Alynn & Andrew’s Canfield Casino Wedding – Saratoga Springs, NY Wedding Photographers

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A week before the cruise, Andrew went to Florida to spend some time with his Grandfather. This gave him the perfect opportunity to call Emily's parents and brother and ask for her hand in marriage, and of course they both said YES! On Thursday, March 2, , Andrew and Emily were finally on the cruise. That night, Andrew discussed with the husband of one of Emily's co-workers that he was going to propose to Emily on Friday and he wanted to get it all on video.

Andrew was trying to find the perfect place on the boat to propose. Later in the afternoon, after exploring the island and we were back on the boat.

That is when Andrew found the perfect spot and got down on one knee and asked Emily to marry him. Love will always find its way, even if it involves swiping right. Sign up below and we'll remind you a month before the wedding to check back for all the details you need to know. Eric Soister - Best Man.

Jacob King - Groomsman. Sam Stewart - Groomsman. Anthony Miller - Usher. Summer Kays - Matron of Honor. Morgan Green - Maid of Honor. Rachel Washburn - Bridesmaid. Jamie Flick - Bridesmaid. Liam Kays - Ring Bearer. Thanks to DJ Fernando for keeping that floor packed all night which resulted in awesome party photos!

We all had a blast on this one. I cannot thank Maritza and Andrew enough for choosing us! We love you guys! So so so pretty…. Finishing touches with MOH Kristin. Love this one of them…. Maritza, you made it too easy for me…. Time to tie the knot.. Could it have been more picture perfect? The assembled the big bridal party image.. I spy 3 Elario brides minus one who had just delivered her baby girl days before, congrats Steph. Aaaahhh loving the fountain shot.. The Canfield Casino ballroom..

Time for some more photos!! Also newly renovated…Spit and Spat. Would this blog be complete without the one and only Mr Michael Haddix? So see previous moves click here , here , here and here..

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