heel in late ? On a scale 1 to 10, how would you rate Will Ospreay?

What is Adam Cole's IQ? Do you think females pay for their Karma? What is it you think when you see this photo? Here are 15 of the best of them. By the strain on his body was really starting to take its toll, but he refused to curtail his wrestling schedule. Three years later he opted for surgery in England to hopefully reduce the stress on his back.

A huge operating table was built along with custom-made tools for the surgeons. The biggest challenge was that for his anesthesiologist to sedate a man capable of handling more than beers at any one time.

If he gave him too little, Andre would wake up during the operation with his back opened up. If he went overboard with the anesthetic, it would kill him. Luckily he got the dosage just right. Brother Jacques looks back fondly at his childhood with Andre on the family farm. One of their cars had a flat tire one day, but there was no jack to lift up the vehicle. Jacques unscrewed all but one of the lug nuts, Andre lifted the car off the ground, and they were able to change the tire.

Most of us start to wobble fairly substantially after a dozen cans of beer. Andre never seemed to have this problem. As far as we know, his record is beers in a single sitting, or six and a half large cases worth. As outrageous as it sounds, every wrestler that knew Andre is happy to instantly substantiate these numbers. The bartender would grab an empty beer pitcher and fill it to the brim with a splash of any and every hard liquor they could find, resulting in a concoction of vodka, brandy, gin and whatever else was available.

Ex-wrestler Smash Barry Darsow tells the story of a night of drinking between Andre and another big bopper, Blackjack Mulligan. He went over to Andre and whacked him as hard as he could. Andre asked him why he did it, then picked up Mulligan's pound frame and tossed him through the sliding glass hotel window, leaving Mulligan hanging from the balcony five floors up. Andre was still the toughest man in wrestling. Sometimes that was in the ring, as a big-talking Bam Bam Bigelow found out one night at Madison Square Garden where Andre beat him senseless for half an hour.

Other times it was backstage, like when The Fabulous Freebirds turned up drunk to a show one day, and Andre fired them all on the spot. Who was going to argue with Andre? For years Andre and Hogan had fought in the ring, and Andre used to dish out monumental beatings.

When Andre was alive, there was possibly no man on Earth who could eat as much as he did. Sometimes he would rip the bathroom door from its hinges and sit on the toilet sideways to give himself more legroom. Now imagine for just a moment that you were a cleaner in one of those Japanese hotels, and discovered the bathtub had been mistreated in such brazen fashion by a man capable of eating 15 steaks and chugging more than beers in one sitting.

The elevator they were on kept stopping at every floor, picking up more people and becoming very claustrophobic, something Andre never enjoyed. It just kept going. The poor guy who is standing directly behind him…he is getting it full force. And we all thought it was an earthquake, cause everyone grabbed this plastic set that was shaking and I looked over at Andre and he had like this beautiful, he always had this smile on his face, but he had this look of bliss. The diligent patient listened closely and on one particular evening while filming The Princess Bride in England, Andre indulged in almost everything behind the bar of his hotel before passing out in the lobby.

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